20 March, 2011

5 Ways Love Makes You Smarter


Firstly, marry someone similar to you, if a bit smarter. Well apparently that's one of the ways. XP A Seattle Longitudinal Study looked at 169 couples in 7-year intervals between 1956 and 1984 and found that the most stable relationships were those in which people were similar in intelligence, flexibility of attitudes, social responsibility, and education levels. Researchers also found out that after 14 years together, spouses with the better grasp of verbal meanings and word fluency had pulled the lower-functioning spouses up to their level. 

I kinda agree. :) Actually dear mentioned something similar before too. Try to think of it this way, you and your spouse must somehow be similar, in terms of intelligence too I think. At least the two of you will have the same discussion topics and you'll be able to understand each other's thoughts more easily? :) One more thing, I always hope I can help dear out whenever he faces any problems.. I'll somehow feel terrible when I can't. >< 

Next, hold hands whenever possible. XD In addition to creating feelings of warmth and closeness, holding hands can help inoculate you from stress. One study using brain scans found out that when married women were told they were about to receive an electric shock, just holding their husbands' hands minimized their brains' response to the threat. Women in the closest relationships experienced the greatest decrease in stress-related brain activity.

Erhem, I don't mind holding his hands for the whole day hahahaha. The warmth of his hands DO make me feel calm when I get panicky. There were a few times when I was afraid and I felt alone, he held my hand tight in his warm ones when I didn't expect him to. I still remember once when we were on his car. :) I was over stressed and scared.. I didn't know what to do, and then he reached out for my hand and there, my pipe overflew. == Okay this is embarrassing. >< But yea, I like him holding my hands. :P

Number three, kiss at least once a day. According to the link, this intimate touch triggers the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin and lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Not only that, researches say that when we kiss, we activate nearly half of the cranial nerves that affect cerebral function. All of the sensory information of a kiss -- the smell and and warmth of your partner's skin, the taste and feel of soft lips -- shoots into your brain, delighting your neurons and forging new connections.

Wow see how the passage makes kissing so holiao. @@ Okay the activation thingey does exist and come on, don't tell me your cells or hormones or anything stay calm when you're anywhere near your loved ones? (=3=) 

Oh this is very useful. XD Put pictures of your honey on your desk. ^^ Brain scans show that looking at a photo of your beloved, especially in the early stages of your relationship, activates a part of the brain associated with pleasure and reward as well as focused attention and motivation. This same area is triggered when a cocaine addict gets a fix -- so you could literally get a healthy 'high' from looking at a picture of your love.

I planned to get a photo frame with his photo actually.. But I ended up giving him three small ones instead. XP  Looking at his photos do help. Like when I'm tired, or I miss him a great deal, I'll just take out my cell phone -- Yea I have most of his photos in my phone. XP It's amazing to find that one can actually smile by just looking at a person's photos.. One day I'll get one of our best photos framed to be put on my desk. ^^

Last but not least, just be together. :) A study found that average blood pressure was lower when a person spent time with his or her spouse than when they spent time alone or with other people. Even if you don't talk, just spend time in the same room, reading, watching TV, surfing the web, or doing crossword puzzles.

This reminds me of that time when I went to dear's house to do my assignments. Something was wrong with my broadband so I had to go and leech his Streamyx. >< It was a very different experience. It was like, we didn't talk that much when compared to as usual, but I didn't feel lonely at all. :)  Instead I felt like he actually accompanied me for the whole day. <3 It was very nice. ><

I miss him even more now.. Sigh.

Our Canon in D


I wrote a song for you
I don't know if you'll listen to
But if you do
I don't think you
Will understand the poetry

Don't think I'll let you go
So easily, girl you don't know
The depths to which
I understand
Just how much you were meant for me

I had a dream last night
That we somehow had made it right
And everything
Was new and green
And we could dance eternally

But then the sun came out
And I woke up to face the doubt
That you and I
Would ever see
Each other as we used to be

Can't understand
How the feeling that we know we had
Could just be abandoned
Be tossed into the wind
So easily
It cannot be
You know it meant too much

When in the end
After everything is said and done
See, we chose to spend
An eternity without
A melody
A symphony
A life without our Canon in "D"

I've heard a story told
About a staircase made of gold
That wind its way
Up through the clouds
And stops at Heaven's door

And if some day I stand
Before that door without your hand
Wrapped up in mine
I'll sit right down
And wait forever more

Can't understand
How the feeling that we know we had
Could just be abandoned
Be tossed into the wind
So easily
It cannot be
You know it meant too much

When in the end
After everything is said and done
See, we chose to spend
An eternity without
A melody
A symphony
A life without our Canon in "D"

The sun is sinking low
It's time for me to go
And try
To just get by

I was listening to songs on my playlist when Gibson shared this song at my status.. Another nice song to add to my list and so here it is. =) 

Canon in D used to give me a very soothing feeling but this song made it erm.. Pretty depressing? I like the lyrics very much whereas for the music, I like the parts before the chorus especially. It now gives me two different feelings toward Canon in D. XP

A night with music can be just so romantic.. *flops back onto the floor with pillow*

17 March, 2011




16 March, 2011

Pumped, Kinda

I didn't blog last night as I was pushing myself to finish the first part for Math 1's assignment last night. And I managed to finish that part last night! =D Really sick of numeration systems now.. Orz.

So.. Regarding the bike payment, dad paid it off and we got back the keys. Everything is back to normal, just that there are a few more months' left to settle. I believe we'll be fine. :) Well I'll leave my money problem till after PBS.. Coz I can't do anything much now. Right?

I woke up happily this morning. ^^ Maybe because I was woken up by dear's message. :P And then I got myself busy immediately with assignments after brushing my teeth. I have this sudden motivation to finish everything I can do for Math 1 today and I did it! Okay almost only lah. >< I'm now working on the bibliography and all that's left is the part I need to work on with Chia when she comes tomorrow. Seriously translating Malay to Egyptian is so insane. I translate word by word and I see pictures only. Glad it's over. At least for now. @@

I haven't mentioned that I'm hooked up on Cityville right? :P Anyways, yea I'm kinda addicted to it in a way but I'm leveling up slower now as I've reached a higher level, plus with these assignments bugging me I need to put it aside.. I'm glad I'm actually working for these few days and I'm gonna reward myself by eating a ham sandwich now hahahaha! Lame. == That's my breakfast and lunch actually. Literally toasted bread and ham. *shrug*

AHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so gonna finish my Math 1 bibliography after food and then I'll start to work on Math 2. GOGOGO !!! >:D

15 March, 2011

To Be Positive

I finally got myself into the assignment mode last night.. I got an idea on how to arrange the info by combining whatever I surfed from the internet. Though a little bit tired while waiting for dear to get online, I enjoyed the waiting hours as we chatted. And lastly the goodnight call I've been waiting. :)

I woke up early this morning, to receive a joy-killing news from dad. It seems like my bike's payments have been delayed again and the keys are now taken and kept till the payments are updated. I'm also surprised when I knew that dad didn't pay for my broadband bills yet. I handed him the money so that he'll be able to settle it when he's free.. I just hope that it'll be done before the next month as my broadband will be cut off if payments are delayed by three months. ><

Due to the payments' delay, I had to withdraw the rest of my allowance to pay it off. Frankly speaking, I feel kinda down about this.. The thing is I've been surviving in Ipoh on my allowance for the past whole month and I plan to keep the rest for the entire semester. At least I can take care of myself and I don't have to burden my parents. However I'm now a little bit worried about how am I going to settle this after my PBS.. I still have a little bit left from my red packets from CNY and I guess that will hang on for a week at least.. Till I think of another way.. I always feel bad to get money from my parents.. Sigh.

Ever since I moved out from the hostel, my food expenses has increased a lot. I plan to bring sandwiches to classes instead of throwing money at the canteen for non-fullfilling food. Worse comes to worst I'll just hang on till lunch or when I get back home. At least I can cut down on food expenses and the main meal will be my dinner. And dinner's the one I don't feel like skipping. XD Dear's worried too and he suggested we spend less when we go out but I think our dates aren't that costly anymore when compared to the last semesters. A meal and movies are okay. And sometimes at the arcade doesn't cost us that much too. It's simple and enjoyable enough for me.. I appreciate the concern and that's always been one of the reasons I keep telling myself that I'll be able to get through these. :)

Happy or not, I still need to face these problems. And I can't believe it's Tuesday already.. I seriously need to push myself harder in order to get everything done by this week.. Actions speak louder than words so.. I might be talking crap. Ignore me. XP

14 March, 2011

A True Hero

Audrey gave me a link today. It's a blog link and the short entry clutched my heart. It was saddening and I'm touched, by a true hero.

The earthquakes and tsunami in Japan have caused a great number of deaths and misfortune. Although the degree is milder when compared to the one we had many years back, the damage at Sendai is beyond terrible. Maybe it is because Japan faced a direct hit, unlike Malaysia, the waves came to the empty beaches and then our buildings. I looked at the flood scenes on the news, I read about the saddening deaths of the innocent, the tear-streaking faces break hearts.. Imagine losing your beloved ones in a glimpse.. I really can't imagine if it was me.. 

The story is about a stranger who gave up his life to rescue others. He could have stayed in the safe building, and survived the disaster. But he gave up the chance and offered help to a mother and two children. When a sudden wave came in, he let go of the woman's hand to prevent her from being pulled in. He drowned..

I feel sad and a little bit teary.. I don't know who this man is, but his bravery is etched in my heart already. This true hero.


And I just told myself to be strong, here comes my first disappointment.

Life. Ironic.

Smiles Needed

I seem to face the same problem whenever I'm right in the middle of the assignment period.. I'm pushing myself to not do last minute work so I'm beginning  to start my research on my first assignment for the holidays.. I'm stuck and I get panicky very fast whenever it happens. So yea I'm stuck. == Dear said it's very easy but I don't know why I feel so confused looking at all the different materials and information I found on the internet.. I don't know where to start from.. 

I'm currently working on my Math 1's assignment and I'm stuck at the first part where I need to look for information on the several types of numeration systems. I found some info on the Egyptian numeration system but something ironic happened, I don't know how to arrange them.. I feel like asking for help but I don't have the courage to ask suddenly.. I suddenly remember the times back at BIG.. The loneliness I felt there.. It etched deep into my heart.. I just cannot forget it.. I kept reminding myself to take it as a challenge.. I will grow up after all these unhappiness.. I will learn how to let go of things easily.. I will stop whining and stop feeling sad whenever I face problems.. I will hold back the useless tears and hold my head up.. 

Had a short talk with Audrey a while ago.. It was really short but I felt comfortable.. I miss those heart-to-heart talks with somebody.. It's suffering to keep everything inside.. It's hard when I face problems and I can't find anyone to talk to.. I'm able to hold back my tears when I'm alone sometimes.. But whenever I open up my heart I might just end up crying it out.. Am I weaker when compared to the old me? I can't seem to hide my negative feelings that much anymore.. If I can hide them well.. I might affect others less.. I like to see people smile around me.. I feel happy when they're happy.. Whatever my feelings are, they're not important.. Coz whether I'm happy or not, when I see the smiles on my loved ones' faces, I smile naturally.. =)

I hope I can see smiles now.. I need them.. ><

13 March, 2011

Babai BIG, Missing Dear

BIG tortured me mentally and my energy was drained till the last drop when it ended.. There were times when I felt lost and didn't know what to do, where to go.. It was terrible.. I missed home and the house in Ipoh those times.. I couldn't get online.. I couldn't find a quiet corner to be alone.. I couldn't get anyone to actually talk to.. I have no one to text to.. I couldn't get back to the freaking hot tent to sleep away.. I couldn't hug my pillow tightly to shed away the miserable tears.. I thought going to the swimming pool on the third day of BIG will be something to cheer myself up.. But in the end, it turned out to be another disaster and that experience felt like a betrayal.. I felt suffocated for nearly three days and three nights..

When BIG finally ended on Thursday noon, I finally reached the house in Ipoh and I was caught in a high fever and sore throat.. I could neither speak nor wash my clothes.. Thanks dear for bringing me out for a very warm dinner and he accompanied me for the entire evening. ><

Early Friday morning at 5.30am, I was bitten by an unknown insect twice and within an hour my body swelled like anything. I sort of panicked and called up my parents. Couldn't get through dear so I had to ask Cherry to bring me to the hospital instead. I went straight to the emergency unit and I was given two injections on the arm and hand. I even puked with an empty stomach, throwing up all the bitter and sour gastric juice. I felt sorry to make Cherry wait with me in the observation ward for almost five hours and our scheduled jammed up due to this. 

I'm now back in Penang, back here at home. I started off a little bit with my assignment but the drowsiness caused by my medication keeps pulling me back.. I have thick and green mucus and phlegm. I don't have a sore throat anymore but I have flu. After settling down at home.. I miss dear badly every now and then.. BIG took up a lot of our time and energy and right after that we have to head home for our holidays.. Besides the assignments on hand, I'm kinda nervous about my first PBS next week.. I always get nervous when it comes to my first experiences. A typical timid? >< One thing I'm glad is that SooYin and I are going to the same school for PBS this semester so I'm not THAT afraid..

Maybe being sick is the reason that makes me miss him even more today.. I miss his warm lap and hugs.. I know he'll get worried if I feel down all the time so I'll try to cheer myself up despite the sickness I'm facing now.. Hope I can see him on webcam tonight. ><

06 March, 2011

Whatever Title

So yea I'm leaving the house for BIG tomorrow morning.. I've just finished packing and I hope I've packed everything I need.. Kinda worried that I'll miss out anything. ><

Everything closed into me these few days and I began to feel the pressure.. I almost vomited after printing out my assignments this evening.. I feel very pressured.. And somehow I thin;k something is going on.. I wonder how is everything at home.. I won't be able to hear their voices throughout BIG..

And there's something I would like to say.. Thanks dear. <3






03 March, 2011