30 May, 2009


Time flies. I seem to use this phrase a lot. But ya, time flies. It's already three weeks, and here comes our school holidays. Two weeks' break is just an okay. Since we'll need to do revisions and finished the heaps of homework assigned by our beloved teachers.

P/S: I love our math teacher. And the tone of the previous paragraph, isnt sarcasm.

KPLSPM's results should be out by now. I stayed up till 2am last night, just to check out my results. Rushed to the computer early 5am in the morning twice, to check again. And guess what, the date for the results' release, is DELAYED. To the 1st of July. Which means, another month of F6. Actually I think it's not a bad idea to stay for another month here. Just that, I wanted to leave for the course so badly before, was due to some personal reasons, which made me go FUUUUU. I guess I'll take this one month as a training, and also a warm up (if I get the offer) coz F6 is obviously so much tougher than the teaching course.

I'm afraid of the prefects' training camp on monday. Nervous too. I'm worried that I'll blank out on that day, forgetting this and that. Note that I'm one super blur person. So I guess you should understand how 'dangerous' is my situation now. This slowpoke is worried that she's gonna screw up her training. Really.

Homework homework homework. We're asked to finish every single question for the chapters, for chemistry, physics and math. Oh, angeline chee gave us another assignment. Some writing work. And I've got a graph to draw. Wait, more graphs in physics. Hahaha. I really need to clear my room, so it'll be a more comfortable study room. XD I think I might enjoy it (homework I mean) gua....

I'm not sure the war with the penguin has ended or not. I dont think so. AND PLEASE, I dont think it's even considered a war. Plus, I think I was the only one suffering from it. I just find it so damn swt. Anyway, I'm still learning how to not mind rumours so much, coz it'll only make my life even more miserable. Coz for me, most of the time, rumours..... hurt.

Good night.

27 May, 2009

Being A Bird

I find it so funny.

I cant believe the idea went into my head.
I cant believe I went for the interview.
I cant believe I am selected.
I cant believe I'm getting the tie tomorow.


25 May, 2009

A Neutralising Update

Okay, this is a short update, just to neutralise the previous bloggy mood. XD

The tinglish feeling has disappeared, of course. There's no need to elaborate on it I guess. It does happen once in a while. Oh well. *shrugs*

Anyway..... Two weeks down. Another week to go before the school holidays start, and the results for my KPLSPM application. Well I do hope I get it in a way. But if I really dont get it, I dont mind sticking to F6. Although it means staying in the same school with the penguin. >_>

SHOO PENGUIN. Dont ruin my mood tonight. I'm lazy enough alrdy. Damn.

A happy paragraph to end this post. =) Attended my physics' replacement class in the evening today. Learnt scalars and vectors and bla bla. And guess what, I've finally understood those super duper I-have-no-single-clue-what-you-are-for-the-last-two-years topics !!! HURRAY FOR XIENNY. =D

Okay, I'm going off now. Night. =)

20 May, 2009

Something's Wrong

I dont know what's wrong. Was talking to wei yun and fish, and suddenly there's sort of a sudden change in my mood or something. And I became quiet. I wasnt random anymore. I'm sure I wasnt sad, and of course I wasnt happy. And definitely not stressed or tired. Just.....

I actually stopped to stare at the computer !!!
The feeling's wrong. Something's really wrong.
And the worst part is...

Still Sick Though

Two days of rest doesnt seem to be enough. I'm still coughing so hard, till I thought I was going to cough out blood. Plus, I still cant breath with my nose. It's tiring.

I'm still going back to school tomorrow. Dont wanna miss any class. If there's any, haha. I've got an MC from the doctor, so I'm not that worried about the only-4-days-off this year. The rules may be disturbing, but after 5 years, I kinda get used to it. I dont complain so much about it anymore. I just understand, that it's just something I need to put up with, to pursue better education. Okay I'm not saying other schools are bad. Uh, I'm lazy to explain. Hope you get what I mean.

Went to youtube a few minutes ago, and I found the original version of caramelldansen. XD It's quite nice actually, just slow. Not just slow, it's VERY slow, when compared to the speedycake remix. The remix version is more fun to dance. =D

For comparison, this is the original version:

And the speedycake remix version, with the original lyrics:

By the way, it's swedish. =)

19 May, 2009

Still Loafing...

I've finished tasks 1, 2 and 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
Now doing the fourth. =P

Loafing Around

I shouldnt be checking out my blog, and talk to zoe online now.

Below are the few things I should be doing now:

1. Sweeping the living room.
2. Folding the heap of clothes right beside me now.
3. Enjoying my lunch in front of the tv.
4. Reading through my physics.
5. Printing out the questions for the interview.
6. Oh, and revising my chemistry. I suck at it. Orz.


I think I'd better get off to kerja now....

Safe From HEE NEE


I had some symptoms for H1N1 so parents got pretty worried this afternoon. So I went to the doctor in the evening. I'M SAFE. =P I'm still coughing like dont know what though. I dont like dry cough. Ugh. You just cant seem to stop once you start, when there's no phlagm in your throat. Orz.

Okay, about this hee nee thingey.... XD Dad handed over the newspapers to yu kee in the car yesterday I think. And then he read out what he saw on the papers. HEE NEE FLU IS......... Hahahahaha. I LIKE IT. So thats what I'm gonna call it. =P Well, you have to agree that it's a lot more easier to pronounce and type it out, right...? XD

18 May, 2009

Tidur Tidur Tidur

I cant believe I can sleep for so many hours. Slept from yesterday 4pm to 7pm. Had dinner, and slept again from 8pm to 11pm. Parents woke me up to take medicine, and I slept again, till this morning 10am. XD

I'm still sleepy. I think I should go back to bed now.

16 May, 2009

Something Abt My First Week

The first weekend, after my first week in school. =)

I expected the orientation to be very boring. All the speeches, talks, introductions.... These were never interesting. Yet I find my first week in school kinda eventful. Okay maybe not THAT eventful, but I've got stuff to worry and think and do. So I cant seem to get bored... Oh wait, I DO get bored. Only sometimes, when I stared at my tuition hmwk, and couldnt get a clue about how to solve it and bla. :P

I dont feel like elaborating on what happened this week. I get tired at the thought of it. So I'll just see what do I feel like saying... (I find this line weird, whatever) Okay erm.... Angeline chee gave us something to do. It's supposed to be an ice breaker, between pcghs and phor tay, and also between the lowers and the uppers. We're asked to form groups of five, each group consisting of at least a member of phor tay, and one from the arts stream. I was happy that we formed a group fast enough. Jo-Hannah, phoey boon, kar hoay, bee zuan and I. We need to make a simple survey, about what the uppers think about this year's midyear MUET. And in the end, summarise it, write a type-written report, draw graphs and charts about it. A very special first hmwk. *shrugs*

Another reason causing sotong's fatigue..... A PENGUIN. Ya, a penguin. I feel awfully mean this week, I seem to be ranting about it a lot. Here. But I deleted the drafts of rants. :P I still feel bad to talk behind others' backs so.... Hee. But of course I told some my close friends about what happened and how I felt. So I've also ranted in front of them. And.....ya, feel a little bit mean. WALEH, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I REPEATED THIS, ABOUT ME BEING MEAN AND STILL I'M FEELING MEAN FOR SAYING THIS HERE. I dont know what am I saying anymore. *crap*

Aiks, look at the time! I need to go play with water now.... Coz I just cut my hair..... AGAIN. =D Well.... The school wants me to cut off the 1mm of hair at the back of my head. So it's now SHORT. And dont you dare to even relate it to CHAO CHANG. So there! :P

P/S: Kits, this post is longer nao. =D

HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 May, 2009

Back to School


Okay I dont know why am I so excited about it. Maybe it's because I'm gonna accompany jo-hannah to the koperasi for her school shoes. XD Oh, and I'm beginning to like my short hair. It's neither fancy nor pwetty. So I dont know why. Lalalalalalala ~~ XD

I'm going off at 12am tonight. To memupuk feelings with my bed and pillows. XD


Happy Mama's Day


09 May, 2009

Another Birthday

I was sort of over excited a few hours ago. Hence I went to show some friends the link of the maid generator thingey. Fish somehow got so excited and we started to discuss about maids and stories. Hahaha. Okay, my excitement spreaded in the sea. I ISH INFLUENCIAL. 8D *ish smacked terribly* And guess what, we collected results from a few of our friends too. BWAHAHA. *swt*

Okay, actually this post is meant for a friend whom I hadnt really talked to her properly in ages. Yes weeks and months are considered ages, for me. XD Miss chit chatting with her. *sighs*

It's her birthday !!! She's legal today !!! *fireworks*

(although I doubt you would see this)

More Maids

(from Maria's friends)

Your name is Reona. You are 18 years old. You have purple eyes and purple hair, and wear a black maid uniform. You are very boyish; others describe you as wild, energetic and vigorous. You are actually a snake, and can take on a naga form at will, transforming your lower half to a snake tail. You are actually a shinigami, a death reaper which carries with you an aura of death. You and your siblings detest each other. You're not really quite sure how you wound up becoming a maid. In combat, you have some kind of weapons installed in your body which you use to attack. When you are extremely upset, you drink alcohol or take drugs until you can't remember anymore. Due to your notable Athletics, you have the ability Trespass. You can take 1d6 Stress to intrude on a battle, love scene, etc. You can also butt in after the action has ended, and this can even work when someone is using World for Two.

Your name is Miki. You are 18 years old. You have sky eyes and blue hair, and wear a black maid uniform. You are boyish and cool; others describe you as doll-like, a tomboy and vigorous. You are actually a fox in human guise, and can display or hide your tail and ears at will. You have a small animal companion that sits on your shoulder or rests in your hands. The police want you for questioning about a very serious crime. You and your siblings detest each other. You frequently get caught up in your own imaginary world, getting lost in frequent daydreams and having trouble distinguishing fact from your own fiction. The master did a great service for you, and you have become a maid in order to repay him. In combat, you attack with a halberd, bardiche, or other kind of pole arm. When you are extremely upset, you escape through religion, relentlessly praying to heaven for protection and strength. Due to your notable Luck, you have the ability Escape. You can completely flee from a battle without taking any Stress.

Your name is Moon. You are 22 years old. You have purple eyes and silver hair, and wear an indigo uniform. You are cool and pure; others describe you as unflappable, expressionless and clean. You frequently get caught up in your own imaginary world, getting lost in frequent daydreams and having trouble distinguishing fact from your own fiction. You are a maid because you need the money, and that's about it. In combat, you have some kind of weapons installed in your body which you use to attack. When you are extremely upset, you spend all day sleeping. Due to your notable Skill, you have the ability Ultimate Menu; Add +1 to your Skill for the purposes of cooking.

Your name is Mystic. You are 18 years old. You have blue eyes and brown hair, and wear a pink maid uniform. You are boyish and cool; others describe you as expressionless, unflappable and composed. You and your siblings detest each other. Your uniform has jangling chains attached to it. You have long, pointed, elfin ears. Your maid uniform is a slinky bondage outfit made of rubber and leather. You are excited by the infliction of pain and suffering on others. You are a maid because you need the money, and that's about it. In combat, you wield a spiked mace or flail. When you are extremely upset, you escape through religion, relentlessly praying to heaven for protection and strength. Due to your notable Skill, you have the ability Lock Picking. You can enter any room whenever you feel like it. This works even when someone is using World for Two.

I'm sharing this with everyone who's reading this post, and also to those who wants to try out this RPG character generator.


YAY !!!!! TAMBAH SATU !!!!
Your name is Shira. You are 22 years old. You have gold eyes and indigo hair, and wear a silver maid uniform. You are sexy and boyish; others describe you as wild, coquettish and glamorous. You are the actually the daughter of a family of even greater standing of the master. You are very greedy, and will do absolutely anything for the sake of money. The master is your hated enemy, and you are infiltrating his mansion in order to seek revenge. In combat, you use magic to attack your foes. When you are extremely upset, you escape through religion, relentlessly praying to heaven for protection and strength. Due to your notable Cunning, you have the ability Fake Crying. You can use fake crying to use your Cunning for what would normally be an Affection roll. (This must be rolepayed.)

08 May, 2009

Maid Generator Thingey

Your name is Maria. You are 18 years old. You have brown eyes and black hair, and wear a white maid uniform. You are heroic and pure; others describe you as single-minded, spirited and clean.

You are a pyromaniac, and love setting fires... possibly even to the mansion. You and your siblings detest each other. You speak broken Pidgin English, and have trouble with grammar and word forms.

You are a slave, and have no choice about your line of work. In combat, you fight with a broom or mop, the basic fighting style of a maid. When you are extremely upset, you run away from the mansion. Due to your notable Will, you have the ability Immune to Pain. During a battle, even if you're sent flying, you don't take any Stress. Outside of battle, however, you can still take Stress points as usual.

WALEH !!!!!!!!!!


I'm finally taking tuition classes for chemistry and physics. Chem class started on monday. It was a little bit of intimidating. XP The class started in april, so I'm behind by a chapter. Mr Sim says there'll be a class for the NS students to catch up with the others, so I guess I'll just wait and see. My SPM basics for the science subjects arent that good. For the first half an hour of the class, I was like...... "What's that? Ohhh, that. Eh? That one leh? Ohhhyaaaa." Orz. Wonder how long am I gonna be like this. Guess I need to pour in more effort. *babbling crap again*

Just came back from physics class a few hours ago. Cant believe there are only four students, including me there. But we all understand that its because many students still havent made up their minds whether to choose bio or phy or even both. Some are still waiting for JPA and matrics. What's more, I'm the only girl there.... Orz. Anyway, I'm glad that I understood the things the teacher taught. It's only the first chapter, shouldnt be hard? Chapter 1 is more of deriving formulae from the basic quantities and stuff. I definitely need to revise my basic formulae like momentum, power, work, energy...... Bla bla. I know these are really basic ones, but pls dont forget, my SPM physics was... You know. Hehe.

Time does fly. I'm finally going back to school in a few days time, and to get back to my studies. I know it wont be easy.... But I'm still going back. >_>

Erk, my eyes are closing. It must be caused by the death of some of my brain cells a few hours ago. It's been so long since I last focused so much on figures. >.<

Hope I can cope when school starts...

HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY !!!! *or whatever you call it*
Cant believe I still remember that it's PCGHS' school anniversary or somthing.... I can imagine thoong lyn saying XIENNY YOU LOVE PENG HWA SO MUCH LOH again. Oh well.... Told you I remember random stuff. Wait, is that a random fact? Oh great, I dont know what I'm saying again.....

06 May, 2009

It's Short

My hair.... It's SHORT. Yes I just cut it a few hours ago coz the F6 orientation is on this coming monday. Going back to PCGHS means.....cutting my hair short again, ya. It seems that I get to keep my hair long once every 6 years. 6 years old, 12, then 18. But the next time I get to keep it long wont be 24 !!! HAHAHAHA. Oh well, nothing much to say about it anymore, pointless as it's alrdy short. This is the first time I cut my hair...this way. It makes my face look round. In other words, bak bak. Orz. Fine.... I'll just try to change my hairstyle when it gets longer loh... *sighs*

Actually I dont really understand I'm making a fuss over cutting my hair short. Really.

Into Form 6

Was trying to translate something for mum for the past few hours, but I find it pretty hard because the terms are.... Anyway, need dad's help. Went to lepak at the CF forum for a while before I go off to bed. THEN I remembered, today's the day, where the name list for the L6 students will be out. Fine, went to check. Cant explain why, but my feelings are really complicated now. About going for F6 I mean. Anyway......


04 May, 2009

Pain Pain

I should be writing emails tonight. But the pain is killing me. Hello my dearest aunt, you came at the wrong time. Ugh. Another thing is, maybe I shouldnt have pushed myself too hard during yesterday's training. Mr roy was teaching us our kicks, from the basics to the tougher ones. I was worried about my hook kicks, reverse swings, and my inner outer crescents. You see, I'm terrible at balancing. So I wobble at kicks. My weight is also another issue. After warming up with kicks, had a 5min break. Then came the fun part. Poh poh was in charge of the blues and reds. And guess what, she brought us to the sidebars or polls or tiangs or whatever you call them, REVERSE SWINGS AND HOOK KICKS. Woohoo! I've always wanted to learn how to perform these well but delayed my practice at home due to preparation for the interview. Anyway, the point is, if I dont raise my knee high enough, I'll get the tiangs. (Yes tiangs, easier to call'em that way) I got tired easily, the kicks were killing me, but I still tried to do every single one of it the correct way. I finally did one successful one, complete with the correct width range of my kick's angle. Yay! At the end of practice, I have a speck of yellow paint on a foot. The reason behind this is so obvious. If you still dont get it, another hint for you: The tiangs are painted in yellow. Get it? If you STILL dont, forget it. *I'm being stupid I know*

For the first time in 18 years, I'm gonna boast about my waist. Hahaha. Swt. But really eh, I cant believe after finishing all those super tiring but exciting kicks, I still managed to finish all the stomach exercise without panting. Hahahaha. I was quite happy as I didnt know the ring of wobbly fats around my waist can be that erm... strong? Nah, dont think that's the appropriate word. Due to my poor vocab, I shall leave it blank. XD (Evil sotong felt so proud of her fats when she found her friends around her have super pale faces and they pant like they're gonna faint anytime.) *ish kicked and slapped and tumbuk'ed and piak'ed*

I'm going off to bed now. Earlier tonight as..... Tomorrow's gonna kill. I've no idea how many times I've repeated this but.... I REALLY DONT FEEL LIKE WORKING TOMORROW. My legs are killing me. And tomorow's my first day of chemistry tuition. WEEEEEE.


02 May, 2009

Happy Birthday

*hugs and squeezes and kisses*

Although you like to bully me, snatch my favourite food from me, hide my hp when I need it, sneak into my room for my candy box, camwhore with my hp camera, annoy me with your super stubborn-ness, get me clean up your mess, make me wanna kick you when you know I wouldnt, make me stare at you on purpose, make me go ARGH and you just run off chuckling, make me go chasing you around and you asking me YOU TIRED AH, show me those super frightening watery pika pika eyes whenever you want something from me, cling onto my right leg whenever you dont want me to walk, shout at me as if I'm your maid whenever you need something, bising bising bising non stop.... and bla bla bla....


And please get well soon. Coz if you dont, I cant eat your favourite food in front of you. And you know how that makes me suffer, you evil baby.

Happy Birthday. =3

01 May, 2009

Forgetting Again

I know I wanted to write about something tonight. But I cant seem to remember again. *headdesk* Instead, I suddenly remembered whose birthday it was on the 20th of March. Recap, for those who dont understand nor remember what am I saying now, please refer to one of the posts in March. But I dont think there's any need to refer, as all you can see here are all xienny's crap posts. XD At the end of that post, I mentioned that I forgot whose birthday was it that day, and I just remembered today. I know, very swt. Poor joseph, I forgot it was ur birthday. Havent heard of him for....years I think? Hope he's doing well.

See? I forget things so easily, and remember them randomly. And I was so hundred percent sure that I've a list of things to do tonight. Cant seem to remember at least ONE of them. TT___TT
*headdesk again*