19 November, 2012

Steamed Rhino Horn Bananas

Guess what I have to eat for brunch today?
(Stupid la, it's clearly written at the title already.)

Steamed Rhino Horn Bananas!
a.k.a. Pisang Tanduk Kukus

It's actually bigger than normal bananas, not sure if you can see it from the photo.
Pisang Tanduk has the longest fruits among banana cultivars, reaching up to 2ft in length.
Normal ones are only 12-14 inches though.

It's one of my favourite food and we can't seem to find many Pisang Tanduk in Penang.
Luckily a cousin brought some from Melaka and we finally get to eat some. XD

18 November, 2012

"Protect the Boss" - One Drama Down!

I'm one step closer to my goal yessss!! 
Aiya although it's only one, better than nothing. XD

Just a simple update:
I've just finished watching 《守护老板》- Protect the Boss.

I like this poster! 

And I found another cute photo of Hero's ears being pulled. XD

A Goal - An Excessive One

Since I've put so much effort into changing my blog's layout, I should update everything in the right column of my blog, shouldn't I? Let's see..

The visitors' counter is alright. So is the Nuffnang ad column. Kinda lazy to update my personal profile as the things I wrote there hasn't changed much. I left the spam corner there as it used to be a chatroom for my friends and I. Furthermore I know some readers are lazy to comment when they have something to say. XP The archive, popular posts, labels.. Nothing to change for these..

Now the blog links. I haven't updated the whole list for more than a year I think? @@ Opened the links one by one, and I found out that many friends have put their blogs to private. Sadly. Coz I do enjoy reading some of their blogs. >< Friends who requested not to list out their blogs, I removed them from the list. 

So if you see your blog link in the list and you prefer me to remove it, feel free to let me know. No worries, I'm fine with it. =D

At the same time, I filtered out the famous bloggers' links under a new list - "I'm Reading".
Coz we don't know each other (in real life I mean) so I can't just classify them as my 'friends'...? XP

My other homes. Yes I've added my twitter to the list! I haven't tweeted in a while. This year have been quite a busy one and I seriously lost contact with all my online life. T^T I went to my DA account and I see 600++ messages. GOSH. Oh you can see my new twitter background here. (New Backgrounds) I love the heart fox! (I know I said it before. XD)

My wanna read list. I brought most of my books to Ipoh, and they're still there. I will update the list once I get back there.

Last but not least, my wanna watch list. You have NO SINGLE CLUE how much dramas I've left out due to that 'great' responsibility this year. I checked out my external hard disc and I listed out EVERY series I WILL watch. =D And can you believe that excluding the series in the list, I have approximately 50GB++ of movies in my lappy? I have soooooo many things to watch now. 

And so? My goal for this break is to finish off 100GB of drama series!
10 korean drama series, 4 hongkong and 1 taiwan. 

 I know. =P

P/s: Nothing to change about the 'Followers' list. The 21 followers have been there for years and some of the accounts don't even exist anymore, I believe. XP

15 November, 2012

Chocolate is Love!

Souvenirs from relatives who just went to Langkawi!
Thankyou so much!! 

14 November, 2012

Bread Sushi


YongYong was brainwashing mum and I about some what homemade bread sushi his classmate brought to school. He kept telling us how nice and awesome it is and he wants to make it at home too. He said he tried once already before I came back. 

Now he even managed to brainwash my cousins and insists that he MUST make it for them today because they want to try. Oh well. So we got ourselves bread, sausages, seasoned seaweeds and some Japanese mayonnaise. 

Cross section view.

It's not hard to make. Just compress a slice of bread, put any flavouring you like, roll the sausage with the flavoured bread. Then you put some mayonnaise on the seaweed and wrap the 'rolled bread' by rolling it again. Don't put too much mayonnaise on the seaweed coz the purpose is just to let the seaweed hold onto the bread. That's all.

Surprisingly it tastes pretty good. XP

13 November, 2012

Snakes & Ladders

Well I saw YongYong wandering around the house boringly, so I asked him to take out his chess sets and see what he wants to play. We played Chinese Checkers, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders!

Snakes & Ladders happened to be one of my favourite board games when I was still a kid. Used to play it several times with Yukee. When I got really REALLY bored, I even took four counters and play it on my own. Gawd that was so sadist hahahaha!

Going off for some English Chess now!
Miss those childhood memories sometimes. =3

Blog Challenge - Day 15

HEYYY!! It's finally my year end break and yes I'm home for 7 weeks again! Which is something not really good in way - MANY OF MY HOLIDAY PLANS FAILED - due to personal reasons.

Before reaching Penang, I did many thinking on the bus. Maybe I should blog every day? You know just to brush up my writing skills and it's pretty much going downhill. I wanted to do my first 1.5m cross stitch but I have budget issues.

I dug out my first blog challenge, which I clearly remember that I left it at the last day-challenge. 


I have just 'retired' from the 'class rep' post. I'm OFFICIALLY FREE from being any of the class committee! I met different kinds of problematic people and many kind people. I found out that we just can't divide people into the NICE and the BAD ones. There are people who are somewhere in the middle. There are also people who never intended to harm you, but actually did without themselves knowing. 

I'm a person who really remembers stuff. (Ignore the eeny weeny things lah.) But after these six months, I've learnt that I need to let go of things. I'm going to learn to put down hatred, and treat the things I dislike neutrally. Help and love that I have felt and received, I will never forget you. 

Thank you, to those who helped me so much.
Thank you, to those who gave me troubles. I grew because of you.
Thank you, to those who willingly sacrificed without hoping for anything in return.

Thank you, to everyone who supported me all the while.
It's that trust that helped me through whenever I face difficulties.

This post might look exaggerating to you. But I really learnt many stuff. I never wanted to the head of the class, but I won't regret that I did.

The happiest things for the semester, I finally had quite a few gatherings with friends. GOOD AND HAPPY ONES. And my relationship with him grew too. =)

I now look forward to going back and meeting my housemates again. Two years left, and it'll be over in a glimpse. Treasure it. =)

01 November, 2012

New Backgrounds!


PHEW. *wipes sweat off forehead*

Didn't have anything much to update here for the past few days other than my boring (and last minute) revisions. But I did do some stuff, when I procrastinated again. XD

I almost forgot that I have a Twitter account. I stared and stared, and I find my background darn boring. And this is how it looks now.


On the other hand, I came across Elle Magazine's new front page of S.H.E.. Seriously they're gorgeous! And then I spent a little time to edit the photo, shifted it a little to the left of my screen so that it won't be blocked by my desktop shortcuts. I haven't changed my desktop background eversince I bought lappy. Why? Coz I haven't seen any black backgrounds that I like this much for years. (You know, light backgrounds make the desktops icons look pretty illegible)

S.H.E. on Elle's front cover!

I love my desktop so much now. XD