11 July, 2009

On Hiatus

Fuyoh, a super duper late update! The last time I updated was.... when I was in form 6. Wait I sound like I've graduated or something but NUUUUUUUUU. I'm still 18. Okay this is really crap.

Anyway, yeah. I'm leaving penang. I got the offer for the teaching college. So yeah, I'm leaving tomorow to report to school on monday. Short notification. Blek.

I wont be able to get online often. I dont have my own lappy. I only have my hp. And sms'ing KILLSSSSSSSS. In a way, so yeah. But I'll still reply to sms's, and I'll still gonna sms. Just maybe.. Not that much? Lol. To my kawan-kawan, if I ever not reply you, it's not that I've changed my hp number, it's just that I need MOAR credit. XD Dont worry, I'll be alive to see you guys again. I'll reply asap. =3

There's something I'm not so happy about... It's nothing personal, but I wont mention a single word about it here. Just in case I get caught by 'follow like me'. (Direct word by word translation from BM.) Translate it, and you'll get what I mean. =)

Oh and another thing, something's wrong with my internet at home. That was why I've been missing for so long. Or maybe it doesnt make any difference...

Till I get online. This blog will be on hiatus. Bye.