28 June, 2010

Semester Three Begins

Today's the first day of Sem 3. Cant believe I'm already here for a year already when I saw juniors moving into the hostel. I feel so old... *of course thanks to my back too*

When is this pain gonna end ??? TT^TT

Really, the campus sure gives us surprises every single semester. This time they give us a really big one. Seniors three years older are asked to move out of the hostel, and we the youngest seniors stay behind, squeezing three a room. A Block was for the girls, now they have to move out, and somehow find a room to get into. One of my classmates ShinLin is staying over at my place for the moment. And why do they wanna clear the girls' block? Bingo, for the guys. Orz. And of course they too need to squeeze like us.

The poor people will have to bear with this till 9th July, according to the Admins. But still, you never know what will happen and the surprises are really giving me the goosebumps. ==

Why is this happening?
Simple -- Tak cukup tempat tidur sebab terlalu banyak orang.

And why terlalu banyak orang?
Senang -- They DIDNT check the number of rooms we have.

My batch has already around 360 people, and the expected number of juniors coming in is 512 !!! Freaking many thankyou! If I've not mistaken, the equation should be something like [ E + F + G + H = J < K ]. How in the world can our trainees fit in? -sigh-

Due to excessive members, we now have other problems. We not only have insufficient classrooms, we have inadequate classrooms and lecturers too. Behold... The fearful night classes. Combined classes are bearable. But night classes.. Where are all my karaoke my movies AND my dates ?! D=

This semester can be a little bit challenging for our KU's and PKU's.. It's hard to adjust the timetables as we have morning classes and night classes. We're now gonna share our classrooms with the juniors, like.. Half a day? Maybe they get to use it for the day and us, the night. Night till TEN PM.

I don't know how this batch of juniors will be like.. Hope they're not pampered ill-mannered little brats. And why is their first day of the orientation week so relaxing? I remember us rushing like crazy when it was us last year. I'm jealous. ==

Byebye to the three weeks' holidays.
Hello to my Semester Three of PPISMP.

One of the best things.. Finally I get to see you again. =)

16 June, 2010

Weird Bird

This bird came flying into the our porch. And INTO THE WOK OF OIL. Fortunately the oil is cool and the oil level isn't that deep. Only half of its body is immersed in the oil. I didn't really notice the noise it's been making until I went out to collect the clothes outside. The raindrop sounds I heard was actually the sound of the splashes the bird made. == Anyway, I couldn't get it out so I gave dad a ring on the phone. He asked me use the thongs to get it out. OH MAI GAWD. Okay fine, so I did try using the thongs. And guess what, it SCREECHED !!!! Waleh that frightened the hell out of me and backed away so fast. Orz.

It's been there for the past three hours I think. And that bird has already splashed out one third of the whole wok of oil. ==

A bird with a particular taste in choosing its body wash. ==

15 June, 2010


I'm gonna say something very very lazy. XD


So yeah, I woke up at 10am today. Happy morning !!! ^^ Had a very filling breakfast of five (or six I'm not sure XD) chaikoay. And now getting online, fb chatting with jojo, msn'ing with yong. I miss this kind of free hours. Wait actually I'm not free. I need to clear out all the mattresses in the room to return to my cousin. And then mop the floor and hang out the clothes as usual.

Obviously I'm lazing around doing things I'm not supposed to do, and not doing things I'm supposed to do. XD

14 June, 2010

Be Happy ;)

Hmmm, feeling a little bit bored.

Went to surf aimlessly for blogger templates. I've been repeating for umpteen times that I wanna change my blogger template but due to severe procrastination I'm still stuck with this old template. I went to register at Netlog and I even went to Weebly. And now I'm beginning to neglect both sides. Bleh.

Maybe I should make myself happier at all times now. Coz I never knew that my unhappiness actually influences the people around me sometimes. I didn't notice that I'm being a little bit emotional and grumpy these days till he told me. He didn't exactly use the words, I did. Nah nothing unhappy happened no worries. =) Guess it's due to my aunt's upcoming visit.

Managed to sort out everything in my external hard drive. All that's left would be the stuff in lappy and also the computer at home. My progress is pretty slow.. The pain from both my left shoulder and also my back is still hurting me as if they never did. Orz. I do hope it'll get well soon..


13 June, 2010


One of dee's favourite quotes - Time flies. XDDDDDD

One week down, two weeks more to go before Sem 3 starts. I had this kiampak, some might refer this as kiasu, plan before the break. I know I wouldn't be able to hang out that frequent as the others. And parents told me that baby will still go to Kiddy House. So I was thinking... Maybe I can do some revision? XDDD

And as usual.. Nah, nothing goes as planned. Baby stayed at home, so I'm back to babysitting. And one more pathetic thing -  I don't have my own room anymore. Parents are using the room. Which means, I don't even have a proper table to write on anymore. I'm merely using lappy on a box in the hall. TT^TT

My back is hurting again. And so is my left shoulder. Yes very weird, ONLY my left shoulder. Seriously I should be lying down and not facing lappy anymore. Sitting like this is making things worse. But still.. When I look back into my first week of the holidays, I've only managed to surf for a little bit. Wasted. One week, wasted.

Was thinking maybe I should at least finish clearing my hard drive's stuff first. And clear all my stuff from the computer at home. =)

It hurts.. 

07 June, 2010

Straining My Eyes

Seriously I haven't been so hardworking ever since the exam week... The moment I finished hanging out the whole basket of clothes and mopping the kitchen, I headed straight to lappy and started surfing for materials. 6 hours of surfing can really kill my brain cells. Loafing online doesn't. No wonder I can FB all day long. Orz. Feel like taking a break suddenly but I might still have to go help in the kitchen a short while later..

Haven't heard from you for more than 15 hours already..

03 June, 2010

This is Stupid

I don't know what are you thinking now.
Maybe you think I don't need your company anymore. 
Or maybe.. You don't need me anymore.

You look for me when you needed help.
You didn't even tell me when the problem is solved.
I was worried for nothing.

It hurts when I see them leave.
This is just so stupid.
What the hell.