25 August, 2009

Back to Work

I.... woke up late. *dies* I planned to wake up at 6am this morning but apparently I didnt even hear my hp ring. So yeah, woke up at 10am. Orz. Math people, 10 - 6 = 4. FOUR HOURS. Zomg four hours, I can do so many things in four hours and I spent my four hours sleeping. *bangs head on wall*

Now to continue with my gerko (something like koku) assignment. And then my chinese history's. I do hope I can rush everything in time, coz I'm leaving penang around 4pm today. Very rush, and my luggage isnt ready. It's been raining for so many days and my clothes finally dried today. Rush rush rush...

Mum didnt feel like letting me out last night as she's worried that I might not be able to finish my assignments. As a matter of fact, maybe. >.< But I still think it's worth it. Went to wei's house last night. Jojo and luoyi were there too. We talked, we played. I cried, again. XP But hey, only drops okay. XD It's just that I know I'm so gonna miss wei when she's gone. Since ning is alrdy in canada, I'm gonna make it a point to practice emailing once I settled down after merdeka. Even if I dont have my own lappy and I have to stay up to 2am or 3am to do assignments. TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. *stares at clock*

Okay I think I'd better get back to work now. Who knows deedee might be able to finish her gerko within these few hours? XD

Worth It

I slept at 3am last night, woke up at 9am. Suicide.
I now have packing to do, assignments to rush. Suicide.
My eyes are really hurting. Suicide.

But, I met wei yun, jojo and luo yi today. =3

23 August, 2009

Rain French

I'm home. =3 The past two weeks were very very tiring. It wasnt due to not being able to go home, more of my aunt's visit and also the burden of assignments. If it wasnt for my cheerful classmates, life would've been a lot more unbearable, especially when I couldnt go home for the weekends. I'm not complaining about not going home, really. Coz I have 5 classmates from batu pahat, and they didnt go home for more than a month. I'm not the only one missing home. I should be grateful.

Everyone was looking forward to this august break, to go home. But our class is one of the lucky ones to be chosen to participate in the merdeka celebration at KL. So yeah, no going home. >.< The part we're involved in, is called the choir. Remember those people switching colour flags, forming combinations of words or something? Ya I cant believe I'm gonna be one of them this year. Hahaha. And the ironic thing is I've been wondering who are those people playing with the colours in the tv for so many years. Oh well, now I know. XD Hee nee is getting serious in KL. So there were rumours saying the national celebration might even be cancelled. And then we dont have to be there! XD I dont mind going there, but when you have so many assignments on hand... Sorry. >.< Now I'm home coz..... NO IT'S NOT CANCELLED. Hanya ditundakan. DITUNDAKAN. I still have to rush back by the 27th as we'll have to leave on friday morning from the campus. Actually that was still okay. But now... Lemme see, I have this KBL, China's History, 2 Math coursework, another moral but no sumbang mahram this time... Oh and something with basketball and also some work to reply on our class forum. It's one of our IT assignments. Discussions made there will be graded. So with all these work, I still have to rush to a friend's place along with another few on tuesday, then we'll start work. Which means, I have only today and tomorow left to deal with my personal stuff. OTL. I'm gonna say something similar to liyun's post. The rainy morning sure gives me the french-ness. I was looking at the droplets on my window too, when I started to think of so many people. A month flew by, and so many things have happened. It aches to think that I couldnt meet up with ning before she left. It also hurts to realise the fact that, there were so many times when my friends have hard times, and I couldnt be there for them. Getting busy in the campus, loaded with all the scary assignments make me feel like I'm cut out of the world or something. Yes I'm having a great time with my active classmates. They're really nice, I cant possibly ask for more. Thanks guys, if you do see this that is. XD But still... Damn I do really miss so many of you peeps. Greedy me I know. >.<

There's this mysterious abdominal pain which have been hurting me for almost more than a week, making the assignment-stress worse. I'm getting tired, day by day. I do hope I can hang on, at least for another few months. I must. OOOOSSSSHHHHHH !!!!!

I have so much more to tell, so much more to say. But I cant seem to squeeze out a few hours to write personal emails. So I'm giving brief updates here first. It's more convenient for the moment. I remember typing a long long email and everything went hang. It was soooooo *beep*.

My goal for now: To meet up with wei yun before she leaves.

Alphabet Tag by Fish

A - Available: I told my lecturer I lelong pun takda orang mau. XD

B - Birthday : 26th April.

C - Crush on : It ended.

D - Drink you last had : Warm milo.

E - Earliest person you talked to : A rat. Wait that's not a person.

F - Favourite song : For the moment, River flows in you by Yiruma.

G - Games : I'm dying to play now.

H - Hometown : No tell no tell. XD

I - In love with : SOBA, D.Gay-man, J16. =3

J - Juggle : ........I suck at juggling.

K - Killed someone : If cockroaches and lizards are someones.

L - Longest car ride : Erm... Cant really remember.

M - Milkshake flavour : Vanilla !!!! =D

N - Number of siblings : A brother and a baby.

O - One wish : For now, a lappy please. And lots and lots of cash!

P - Person you called recently : Shell.

Q - Quest in life : ......Dun really get this.

R - Reason to smile : Smiles are free. =D

S - Song you last heard : .....River flows in you by Yiruma.

T - Time you wake up : 9.43am. Today.

U - Underwear colour : Grey. Damn why is this here.

V - Vegetables : Never really loved them. Unless they're in burgers. XD

W - Worst habit : Procastinating.

X - X-rays you've had : Chest X-ray.


Z - Zodiac sign : Taurus. I thought that's obvious.

7 people you want to tag (Excluding the person who tagged you):

Nah, I'm lazy. :P

12 August, 2009

Not Really An Update

A month has passed, and congratulations to me. I'm still alive. =D I'm now here for the sake of being here, blogging for the sake of blogging. I'm crapping again. :P

I think I might be staying up late for these few nights. Hopefully. TT^TT If not, I'll have to remain like this for months till I get my beloved lappy. Oh I really had no idea that a lappy is sooooooo compulsory here. You do almost every single assignment with it. That's why I congratulated myself. *shot*


I'm stuck. Head's crammed with lists of stuff.

1. I need a lappy.
2. To finish my assignments.
3. For now, get piccies regarding sumbang mahram. Now.
4. And finish all math homework.
5. I need more Brands', 100 plus and ice creams.
6. I really need a lappy.
7. To email humans I miss too.
8. Before I forget, to kidnap pcghs' F6's math teachers and bring'em here.
9. Banging my head on the table repeatedly is so tempting.
10. I want to see ning and wei yun before they leave. T^T
11. Last but not least, I need MOAR sleep.


*Sorry my darlings. Emails are late. And guess what, when everyone knows that the campus' wifi sucks, and the only broadband received here is celcom, everyone gets one. Now, both wifi and celcom broadband are slow. So nice. *sigh*