26 November, 2013

Strawberry Craze!

Fresh from Cameron Highlands, at RM5 per box!
It's like heaven! ♥

23 November, 2013

Butterflies in My Tummy

Forgive me for not telling the reason, yet.
Well just in case I jinx anything.

Wish me good luck!

21 November, 2013

The Awesome Internet

I have been home in Penang for a week already. My year end break has already begun! To be frank I think I really did made the past whole week look like a holiday. I didn't even take up a pen, I didn't do anything which I consider meaningful enough. The best things I've done throughout the week are like, taking over all the house chores, giving my younger brother morning revisions, helped out my dad at his stall once, and a belated birthday celebration for the elder younger brother and dad. Hmm.. Yep, that's pretty much the best I can list out.

On the other hand, two major less-meaningful (I think using the word 'meaningless' is too harsh, these were some of my best hobbies!) stuff I've been doing for the past seven days were.. as below.


I used to share a Nintendo GBA with Yu Kee. He played Pokemon FireRed while I played Pokemon LeafGreen. I didn't get to finish my game because the GBA broke down before I could. =( 

I'm now playing the PC version! And there are so many advantages when compared to playing with the GBA. I get to save and play multiple accounts. I get to save at ANY time I want, this is freaking important when you encounter rare pokemons. XD Last but not least the best part, SPACE BAR SPEEDS UP THE GAME. 3 minutes' game accomplished in 1 minute, best of the best!! 

and THIS!!

I've also been reading mandarin novels! I know some friends refer these books as 'low-class cheapskate monotonous love' stories. I respect those opinions, but that doesn't mean I agree about everything. I just enjoy reading them. These books played an important role in my high school life, I started writing my own mandarin short stories and poems after reading these. Of course they're not super good quality best sellers, but one of the poems I wrote was actually chosen and published in a magazine okay. =P (Obviously getting more and more syok sendiri.)

I used to save up almost all of my pocket money to buy novels, which is an act which I still cannot comprehend until now. I mean, what in the world was in my head to make me spend ALMOST ALL of my money on that?! I remember getting so addicted that I can borrow more novels from friends and read up to three books per day, in a sitting. ==

Anyway I'm reading online now. XD I don't have to buy them anymore, I even get to follow every single book my favourite authors wrote online, and I can follow the series now! It's heaven! All books within a few clicks! How I wish I can read the english best-sellers like this too. =(

Think, the Internet is just so awesome. I don't need the GBA to play my favourite childhood game anymore, I can even play several versions other than my favourite one. I don't have to buy these novels to read them anymore, I can just get them online from a variety of websites. 


I didn't have internet access at home until I was 17. The only websites I knew before that were Google and Yahoo. Amazing leh? The only things that occupied my daily life were books, my phone MP3 and the radio. Without the internet, I treasured everything so much coz it took me effort to have access to all the things I like. Until now, I still hate to throw my collections because of that. ><

The internet sure has made my life a lot more easier, but it makes me treasure things I can't get via the internet even more. =)

I shall continue enjoying my internet luxury for a few more days, and then I'll find something more meaningful to do. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! XD