18 September, 2012


After my Anime Marathon, I carried on with my Hong Kong Dramas' Marathon. I understand the Cantonese language so I can work on other stuff while watching the dramas at the same time. XD

However, here's my KOREAN DRAMAS' MARATHON!! I haven't watched korean dramas for almost a year! I have so many series stocked up in my external hard drive but I haven't really got the time to watch them. This will take more time as I have to refer to the subtitles. XP

BEHOLD, my korean series' list!

1) 49日
2) City Hunter
3) Dream High
4) Dream High II
5) Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
6) 个人趣向
7) 你能听到我的心吗?
8) 学习之神
9) 守护老板 Boss
10) 我为你着迷
11) 我的女友是九尾狐
12) 浪漫满屋
13) 花样男子
14) 花美男拉面馆
15) 间谍明月

For those who follow korean dramas will see that many of the above series are kinda.. OUTDATED. =P Can you imagine how long will it take for me to complete these?! 

Not to forget that I have more series to get from my housemate: 《Running Man》, 《Rooftop Prince》, 《回答吧!1997》, MBLAQ's Hello Baby Season, etc.  

After my assignments and heavy work, you bet I'm gonna start my marathon at full speed! =D

17 September, 2012

Getting Back to Work

Within an hour, I'll be leaving home, and be on the way back to Ipoh. Here goes my weekend, my lovely break at home. I'm packing my mood to get back to work. (=3=)


16 September, 2012

Hurt Again

Like what I always say - SHIT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. The thing is you have to learn something from it.

Eversince I was a brat, I trusted too many people and ended up being ditched. UNAPPRECIATED. Seriously I get so furious and embarrassed whenever it happens. But this time, I didn't feel the anger anymore. I just stared into space, and many things flashed through my mind. All the unwanted memories, they came back. Things that I refused to let them haunt me, countered me when I'm weak.

People ask me why is it so hard to trust people, and I ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise. Yes there are things you might want to hide away, but if you care enough, wouldn't there be an alternative? It's so painful that I almost feel like giving up in trusting people.

I don't feel the anger anymore. 




12 September, 2012



今天差点和一位很要好的朋友吵架了.. 我没想过我会那么害怕失去这个朋友.. 但更令我惊讶的是,当我们在不需要说太多话的状况下就能有默契地和好时,我更是觉得想哭了.. 我再次感受到了那种友情 —— 就算是吵了闹了,但彼此都会选择放下,然后继续一起疯狂。

所有的忍耐,差点在接到勇勇电话的那一刻崩溃了。我还得狠下心告诉他,姐姐今晚有很多功课做,不能讲话了。他还真的很乖,立刻说好。我知道每晚他都很期待聊天的。我想妈妈也应该察觉到了我的压力,她还叫我早点睡,早点醒来继续努力。幸亏很快就挂电话了.. 不然就会让他们听见我在哭了..