10 January, 2013

My First Extreme Girl Shopping

One week done ever since the first day of the semester. I haven't blogged for five days. I didn't realize time passed by that quickly - I felt like I just blogged the previous post two nights ago! The past five days drained almost all of the energy produced by my poor overworked body cells. I'm feeling unwell (still is!) and class ended in the evening for many days continuously. Damn exhausting.

Last Sunday was my first girls' shopping gathering with my friends this year! Housemates asked me out to find Chinese New Year clothes coz some of them were busy working during the semester break and they didn't manage to get themselves new clothes for the year. I rushed to finish my work early that morning, and then left the house excitedly. =D

Before sending Cheryl off to the bus station, we had lunch together at Old Town near Medan Gopeng. It must have been long since I last dined in at Old Town. I didnt know they have new ice blended series! =D

Old Town Mix It!
White Coffee Cookies/Mint Base

Old Town White Coffee
❤ Mint & Chocolate Chips Base Freeze 

My always and favourite choice - Old Town Nasi Lemak 
Shopping starts at Ipoh Parade right after we finished off our lunch and sent Cheryl off. I was still holding my Old Town Freeze when I walked into the mall. It's pretty filling, seriously.

Little girl playing enjoying herself with the balloons in the playground.
After the loo, we started our clothes' hunt! I was the first to find a top that I like! (And could fit in. =P) But I didn't get it. Chia suggested that I KIV first as we've just entered that one store - I might find another blouse that I like and I can come back whenever I want. Suggestion accepted and somehow I became very VERY motivated to try out more clothes. Before this, I always thought that it's a waste of time to try out clothes that I know (or think) won't fit on me. Something changed my mind and I now think that I should just try out ANY type of clothing - I might find something unexpected! Be it a style that I used to dislike but looks good on me, or something that I loved so much but now it doesn't suits me anymore. At least I know what am I looking for now. =)

After nearly seven hours of walking and trying out clothes (I think I tried more than 15), we felt all worn out. Chia exclaimed that she couldn't feel her legs much coz the pain was killing her. We sat down at Shihlin and had a snack. We could still feel the Old Town Freeze in our bellies so we didn't actually have dinner that night.

Shihlin's XXL Crispy Chicken
At the end of the day, I did find some tops that I like but I didn't get all of them. Some are too costly and my budget limits me to buy only one or two that trip. I still managed to get a blood red blouse for myself. Mum will be glad coz it will nice for Chinese New Year. =P

Oh while we were looking at the girls' accessories at the top floor, I found these darlings!
The eyes look good in the photo with mustache guy, but it's sort of scary in a way.
I'll come back for the mustache ringggggg. 
A new habit I adopted after this shopping, camwhoring in fitting rooms. =D 
But I didn't take many photos of the clothes I love for a silly reason - I forgot. *headdesk*

This hand-knitted piece freaked me out with its price tag though I love it so much - RM86
P/S: Wendy loves herself super duper much in this photo hahaha!
Okay la I admit I love it too. XD

Those act cute faces - I can't believe I did it with Chia hahaha!

Learning how to capture photos with the big mirrors.
I omitted many trials. XD 

See the sweet roommates 

Finally a proper group take before we leave the mall.
We annoyed the workers of the store, a lot. =P
For the first time ever, I had girl shopping for nearly seven hours, bought clothes with friends, squeezed into a fitting room with others, and camwhored like no one else's business in the fitting rooms! I even laughed till I have tears in my eyes when Wendy and I first camwhored together.

I think I smiled to sleep that night. 

05 January, 2013

Of Presents and Celebration

Bloggy has been lack of updates ever since last year - It's 2013 already! I never really wrote about year-end  reflections and new year resolutions.

For year-end thoughts, I hardly remember what happened throughout the entire year, and I'm also not motivated enough to dig out all the old photos (and to label every single event). Reason number two, year-ends for me at home is busy family time. We tend to spend more time together as my brothers and I are going to be back in school/institute after new year. 

New year resolutions. I ALWAYS have a lot of them in my mind, in fact too many sometimes. XD Always, I think about what I want to do, and what I plan to achieve in the following year - As you can guess, I never achieved something exactly according to those plans. It takes so much persistence and determination, which I'm still trying to develop in myself. 

However I do have something in mind this year. I dare myself to make it public coz I'm making an effort. This year, I aim to learn to look at things from different perspectives and develop appropriate anger control. I'm really learning. *tries to put on serious face*


A little update on what I wanted to blog about (and didn't) before tonight.

Christmas Presents for housemates!
I made some erm.. Chains? I don't know what we call it. Can be used in class coz we have matric cards that we are supposed to hang with chains over our necks. Made it with shiny beads with wooden beads. We now have one of a colour each. =D I made a yellow one for Soo Yin too. ^^

And, my 2012 review on Facebook.

It was one of the wonderful moments on my New Year's Eve, watching these photos I'm tagged in in 2012. It's a pity that I can't download and keep it as a video. From what you see above, those are photos I'm tagged in on Facebook in 2012, but there's this effect where they fade in and out every few seconds, and I can't show it here. It's kinda touching actually. I see photos of myself with my family, SOBA and with my J16 classmates. I managed to capture two best screenshots that I can and upload it here. - It's easy to get the screenshot, but it's hard to get one with most of your favourite photos in it. XP

Lastly, I hope everyone good luck and health in this brand new year. 2013 will be a great new year! Coz we survived doomsday, remember? =P