28 December, 2012

Massive ANIME Supply! =D

My long awaited moment.. 


Joee came to my house yesterday afternoon with her external hard discs and lappy, to exchange the animes we have on hand. =D I felt kinda bad coz she had to take the trouble to come to my house. I didn't have transport to drop by her place. We cooped in my air-conditioned bedroom around three hours, and finally after so many months of anime requesting, I managed to grab 100GB of anime from her!! I'm still extremely excited whenever I see my external hard discs!

Spent a while to tidy up the movies stored in my HD's. Updated my wanna watch list too. Now the whole list is like - I don't know how much time I will take to finish those. XD

1) Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
2) Amatsuki
3) Angel Tails
4) Ano Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa mada Shiranai
5) Ano Natsu de Matteru
6) Baka to Test to Shokanju ni
7) Bakuman 
8) Bakuman II
9) Brave 10
10) Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
11) Guilty Crown
12) Hakuoki
13) Hetalia Axis Powers
14) His and Her Circumstances
15) Inu X Boku SS
16) Kimikiss
17) Kobato
18) Mirai Nikki
19) Natsume Yuujinchou
20) No. 6
21) Ookami
22) Stein Gate
23) Summer Wars
24) Sword Art Online
25) To aru Majutsu no Index
26) To aru Majutsu no Index II
27) Uta no Prince Sama
28) Working!

*squeals in excitement*

Mini Gathering, with FOOD!

On Wednesday, I enjoyed a few happy hours with SOBA kaki's! Wei Yun, Jo-Hannah, Luo Yi, Joee and I had a small (and short) gathering at Queensbay. 

I arrived the earliest at Qbay coz I had some stuff to tend to at the post office. Then I met Joee at Daiso, looked around for the things we needed, and then waited for the others at Popular. We didn't know what and where to eat. After filtering the food outlets from the food directory, we ended up at Sakae Sushi. 

Christmas Maki at Sakae!
Joee and I took photos of it and put it back onto the belt. =P
Wei Yun and I were eager for more food even after a few plates of salmon. Both Joee and her recommended Hokkaido's ice cream. And hence, our next stop. XD

Maccha Twist Biggu!
It's really good! I highly recommend this. XD

Credits to Joee's cousin, we took a few group photos before we sat down somewhere near the carpark entrance to chat. We shared a packet of Tempura from Shihlin, and then Wei Yun and I went to get ourselves Takoyaki hahaha!

Sweet Joee  
Wei Yun with her phone. XD 

Luo Yi with her banyak patterns that day. =P

This Jo-hannah still likes to cover her face every time she faces the camera. (=3=)

One of my favourite shots of the day!  

Jo-Hannah says it's not about the luoyi, it's about the smiley. XD

Looking for food, again. XD

See these people camwhore while Wei Yun and I were away for Takoyaki!

You both too!

Polaroid - The background looks like we were at a carpark hahaha!
 We chatted for quite a while, and then we decided to find a better place where we can chew something and chat at the same time.

The better place - Blackball!
We met up around 11am, but we had to bid goodbye around 3pm. It was a short gathering, but I really enjoyed the short hours together with'em. I always think that we don't miss our schools - what we miss are the friends we spent time together with in that school. It's SOBA that makes me miss those time in PCGHS the most.


24 December, 2012

Blogging Makes Me Feel Better

Ever since I fell sick, I didn't have the mood to blog. After I recovered, I got busy because Dear came to Penang with his sister. I've went to his house and met his sister a couple of times, but this is the first time she came to stay over at my place. We never had such a packed schedule before. We went out for trips and walks every single day. 

I guess that explains why I haven't been blogging for that whole week.

After they left, I started to get busy with Christmas presents preparations. Went out to shop for the materials I need and it didn't seem to be as easy as I thought. Anyway I got them done. =)

It's Christmas Eve, and I don't know why I'm feeling emo all of a sudden. Maybe it's because everybody in the family is feeling tired, and we don't know what to do suddenly. I loafed on Facebook and I'm losing my interest in Farmville 2. I don't know why but something must be wrong with lappy's efficiency. It'll go hang whenever I play FV2. Sometimes even when I'm downloading songs too. I get so fed up that I resorted to my korean dramas. I wanted to share some photos I took with Dear during our trips but the emo mood from nowhere killed everything. 

Speaking of that, ever since "Protect the Boss", I only managed to finish three Korean drama series. You can see the list of dramas that I haven't watched at "My Wanna Watch List". It's just on the right column of the blog page, scroll rightttt down and you'll see it. 

Lately I have only finished watching these.
I like dramas and movies with some music genre. It just makes me look forward to every plot and song on the way. Heartstring's main characteristics are uni students who play different musical instruments - the guy plays the guitar while the girl plays a traditional instrument. The best part of the series that I like is the performance where they combined both modern and traditional instruments. The OST are very nice and recommended too. =D

Gumiho is the name for the nine-tailed fox in the Korean language. Just like what the title mentioned, the main female character is a nine-tailed fox. I find this series pretty joyful as the fox made many silly mistakes without even knowing what was wrong. Cliched like every happily-every-after stories, they got together despite the fact that the girl is not a human. I didn't really cry throughout watching this series. Well ALMOST la. I thought it would be the first Korean drama that I won't cry while watching. The last episode proved me wrong. (>_____>)

THIS IS ONE OLD DRAMA SERIES. I never watched it till now!! It's so old that the characters in the series are still using Samsung flip-overs! XD The story is cute, sweet, romantic and happy! Of course there are some parts that makes you cry. (Korean dramas are meant to make you go teary.) There is this kids song in the series that became pretty famous back in those years. I even hum it when I'm doing house chores. ==

-- 《浪漫满屋》三只熊 / "Fullhouse" Three Bears --

Just in case you've never heard of it.
There's even a version of Rain singing this song. =D
I laughed so much! Especially at the American version hahaha!

-- Sung Hye Kyo and Rain singing 3 Bears --
This is the best video with subtitles that I can find. ><

Thanks to the cute song I feel so much better. =3 Sorry I'm not very good at writing synopsis so I only scribbled some personal opinions. As you can see I've only watched a few series during this sem break, I doubt I can accomplish my goal within the last week of my sem break now. -headdesk-

So erm.. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone is enjoying your Christmas Eve tonight!

Jack Frost made me clean my desktop hahaha! 
P/S: I watched "Rise of the Guardians" with Dear and his sister. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. 

10 December, 2012

X'mas Round the Corner

Hmm.. I'm not feeling well today. Might sleep earlier tonight as I'm quite sleepy already. *eyelids closing every now and then*

Just something to cheer up the mood, look what YongYong gave me!

A cute hand-mande snowman!
He made it during a handicraft session at his tuition centre.

Cute right? XD

The Blur-Eyed Farmer

Didn't work at the chicken rice stall today coz I need to babysit YongYong at home. He bums in front of the computer most of the time though. BUT BUT BUT I did house chores and helped mum to pack her business stuff. Still a good girl. =P Don't know what to blog about so I logged onto Blogger and off again several times.

I really did try to blog! I SWEAR!

Anyway, I'm still wide awake so late now coz I'm waiting for someone who is still playing Dragon Nest (an online RPG) with his sister until now. *looks at clock again*

And half an hour before I'm able to blog this, here's the wonderful view from my eyes.

I think dust went into my eyes when I was clearing out the old cabinet in the kitchen. The right eye is feeling uneasy already and then two hours later, my right eye was so swollen that I literally can't open it! Dad helped me to apply some ointment and it eased the pain within a few minutes. So don't worry, that blur view is due to that ointment, I'm not turning blind. XP

Okay la, I really don't know what to talk about already with this eye of mine. Night night peeps!

Btw it's snowing in my farm now. XD

08 December, 2012

Working, and Farming?

You see?! Everytime you said you wanna blog as frequent as possible, but EVERYTIME you run off after a few days. MANA YOU MIA PERSISTENCE? 

I mean myself. *hides in shame*

I need to recall why bloggy went on hiatus. After the pisang tanduk kukus, I went back to an addiction that I shook off exactly a year ago - Facebook games damn you.

Well I was just wondering why I receive more than fifty notifications from FarvVille 2 everyday. So I tried. 

And just like how I got addicted to CityVille.. I started to play FarmVille 2 too. ==

Here's a print screen of my farm. =P

Well I think FV2 has more stuff when compared to the original FV. Yes I played FV a few years back too. Back when you only have to harvest crops and feed animals to earn cash and expand the farming area. Now it has more chores to work to - you farm and you harvest as usual, but you need to make feed and craft recipes from everything you harvest. You only make money when you sell the food you made. There are missions like CityVille that you can finish to earn rewards.

Okay enough of the game. That is one of the reasons I blog less.

I'm recently helping out at my parents' stall too. After I got back from work, I need that afternoon nap. So there goes half of my day. Then it's dinner time. And then a few hours on the internet. Remember my Korean Drama marathon? I can't even finish one series even after a week.

Regardless of all the above stated reasons, that pressure I'm facing everyday is flooding my brain. Although sometimes I really wish I can get back to Ipoh soon, I'm still nervous of the practicum next semester. 


I need to reschedule my plans.. This time I have to include the working hours.
Saturday's a family day, but it didn't out to be one today..

19 November, 2012

Steamed Rhino Horn Bananas

Guess what I have to eat for brunch today?
(Stupid la, it's clearly written at the title already.)

Steamed Rhino Horn Bananas!
a.k.a. Pisang Tanduk Kukus

It's actually bigger than normal bananas, not sure if you can see it from the photo.
Pisang Tanduk has the longest fruits among banana cultivars, reaching up to 2ft in length.
Normal ones are only 12-14 inches though.

It's one of my favourite food and we can't seem to find many Pisang Tanduk in Penang.
Luckily a cousin brought some from Melaka and we finally get to eat some. XD

18 November, 2012

"Protect the Boss" - One Drama Down!

I'm one step closer to my goal yessss!! 
Aiya although it's only one, better than nothing. XD

Just a simple update:
I've just finished watching 《守护老板》- Protect the Boss.

I like this poster! 

And I found another cute photo of Hero's ears being pulled. XD

A Goal - An Excessive One

Since I've put so much effort into changing my blog's layout, I should update everything in the right column of my blog, shouldn't I? Let's see..

The visitors' counter is alright. So is the Nuffnang ad column. Kinda lazy to update my personal profile as the things I wrote there hasn't changed much. I left the spam corner there as it used to be a chatroom for my friends and I. Furthermore I know some readers are lazy to comment when they have something to say. XP The archive, popular posts, labels.. Nothing to change for these..

Now the blog links. I haven't updated the whole list for more than a year I think? @@ Opened the links one by one, and I found out that many friends have put their blogs to private. Sadly. Coz I do enjoy reading some of their blogs. >< Friends who requested not to list out their blogs, I removed them from the list. 

So if you see your blog link in the list and you prefer me to remove it, feel free to let me know. No worries, I'm fine with it. =D

At the same time, I filtered out the famous bloggers' links under a new list - "I'm Reading".
Coz we don't know each other (in real life I mean) so I can't just classify them as my 'friends'...? XP

My other homes. Yes I've added my twitter to the list! I haven't tweeted in a while. This year have been quite a busy one and I seriously lost contact with all my online life. T^T I went to my DA account and I see 600++ messages. GOSH. Oh you can see my new twitter background here. (New Backgrounds) I love the heart fox! (I know I said it before. XD)

My wanna read list. I brought most of my books to Ipoh, and they're still there. I will update the list once I get back there.

Last but not least, my wanna watch list. You have NO SINGLE CLUE how much dramas I've left out due to that 'great' responsibility this year. I checked out my external hard disc and I listed out EVERY series I WILL watch. =D And can you believe that excluding the series in the list, I have approximately 50GB++ of movies in my lappy? I have soooooo many things to watch now. 

And so? My goal for this break is to finish off 100GB of drama series!
10 korean drama series, 4 hongkong and 1 taiwan. 

 I know. =P

P/s: Nothing to change about the 'Followers' list. The 21 followers have been there for years and some of the accounts don't even exist anymore, I believe. XP

15 November, 2012

Chocolate is Love!

Souvenirs from relatives who just went to Langkawi!
Thankyou so much!! 

14 November, 2012

Bread Sushi


YongYong was brainwashing mum and I about some what homemade bread sushi his classmate brought to school. He kept telling us how nice and awesome it is and he wants to make it at home too. He said he tried once already before I came back. 

Now he even managed to brainwash my cousins and insists that he MUST make it for them today because they want to try. Oh well. So we got ourselves bread, sausages, seasoned seaweeds and some Japanese mayonnaise. 

Cross section view.

It's not hard to make. Just compress a slice of bread, put any flavouring you like, roll the sausage with the flavoured bread. Then you put some mayonnaise on the seaweed and wrap the 'rolled bread' by rolling it again. Don't put too much mayonnaise on the seaweed coz the purpose is just to let the seaweed hold onto the bread. That's all.

Surprisingly it tastes pretty good. XP

13 November, 2012

Snakes & Ladders

Well I saw YongYong wandering around the house boringly, so I asked him to take out his chess sets and see what he wants to play. We played Chinese Checkers, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders!

Snakes & Ladders happened to be one of my favourite board games when I was still a kid. Used to play it several times with Yukee. When I got really REALLY bored, I even took four counters and play it on my own. Gawd that was so sadist hahahaha!

Going off for some English Chess now!
Miss those childhood memories sometimes. =3

Blog Challenge - Day 15

HEYYY!! It's finally my year end break and yes I'm home for 7 weeks again! Which is something not really good in way - MANY OF MY HOLIDAY PLANS FAILED - due to personal reasons.

Before reaching Penang, I did many thinking on the bus. Maybe I should blog every day? You know just to brush up my writing skills and it's pretty much going downhill. I wanted to do my first 1.5m cross stitch but I have budget issues.

I dug out my first blog challenge, which I clearly remember that I left it at the last day-challenge. 


I have just 'retired' from the 'class rep' post. I'm OFFICIALLY FREE from being any of the class committee! I met different kinds of problematic people and many kind people. I found out that we just can't divide people into the NICE and the BAD ones. There are people who are somewhere in the middle. There are also people who never intended to harm you, but actually did without themselves knowing. 

I'm a person who really remembers stuff. (Ignore the eeny weeny things lah.) But after these six months, I've learnt that I need to let go of things. I'm going to learn to put down hatred, and treat the things I dislike neutrally. Help and love that I have felt and received, I will never forget you. 

Thank you, to those who helped me so much.
Thank you, to those who gave me troubles. I grew because of you.
Thank you, to those who willingly sacrificed without hoping for anything in return.

Thank you, to everyone who supported me all the while.
It's that trust that helped me through whenever I face difficulties.

This post might look exaggerating to you. But I really learnt many stuff. I never wanted to the head of the class, but I won't regret that I did.

The happiest things for the semester, I finally had quite a few gatherings with friends. GOOD AND HAPPY ONES. And my relationship with him grew too. =)

I now look forward to going back and meeting my housemates again. Two years left, and it'll be over in a glimpse. Treasure it. =)

01 November, 2012

New Backgrounds!


PHEW. *wipes sweat off forehead*

Didn't have anything much to update here for the past few days other than my boring (and last minute) revisions. But I did do some stuff, when I procrastinated again. XD

I almost forgot that I have a Twitter account. I stared and stared, and I find my background darn boring. And this is how it looks now.


On the other hand, I came across Elle Magazine's new front page of S.H.E.. Seriously they're gorgeous! And then I spent a little time to edit the photo, shifted it a little to the left of my screen so that it won't be blocked by my desktop shortcuts. I haven't changed my desktop background eversince I bought lappy. Why? Coz I haven't seen any black backgrounds that I like this much for years. (You know, light backgrounds make the desktops icons look pretty illegible)

S.H.E. on Elle's front cover!

I love my desktop so much now. XD

30 October, 2012

Nice Rice! XD

My first attempt in steaming rice!! XD

And it's so much better than my previous attempts with the rice cooker. ><

27 October, 2012


I came across this little story and I thought I'd like to share it with you. =)




正想先声夺人逼问,没想到男人站起身,没头没脑的问:“你都用什么牌子呢?” “嗄!” 我一时反应迟钝纳纳的问“卫生棉”。他毫不扭捏说得理说当然。

“都可以。” 我脸上一阵潮红,尴尬得想钻洞隐居,尅是我内心里着时感动。



就在我沉醉在自己的幻想时,男人缓缓地推门而入,我惊跳了下,赶紧查探有没有外人看见。“被担心,没人跟踪。” 男人说着自以为有趣的话。我给男人一个卫生眼,伸手拿过他手中的塑胶袋,不情愿的说声谢,接着又以忍者的最高境界闪入女化妆室。







Yes it's not of super romantic proposals or heartbreaking experiences. Just a simple story. Of course I'm not saying that all boyfriends should be able to do this. ;) It's just the considerate effort that keep our hearts warm.   

It's always the simple little things that leaves the best impression. 

26 October, 2012

Terribly Behind Schedule

Literally as the title meant, my progress is very very VERY slow. Lately I've been procrastinating pretty much, and I loaf around a lot. I had insomnia for the past three nights. Slept around 5am three nights ago, 4am two nights ago, and last time approximately between 3am to 4am. Damnit.

Yesterday however, was a pretty light and enjoying day. I had revision with Vera, a very sweet junior of mine at my house. She even made the effort to come here just to revise on some stuff that her lecturer hasn't taught her class. She came around 10am, and we unexpectedly discussed and revised until nearly 4pm! And of course we had lunch together. Lunch failed a little as the soup dried up fast hahaha. 

Oh and you know what? She gave me a little container from Ikea! I like Ikea's stuff!! XD

Didn't expect to get something so sweet in return! 
Thanks Vera! 

23 October, 2012

Hoping for the Best

Another day gone. Well not exactly, with another hour and 45 minutes to go. Went back to the institute to collect our class' PJ portfolios, and handed in some portfolios too. Had lunch with dear, washed clothes, studied a little...

But only progressed a little. 

I haven't been studying for quite a few months already. Now to pick up that momentum isn't that easy at all. Studied for an hour or two in the evening, and I chatted with my roommate for a while. Planned ready to cook for dear and some of our friends, but things just happened so suddenly.

Just hope everything will be smooth for them. It's stressful for things to happen like this during the exam season..

22 October, 2012





16 October, 2012


After two days of totally packed up schedules, I can finally rest for a night! Went out with dear for a very simple dinner, and he gave me a surprise WHEEEEE! ♥ (Not actually the BOO-SURPRISE kind of surprise but I appreciate it hee!)


I wanted to have this for months ever since I saw some friends sharing photos of it on FB. Dear had it last night and said it's very nice too! I kept imagining the buttermilk cream flavour and ended up drooling at the thought of it. XD A friend said it tasted kinda like ice cream OHMEEGOSHHHH!


Thankyou dear! 

18 September, 2012


After my Anime Marathon, I carried on with my Hong Kong Dramas' Marathon. I understand the Cantonese language so I can work on other stuff while watching the dramas at the same time. XD

However, here's my KOREAN DRAMAS' MARATHON!! I haven't watched korean dramas for almost a year! I have so many series stocked up in my external hard drive but I haven't really got the time to watch them. This will take more time as I have to refer to the subtitles. XP

BEHOLD, my korean series' list!

1) 49日
2) City Hunter
3) Dream High
4) Dream High II
5) Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
6) 个人趣向
7) 你能听到我的心吗?
8) 学习之神
9) 守护老板 Boss
10) 我为你着迷
11) 我的女友是九尾狐
12) 浪漫满屋
13) 花样男子
14) 花美男拉面馆
15) 间谍明月

For those who follow korean dramas will see that many of the above series are kinda.. OUTDATED. =P Can you imagine how long will it take for me to complete these?! 

Not to forget that I have more series to get from my housemate: 《Running Man》, 《Rooftop Prince》, 《回答吧!1997》, MBLAQ's Hello Baby Season, etc.  

After my assignments and heavy work, you bet I'm gonna start my marathon at full speed! =D

17 September, 2012

Getting Back to Work

Within an hour, I'll be leaving home, and be on the way back to Ipoh. Here goes my weekend, my lovely break at home. I'm packing my mood to get back to work. (=3=)


16 September, 2012

Hurt Again

Like what I always say - SHIT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. The thing is you have to learn something from it.

Eversince I was a brat, I trusted too many people and ended up being ditched. UNAPPRECIATED. Seriously I get so furious and embarrassed whenever it happens. But this time, I didn't feel the anger anymore. I just stared into space, and many things flashed through my mind. All the unwanted memories, they came back. Things that I refused to let them haunt me, countered me when I'm weak.

People ask me why is it so hard to trust people, and I ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise. Yes there are things you might want to hide away, but if you care enough, wouldn't there be an alternative? It's so painful that I almost feel like giving up in trusting people.

I don't feel the anger anymore. 




12 September, 2012



今天差点和一位很要好的朋友吵架了.. 我没想过我会那么害怕失去这个朋友.. 但更令我惊讶的是,当我们在不需要说太多话的状况下就能有默契地和好时,我更是觉得想哭了.. 我再次感受到了那种友情 —— 就算是吵了闹了,但彼此都会选择放下,然后继续一起疯狂。

所有的忍耐,差点在接到勇勇电话的那一刻崩溃了。我还得狠下心告诉他,姐姐今晚有很多功课做,不能讲话了。他还真的很乖,立刻说好。我知道每晚他都很期待聊天的。我想妈妈也应该察觉到了我的压力,她还叫我早点睡,早点醒来继续努力。幸亏很快就挂电话了.. 不然就会让他们听见我在哭了..


18 June, 2012


I don't know what is your brain made of. You're obsessed like an idiot, that's your problem. Please do not bring it and affect others. 

If you're standing right in front of me right now, I PROMISE I will give you one big hard slap on your face. BITCH.

29 January, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 14


Show me care. So easy. But of course, sincere care. I guess this is the reason why I am easily deceived.

Trust. Yes I may be easily deceived, but when I have given chances and chances are not appreciated, I will not trust him or her anymore. Even if I do, I will doubt you. Forever.

Day Thirteen


1. Make me angry. VERY, VERY ANGRY. I'll get so angry that after swearing and telling off someone, I'll break out in tears.

2. When I'm touched on the inside, deeply. A simple surprise can bring out my tears.

3. Lastly, and also the easiest way to make me cry, hurt me on the inside. 

27 January, 2012

Now Day 12

I had a day off with my family yesterday. There wasn't any Wifi, and the DiGi signal was pretty bad over there. So I couldn't update bloggy at all. Anyway I'm back, and this time's topic comes at a really bad time..


1. I am a passive person. Kinda? I fear the crowd, still I'll try to be the first to talk to anyone, anywhere, when needed. If not, I just hope to be unnoticed at a corner. If possible, I hope an event can just go on and on without any need of speech. Ironically, I know that's impossible, so I must learn how to talk. I shiver inside during presentations damn it. Glad I improved from suffocation to shivering only.

2. I always feel erm, inferior(?) on the inside. When I got into IPIP, I knew I had to do something about it. I started from my appearance. Tried to dress confidently although I'm putting on weight. :( Changed the way I used to talk. Challenged myself to a certain limit for presentations. Things just changed a little bit.. Not enough at all.

3. Although I'm persistent about certain stuff, I'm the kind of person you call a "pua tang zhui". "半桶水" in the Hokkien dialect, literally meaning half a bucket of water, means a person has a little bit of here and there, but not a whole of something. I DON'T HAVE SOMETHING I'M TOTALLY GOOD AT. :(

4. I don't know how to cook. Yes, I suck at cooking. I always say modern girls don't ACTUALLY have to be THAT good at cooking, but it seems to many parents that cooking is a must for girls. 


25 January, 2012

Resuming Challenge D11

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.. I know something is wrong already. I can't tell unless I've confirmed about this. 

I've begun to lose interest in the things I love. Weiyun suggested that I start brushing up my writing skills coz it's cathartic. (Yay new word!) I've signed up for a tumblr account and I spent some time exploring it. I like tumblr, really. But I don't have that urge within, you know, to work on it more now.. 

So finally to get back on writing, I decided to continue the blog challenge I've ditched last year. Link here --> My First Blog Challenge


1. I tend to set targets which are slightly higher than the normal standard I can achieve. I think this is a good thing because these targets will push me further and I will (most of the time) end up achieving something better than before. I think everybody needs improvement to survive.

2. I can stick on to my interest for a very, very long period. I know this trait is kind of normal, but not all can actually do it, right? Some people just never stick to a place and they end up loafing everywhere. At least I'm erm, loyal? @@

3. I am polite, I have manners. I believe so. (=3=)

4. I do more for friends I care. It's weird but it is somehow that natural for me. For example, there's this silly and boring homework I need to do but I don't even care about it. I just finish it and hand it in. It can just end that way. However when a good friend comes and asks for a check or opinion or help, I end up helping more than what I did for my own homework. I just feel happy by seeing the smile on these faces. And of course, only for those I care. :)

5. I'm willing to listen to problems. REAL problems, not those hey-im-bored-entertain-me problems. I am definitely not good at talking, not to mention comforting anybody. But I'm definitely always there to listen.

I cracked my head for this post..

24 January, 2012





04 January, 2012


在怡保睡了一个晚上,三个字 —— 够难睡!


这个学期轮到我兼文书这一职了。其实我有点担心我不太能胜任这个职位。毕竟我有些交通问题,不能随时随地地出去复印班上所需要的文件和笔记等。除此之外,我班很自然地有个“传统”,那就是当学期的文书将在接下来的学期当班长。用我班男生的名言——做鸭了,也可以说是那些 DOTA KAKI 常常挂在嘴边的"GG"。不过班上的每个人都会面对同样的问题的啦,只是谁先谁后而已,我相信我可以想办法解决。再看看吧~

开学第一天挺让人无奈。早上的 BRIEFING 还好。后来我们到课室去打扫。开玩笑,那里简直就是壁虎与蜘蛛的天下。地上原本光滑亮丽(很有打广告的 FEEL 哈哈哈)的地上,都被之前使用这间课室的人踏花了。想一下也应该知道这种地上是不应该穿鞋糟蹋的嘛。不过算了,现在唯一要解决的问题就是如何去除课室里的异味。最好它会在明天自动消失。XD

哦对了,开学第一天就被讲师放飞机了。不只是我们列,还有其他凉拌一起受罪。他还真好意思。== 本来不需要回到学院的每个人,才踏入班上,屁股坐上椅子,就要准备放学回家。Orz

下午想睡个午觉休息,但天气热得很离谱。整个背都被汗淋湿了,怎么睡 WOR~~ 哪里知道一起床,天气开始转凉,这种时间要怎么睡?不上不下的~ 

很闷啊~ 突然有股冲动想一个人出去走走,散散心。如果不是怕被这里会随时出没的 MAT REMPIT 围攻,我现在应该会出去逛两圈再回来。我已经慢慢对CITYVILLE失去兴趣了。玩这种游戏就是要互相帮忙的嘛,我一有空就帮这些“邻居”按上按下的咧~ 偏偏就是很少人愿意帮我。原本又在玩的朋友都一个个少玩了。我在考虑着要不要放弃这个游戏了~ 舍不得的原因是我已经玩了接近一年了,花了好多心思啊~ 还有啊还有啊,如果能撑到农历新年,那就是我和CV的一周年纪念了哈哈哈哈!

唉~ 如果现在能来一杯CHATIME的珍珠奶茶,一边喝一边看戏,那该有多好啊~ =(

03 January, 2012









总之我想在就很想放纵自己啦。还没离开就已经这么的不舍得了.. 真的很舍不得家里..