31 December, 2010


Liyun do you know how nice and warm your voice is? XD

I'm now packing my luggage for Ipoh tomorrow. Since our van's still not available, we're travelling with a kancil to Butterworth, and then switch to my cousin's car there. No van, means I'll have to filter my luggage, rearrange everything. I'll have to bring the rest during the next trip. ><



I don't feel happy at all now somehow.. Going back to Ipoh should be nice and saddening at the same time.. I'll definitely miss my family for the first week.. I should be happy to see dear and my classmates in Ipoh. I think I'm a little bit chickened-out by uncertainties.. Degree will be something new, something unfamiliar when compared to diploma foundation. I'll face a new routine, unlike the past three semesters.. That is one thing..

The other thing is just.. Maybe it's just another matter where I have to find the solution by myself. The so called understanding.. The so called sacrifices.. I just have to accept changes.. Don't I.. I dunno..

28 December, 2010

Merry Christmas, Santa '10

My second year as Santa Claus at Gurney Plaza, Penang. This year's a little bit different, I have yukee as my Rudolf the Reindeer. XD As shown in the pictures I've posted before, yes the mascots are BIG. And yes, a little bit heavy. XP But it's not that bad as you think, the weight is bearable, especially when I'm someone who has extra fats and weight. XD 

Dad said I could actually lose weight wearing that big thing for half an hour every day. Coz it could've burnt my fats hahaha. I don't know. Yesh it's kinda hot in there. Although I have fun walking around, shaking hands with kids, camwhoring with families.. There's one big disadvantage I have to cope with --- When I feel itchy inside, there's exactly nothing I can do! Orz.

Actually there's nothing much more to talk about being Santa Claus anymore.. Christmas is over, and the job is quite simple yet fun. Dad replaced yukee on Christmas Eve as he had to perform with PESSBAND at Gurney's New Wing. Apparently dad made a better Reindeer hahahaha. XD And yay, dear came to Penang last thursday and he managed to see me as Santa for two nights. ^^ Of course Santa camwhored with her dear. XD 


MY 招牌动作 










Okay this sounds so wrong...
Santa has a boyfriend..


I'm still trying to squeeze out time to really blog about how work ended wonderfully. Dear came right after I finished work and my timetable has been quite packed ever since then. >< I only managed to finish updating my Santa photos onto FB in response to requests from many friends hehehe. 

I've so many things to do and I wanna blog ahhhhh. *headdesk*

I have three book reports to write, photos to upload, luggage to pack back to Ipoh. OMG screamssss !!! I must arrange my schedule properly hmmm..

18 December, 2010

5 + 6 + 7 = XD

Sorry for the late updates. I was terribly sick after work on Day Five and I couldn't even think properly hahaha. Was blurry the whole night, a little bit moody too. Felt unhappy about something yukee told me. It slapped me right at the face and I felt very depressed about it, feeling very very ill at the same time. Didn't sleep well too that night..

DAY FIVE -- SICK. Had my first experience with a video camera. :) But there was unhappy stuff which ended my workday moodily. :(

Hahahaha, that was my FB status. Just put it here for fun. XD Yeshhhhh, I finally had my first experience with a video camera. Took a wide shot for the show. The camera stand was set up in front of the carpet area, so I was standing with the crowd. Some kids kicked the stand accidentally. :( Had fun doing that though hehehe. Alissa said we'll try to do some zooming later on. I've never tried that. -gulps- Photos zooming I boleh lah, but errr. -gulps again-

DAY SIX -- VERY VERY SICK. But I managed to tie the bow nicer this time !!! I think. XP I'm still cheering for someone here !!! ♥

Day Six, I felt even worse, although I've took my medication and stuff. I couldn't breathe through my nose, I couldn't focus on stuff nicely, I couldn't walk without feeling dizzy. Orz. But I tried to sit down and read though. I haven't read that much ever since I went into IPIP. Got too busy with assignments and stuff.. I'm so happy I've finished three books already !!! ^^ I'll try to blog about'em when I have the time later. =) They're really interesting -- 《六弄咖啡馆》 by 藤井树, "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks, and "Flawless" by Sara Shepard. Nice books. ^^ I went to the doctor, couldn't take it anymore. Usually I'll just take some medicine and let it heal on its own but you see, I still need to work as Santa for the weekends, and onwards. It won't be nice to see Santa Claus fainting at Gurney Plaza hahahaha. It'll be seriously hot inside the mascot for a sick person. (Just in case you were wondering about the second part of the status: Dear was having his badminton match that night. XD)

DAY SEVEN -- Pretty smooth. Though nervous, I like to use the video camera. =) I've also learnt that my zooming techniques need brush ups. >< I'm beginning to miss the performers already, Sunday's so soon. :(

I felt so much better !!! Impressive antibiotics. XD Video'ing again yesterday. ^^ But then erm.. I think my zooming techniques are... Blehhh. >< My hands are already sweaty (was nervous) throughout the 40 minutes of the show. Sheesh, it's harder and more challenging when compared to photoshoots' zooming. Somewhere at the end of the video, yukee startled me and I accidentally zoomed into Bella so much. *OMG* Sigh. I need to learn more about videos and zooming. 

Yesterday felt just like a Tuesday or Wednesday. I didn't realize that it's near to the end of the show already. :( Two more days and I won't be seeing them already.. I'm beginning to miss them. Sundayyyyyy, don't come yet lah yorrrr. Although I'm really looking forward to dear coming on wednesday, I just.. -sigh- Will enjoy the last two days of the show as much I can. =)

The minute yukee and I reached home, we started to get busy. We started to filter the blurry photos, delete the totally-cant-see-anything ones, edit them and burn them into a disc. And after that we did something. It spent us hours but we really like it. Mum helped us out with that too hehehe. Hope they like it. :)


I'm waiting for work now. XD Tonight I'll be Santa again, until the 24th of December. Today's a Saturday so mum and dad (with the rascal hahaha) will be at Gurney with us too. ^^

15 December, 2010



Day Four

I enjoyed myself at work today. ^^ Not to mention the charity visit to the Adventist Hospital first, I got to talk more with the colleagues from Gurney's management people today. =) At least there's more communication between the crew and I'm beginning to enjoy the colouring competition sessions. I'm even planning to colour some stuff tomorrow hehehe. XD

We went to the Adventist Hospital today for a charity visit. Last year I followed Dragonball Z, and I remember how all the kids liked Boo and cried at the sight of Veggeta and Piccolo. XP I still see kids crying today. I guess it just can't be helped coz they seem to be afraid of BIG people. >< 











I enjoyed our way back from the hospital, on the van, too. =) We chatted for a little while. Though short, I'm happy. ^^ I didn't know Natalia's a teacher and I felt kinda paiseh when I told her I'm gonna be one too in four years. I dunno why but whenever I tell some of my friends that I'm a trainee teacher, they'll go WAHHHHH SURE BOH DIDNT KNOW YOU LIKE TEACHING LEH. That way. I don't feel sad or insulted whenever they say so.. It's just that they make me feel like, me being a teacher weird meh? >< Anyway I'm still happy. ^^

The whole day was so enjoyable until we left gurney. Dad was supposed to be working so mum should have been the one to fetch us. But then dad turned up, driving Fangfang Jie's red kancil. We knew something must have gone wrong. Shocking, mum met a serious car accident. Our rusa van is terribly damaged and we won't be able to use it for a month at least. That's not the worst yet. Mum crashed with an army car. Not the green-brown army vehicle, just a normal new saga. It's still a government vehicle or something. It's hard for me to explain the details here as I myself am not really sure if I get'em right. Conclusion, we have big cash problems now. =(

The accident is a joy killer but I'm really glad mum is safe and unhurt. =) Only one or two patches of bruises, but most importantly safe and sound. I'm hoping for a better tomorrow. For work and for the problems we face now. 

13 December, 2010


ARGHHHHHHHHHH FINALLY I'VE FINISHED THE UPDATES. Okay some parts might be very erm, shortcut-ish hehe. >< But there isn't that much to talk about lah, unless something interesting happen. ><

Today is supposed to be our charity visit to the Adventist Hospital with the performers. But then it's postponed to tomorrow. So I had enough rest this morning. ^^ I tried to help out at home today but somehow my eyes got so sore till now.. I closed my eyes for half an hour to rest but it didn't help at all. ><

I'm now loafing online, not knowing what to do after busy packing dad's yong tau hoo sauce and updating about work. Boring leh..

BELATED: Hari Ketiga

Nothing much for the day actually. Same, sandwiches for lunch again. Everything was almost like the previous day. So I'll just post some piccies and let them do the work lah. XD

SANTA -- ME !!!


BELATED: Da Second Day

It was a Saturday, and we have three shows on weekends. =) It was a pretty long day actually. I felt more tired when compared to last year although the work is lesser this year. I guess it's because last year I get to rush around and moving makes me forget the fatigue. I dunno lah. I shouldn't get to conclusions so fast coz it's only the beginning. =) I might learn new stuff in the next few days. ^^


I like Santa so I requested to get Santa and not the Reindeer. So yea yukee did the reindeer instead. XD I got used to the heat inside very soon and the whole night was only about 20 minutes. A short meet and greet session at Gurney's central atrium at 7.30pm, and after that a walk around the ground floor and back. That's all. XD

My legs were still sore but at least being Santa made me forget it. ^^

BELATED: First Day at Work

Friday, first day at work. MY FIRST EXPERIENCE ON THE RAPID. =D

I had to wake up at 9am. Ate breakfast and walk out to wait for the rapid. It's a short walk, only five minutes probably. Yukee and I waited for half an hour, and finally got on the 206 (rapid bus code) at 10.30am. We planned to stop at the jetty to see if there's the bus we wanted to take (304). If it's not there, we'll head over to KOMTAR to catch it. Mana tau when we reached the jeti, the bus we wanted to get is not there. We had to switch to another rapid to get to KOMTAR first. Fine, we waited again. Got to KOMTAR, went to the information counter, yesh the bus to Gurney Plaza is 103. IT WAS ARRIVING IN SEVEN MINUTES YAY FOR US. But then happy things don't last forever, thanks to me the blur queen, we got off a few stops earlier. We had to walk for 10 minutes before we reached Gurney in our wet sweaty tees. It was like walking from weiyun's house to Gurney. 

RM 1.40 × 3 (buses) × 2 (persons) = RM 8.40
So yea, we spent that much on bus fares. Orz.

First day at work, we didn't do anything much seriously. I had sandwiches for lunch. During the performance, all I have to do is to stand there to take care of the children. Have to keep them out from the carpet area to prevent them from getting stepped on by the performers later. 

I like the show! I simply love Natalia's voice! She's Bella the butterfly in the show. Henna (Slither the snake), she's damn flexible. Her splits are amazing! ^^ Skye (Duke the monkey) is really friendly and active. He's the one we talked to the most for the moment, other than Alissa (Belle the christmas dancing belle). I heard Allissa's the one in charge of them. Like taking care of them and getting everything in order. That's what Jo told us. Mum says thumbsup coz she works like a robot -- FAST hahahaha. Oh I almost forgot Paul. He's really like a real life tin man !!! I feel like one whenever I see him perform. XDDDDD Like moving in a tik-tok-tik-tok manner. XD

The first day at work was pretty boring. And on that day some of the gurney management people left me bad impressions. They didn't give out orders clearly and they sounded kinda like putting the blame on us. Luckily we still chatted after that and the not-so-happy feeling was gone.

I'll try to post pictures if I can. =D

BELATED: Rehearsal

Sorry for the late updates. (I'm not that sure if I have regular readers who actually wait for my updates but then erm, just a courtesy I guess. You might find me a little bit 自恋 ><)

I'll be writing belated posts regarding my part-time job this year. Last year I didn't get to update on work coz my internet was cut off when I was working that time. Although this year's work is a little little bit more tiring, I'm thinking maybe I should try to write more about it this year, since I have the internet. XP

Okay rehearsals was on Thursday night. To be more precise, almost midnight. You see, you can't possibly let the audience see your rehearsals right? So we had to wait till 10pm, when Gurney's almost closed, then everyone started to get the wires and props ready.

I received my first surprise here. The performers are independent. Very independent. (When compared to last year's Malaysian performers) They do almost EVERYTHING by themselves. Really almost. I was even worried that if yukee and I lend a hand or something things might just get messier. XP In other words, I don't really have anything to do other than standing there. All I did that night was setting up Skye's   (one of the performers) table, laying out the carpet at the backstage, and bring their props to the backstage after the rehearsals. (Can only remember these after so many days.) Other than that, I stood there for an hour or two. If I've not mistaken, everything ended around 1am. Wow.

I went home feeling a little bit sleepy. That night I didn't get chat with dear very much and I can't possibly ask him to wait till I get home. So yea he went to bed earlier and I slept later. What to do? It's work. -sigh-

09 December, 2010

Toy Toy Amazon

WOOT I found Gurney Plaza's catalog at my house mailbox today!


I know I sound so childish but then it's not what you think! It's gonna be my second part time job! =D I'll be working with yukee as backstage coordinators for the show. XD

Erm, just in case the words are too small in the photos.
I'll just retype the briefings on the catalogue. =)

10-19 December 2010 (except 13 December 2010)
Weekdays - 2pm & 6pm
Weekends - 2pm, 4pm & 6.30pm 
Venue - Gurney Plaza Penang's Ground Floor 

You can get your photo passes one hour before the show and stand a chance to take photo with the characters.
*Limited to 30 passes per session only.
*One pass can admit 4 person per photo only.

INTRO: Toy Toy is a tin soldier who has many adventures. Far from home in this Amazon adventure he discovers big presents with even bigger surprises inside them. Dare he open them? With the audience's help and the magic of Christmas he discovers a wondrous world.. A Spectacular Serpent who ties herself in knots, a Cheeky Monkey that capers on top of a big ball, a Vibrant Butterfly with the voice of an angel and a Living Belle that descends from the sky, and this is yet Toy Toy's most amazing adventure. Toy Toy's Amazon Adventure is a visual delight - featuring the talents of leading Australian performers in circus, dance, song, acrobatics, original music and dance. It is indeed a Christmas Fantasy that will delight audience of all ages.

SYNOPSIS OF PERFORMANCE: To the sound of the trumpet calls, Toy Toy the toy soldier slowly comes to life. He discovers a rich tropical rain forest. He explores the forest and comes across something strange - a present box. It glitters in the light and he cannot contain himself. He must see what is inside the box. From the moment he opens the box his world is changed. Toy Toy embarks on a journey of meeting new friends, finding out he has magic powers and that Christmas really is a joyous time of year. Toy Toy takes the audience on a journey with his friends through circus, magic, song and dance. He meets Duke the monkey who is cheeky, playful and sometimes simply naughty. His skills amaze all as he rolls on a giant ball then balances high on top of a most precarious Rolla Bolla set up upon a small table. Toy Toy then meets Slither who with her spectacular sleekness, agility and strength casts spell on all who see her. Butterfly in her vibrant colours lifts Toy Toy's spirits high with the voice of an angel and songs of celebration and Belle - a serene and spectacular always enthrals the young and old with her magical and majestic entrance and flowing dance.

SINGER - Natalia Belovukovic
TOY TOY - Paul Kohn
SNAKE - Henna Kaikula
MONKEY - Skye Gellman

Tonight will be the rehearsal and I do hope everything is gonna go well. I'm very nervous as this will be the first time I work for 'angmoh's. XD The rehearsal might end late, around 12.30am to 1am. Hope everything will go smoothly. =)

07 December, 2010

The Cycle

Now I finally see it with my own eyes, the situation that happened every time when I wasn't at home. Just when one was going to end, we have to start the fucking cycle again.. Another one or two pop up.. Why is it so hard to lead a peaceful and comfortable life..

So near and yet so far.. Sigh.

05 December, 2010


I.... cannot remember when was the last time I woke up this early.
Dear all, I woke up at 6.30am today. @@

I'm not complaining, it's just that I haven't woke up at this time for ages. Been walking in and out of the kitchen after I brushed my teeth. Only drank a glass of water. XP I'm now biting at my super cold roti canai which is erm, not that appetizing already. 

I'm still not done with work yet just so you know. Need to sweep and mop the floors, wash yongyong's school shoes (EH YOU BOYS JUST DONT HAVE WHITE SHOES DONT  YOU), guide him in reading a chinese essay and typing practice before he can proceed to his computer games.. For the moment I can only think of these.

It's Sunday, and normally Sundays are the busiest days of all. So I never liked them. >< And I'm actually starting work on wednesday. =)

My back is hurting again. Mum and dad are still trying to figure out what's wrong with my back and legs. Oh I haven't  mentioned that right? My legs erm, they're beginning to hurt whenever I stand for quite a while. ><

Wow my head is still spinning..



Okay I saw this Girl-Boy-Nerd-Emo-Child-ish test from a note a friend posted. I was thinking since I haven't play tags for so long, so I'll just have a go lah. XD

Here's what you have to do: Just multiply your score by 10 and get the percentage. ;)

[ X ] I like at least one shade of pink.
[ X ] I don't like being messy.
[    ] My belongings are organised.
[    ] I don't like rock music.
[ X ] I like wearing accessories.
[ X ] Bright colours amaze me.
[    ] I hate black.
[    ] I go to the salon once a week.
[    ] I comb my hair almost all the time.
[ X ] I bring my phone with me everywhere.(YESH XD)
Girlish Percentage: 50%

[ X ] I like wearing baggy pants.
[ X ] I play video games.
[ X ] I like Akon.
[ X ] I like wearing jackets with hoods.
[ X ] I'm lazy to do chores.
[    ] I don't like shopping unless it's for me.
[    ] I would go bungee jumping. (Really would but might hesitate)
[    ] I like being sweaty.
[    ] I'm a big fan of marvel heroes. (What are marvel heroes?)
[    ] I always wear perfume/cologne. (Thought girls wear'em too?)
Boyish Percentage: 50%

[    ] I always carry a pen in my purse or pocket.
[ X ] I enjoy studying. (Yea I whine a lot but I still like it ><)
[ X ] I wear glasses.
[    ] I'm a straight-A student.
[    ] I've never skipped any class in my whole life.
[    ] I like my shirt tucked in.
[    ] One of my favourite subjects is science.
[    ] I like reading mystery books. (I still read them but not much)
[    ] My assignments are always passed up on time. (I SAY NO COZ I DO LAST MIN WORK)
Nerdy Percentage: 20%

[ X ] I am crazy about the colour black.
[    ] I sit at the corner.
[    ] One side of my hair is covering one of my eyes.
[    ] I like heavy metal rock music.
[ X ] I have problems in my life. (WHO DOESNT?)
[    ] I don't talk much. (But I'm quiet with strangers.)
[    ] I don't have that many friends.
[    ] I barely have fun.
[    ] I barely go out with my folk or friends.
Emo Percentage: 20%

[    ] I love to stare at the ceiling for ten minutes.
[ X ] I sleep with a stuff toy / pillow.
[ X ] I watch cartoons.
[ X ] I love to invent words only I myself understand.
[    ] I sleep with a night light.
[ X ] My parents are the ones who choose my outfit.
[    ] I'm scared of roller coasters.
[    ] I like being with my relatives. (Depends)
[    ] I take bubble baths.
[    ] I like Spongebob! (Neutral, neither like nor dislike)
Childish Percentage: 40%

CONCLUSION: I'm 50% Girlish, 50% Boyish, 20% Nerdy, 20% Emo and 40% Childish.

Hahahahaha, so my girlish percentage has improved! XDDDD
I'm still boyish on the inside I guess.
Glad I'm not that nerdy.
I thought I'm more emo than that..?
And lastly I expected a much higher childish percentage leh!

I'm supposed to tag 20 people to do this, but I erm, don't really like the idea of forcing you guys to do it. So just try it out and repost it anywhere you like lah. XD

04 December, 2010

PC Fair and Home Alone(?)


But then time seems to be moving a bit slowly this time. (>_>) Probably due to my depression. I've been feeling pretty down for quite a while I admit. I'm feeling a lot better now. Hope everything carries on like this. Coz the internal conflicts can be damn tiring. Imagine yourself feeling depressed but then at the same time you need to persuade yourself to think on the bright side --- damn tiring.

But then if I think the other way round, I might grow stronger emotionally? =) I do hope so. Coz you always have to get up on your own whenever things come clashing into you. There's no one there to offer you a hand to pull you up. Not everytime lah. If you're lucky you'll have someone to accompany you and cheer you up. :)

So yea back to what I did today. I WENT TO THE PC FAIR WITH THE GUYS IN MY FAMILY. Mum is not that interested in PC stuff so she chose to stay at home to prepare her stuff for tomorrow. We finally bought a brand new HP printer.


We had to get a new one anyway, we cant afford to buy the ink for our previous printer anymore. It's too expensive. The ink I mean. Compared to this one, it's modified, and they give us free refills. =D And modified printers print more we all know that. I'm a noob at pc stuff so I don't know about the details very much. I'm happy as long as it cuts cost. Hee.

Yukee bought many stuff too. An MP3 player, speakers, handsfree.. Erm, I can't remember whether there are more or not. >< I only know that he's satisfied with his new speaker and handsfree, but not the MP3 player. It turned out to be a sucky one, and he thinks it's not working right. Well, it's cheap. ><

I saw so many 500GB external hard drives at the price of RM 189 only !!! ARGHHH !!! DAMN I REALLY WANT ONE. I held back my love for it coz I was worried about dad's cash flow. T^T

So.... Reached home early evening after getting all the stuff for tomorrow. Set up the printer and yea, it's ready for use. =D Mum and dad brought yong out for a wedding dinner. So basically only yukee and I are at home. I'm surprised by myself ---- I feel lonely wtf. == However a miracle happened, DEAR GOT ONLINE. XD He wasn't supposed to as he's away at his grandma's place, with poor connection. So yea we can't really sms either. T^T

I went on FB and had a short cheerful chat with peiyin and shinlin. Sheesh I really miss life at hostel sometimes. I get to run to their room and find them almost anytime I want hahahahaha. Siao. == I miss you guys leh..

Parents are gonna be back soon. I hope I can still sms him tonight actually. >< But if we really cannot, it can't be helped isn't it? I'll just wait for tomorrow or until he comes back. Miss him very much hee.