27 September, 2009

Habis Raya

And here goes my raya holidays. I literally spent the whole week babysitting, and sitting in front of the computer working on my english assignment. It's been pretty hectic, for me at least. I'm not that sure about the others, though some do give me the feeling that they're enjoying the whole week pretty much. Maybe it's different for my case, as my family's lifestyle is a lil bit different from the others.

I've seen and understood why mum gets so stressed up at home. Bro's getting pretty rebellious these days. Maybe he thinks that he has his own way of living now, and hence everything we say are nags. My baby's being very stubborn, and he cries a lot these days. Both of them quarrel every single day. Parents' sales arent that good, making life a little bit worrying. I should have got used to this so long ago, don't I?

Beng beng asked me, whether I'm stressed or not in Ipoh? Yes there is stress, from both assignments and friendships. (I'm still free from relationships so there. :P) But like I've said, no matter how hard life is here, I'm gonna move on. This is my choice and I will never turn back. I will make sure I wont regret after these five and a half years.

Think on the bright side, after all these stress, I have joyful classmates, kind seniors, a nice peaceful environment to study in, and I lose weight easily there. XDDD

I'm sure I'll be fine. =)

25 September, 2009










It seems like I have this every-morning song eh? XD I'm just posting this here so it's easier for me to find it the next time. =) *lazy to regoogle it*

24 September, 2009

Bleh. :P

When yukee came into the room with my breakfast, I dont know why I felt teary. It's been so long since he last prepared breakfast for me and I have to say, he sure is good in preparing western breakfast. =) As cliched as it can be, I'm proud of him and I love him. He's improved so much with his saxophone and I'm so proud that I can actually brag about him in front of my classmates. He can be a very nice person sometimes, although I do dislike some of his ways of doing things. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have him in my life. But never expect me to tell him this.

Never. XP

Rise and Shine! =)

温暖太阳为你迎接 ~~~~

Hahahaha. I'm in a pretty happy mood today. =) I dont know. Mum woke me up at 7.40am, wanted me accompany my baby I guess. Anyway waking up late doesnt me feel grumpy at all today. I switched on the computer, bro woke up. Wanted to check on his mails, meanwhile I played a few songs for him. Made him listen to them! Muahahaha. XD

Maybe, the cute tone of this song cheered up my little morning. I dont know, but I somehow like this song. I just find it cute. Yeah I can only think of the adjective cute for this song. XD I've been humming it for the past one hour. XDDD

Happy working DeeDee !!! =3

笑着和你说再见 ~~~ <3

To be Continued...

I spent half of my day analysing the bequests, and I've not finished it yet. Sleeping early tonight, and waking up early again tomorrow.

GO DEEDEE !!!!!!

23 September, 2009

Chosen - Bequests of Love

WHEE. I woke up at 7am today to start work on 'Bequests of Love'. Actually I was supposed to wake up at 6am, but ended up later by an hour coz... Yeah you know why. XD Apparently my baby has his chinese spelling today, so took me an hour to give him a last minute prep before sending him off to kindy. So started late again. And then I went to FB and checked mails and bla bla bla. Delayed again. No wonder parents wanna ban me from the internet sometimes. XD

About my previous emotional... Bleh. I thinked too much again and my head got all crammed up and all I could do was pouring stuff here again. Poor bloggy. I felt better that night alrdy. Calmed down eventually. No worries. =)

Back to today's work. We're asked to choose a short story from the three, 'The Inheritance', 'Journey' and 'Bequests of Love'. I read through 'Journey', didnt really like the plot and didnt get half of it. Scanned through 'The Inheritance', had to squeeze my brain to get things into it, so it was also a no no. The last one, I chose it without hesitation. I love the story and I think I'm gonna enjoy doing this. =)

After making our choices, we need to identify and describe the key features of the selected story, like the character and characteristics, plot, theme, point of view and style. Not forgetting to write a 150-word synopsis for the ending.

I've begun the research, and did a few drafts in Ms Word. Somehow... The files cant be opened. They do sometimes, but they dont too. I'm soooo not gonna redo everything, so I'm gonna wait till I open it and copy paste everything out. I dont have any hardcopy as I always type out whatever that went through my head. I think it's faster that way. Without the erasers and liquid paper. So yeah...

Now deedee, start work! =D

21 September, 2009


I'm trying to find excuses for myself being so.... Emotional.

Excuse 1: I'm sick.
Excuse 2: I feel hot. (As in not cold, thank you.)
Excuse 3: My baby's getting on my nerves.
Excuse 4: I'm in dilemma, which assignment should I start on first.
Excuse 5: My house is in a great big mess, giving me the headache.
Excuse 6: I have so many things on the to-do list.

Conclusion: I'm being indenial that I'm emotional.

I'm thinking of so many things again.


Sometimes I do really wonder coming back home is a good thing or not... Really. Yes I miss home, I have homesick. But sometimes I just cant take things like this and it really makes me feel like being an ostrich in ipoh for the rest of my life and not here to see all this havoc and nonsense. I just cant stand seeing all these shouting and nagging and crying and down faces. As if I'm back to see all these. I know everyone's stressed, and my rascal's been a real rascal. Yes he's turn ubber stubborn and now he doesnt even wanna listen to me anymore. Two months of not being at home sure changes a lot. He doesnt wanna heed whatever I say anymore and to be frank, it kills my self-confidence in being a primary school teacher in the future. If I cant even handle my little bro, who's only six, how will I be a teacher handling a class of 40? I've no idea seriously. He's too stubborn and he now cries whenever he wants something and really it pisses me off when he makes me cry. Yes I tell you, I cry over pekchek business about him. Damnit.

I now really doubt I can be a teacher in the future... Damn.

18 September, 2009


WALEH !!!!!!! MY BROCHURE !!!!!

Panic Panic Panic

I'm panicking. I couldnt get on the internet for the past few hours. And I couldnt continue with my both my MT2 and brochure. I really panicked, and now I'm still panic. I need to hand in both by 7.30am tomorrow, or today technically. I'm panicky now. VERY panicky. Help me... TT^TT

17 September, 2009


ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG !!!! I've finally finished math 1's assignment !!! Now to carry on with math 2's, and then the brochure. It was rumoured that friday's a public holiday. Holidays are good. =D But not for this time. T^T

The problem is... IF friday is a public holiday, and IF the lecturers want us to hand in MT2 and the brochure on thursday instead of friday, I'll be dead meat. I'm so very sure I wont be able to hand it in on time. Just calculate the total time I get to use a lappy, it's pretty obvious that I'm struggling here. IF things do go that way, I guess I'll have to explain to the lecturers. Hope they'd understand. *sobs*

Wailing cant do any help. Now off I go to MT2...

16 September, 2009

Crying over Fingerprints

Yeah I'm crying. No wait I'm not crying. My eyes are just sore.

I have three more assignments to go. Two math ones, and another one which requires us to design brochures. And guess what, it's part of English. *shrug* We are to choose from Maliau or Belum. I'll only touch that after my math. *shivers*

I was working on one of the math assignments, when I started to wonder how's wei doing now. Waifu I still sneak peak ur DA. XD It's just that I dont have the time to leave a comment to ask how're you doing. T^T See wei yun, I miss you... I just saw the fingerprints. Time does fly, and I'm beginning to not like this phrase, even though I'm still using it. It flies too fast. Too fast, that I lost grasp of so many things. Especially when I'm so stuck up with these tiring assignments here. I'm starting to complain again I know.

Ohya, today's my first time of presenting something in class today. It was just a short single slide. Puan Kana just asked us to elaborate on it. And you know what, I freaked out. STAGE FRIGHT. DAMNIT. I forgot what I wanted to say. And I'm so blardy sure that I babbled too fast and nervously until no one would get what I mean. Waleh I shivered like hell ya know...

Back to fingerprints. I know I'm being super repetitive here. But please lemme continue? =3 I miss SOBA. I miss ning. I miss wei. I miss jojo. I miss liyun. I miss luoyi. I miss joee. I miss susan. I MISS SOBA. After missing you guys, I'm missing others again. Like a chain huh...


13 September, 2009


THE time of the month..... Yeah.

This is actually my first weekend here, in Ipoh I mean. Okay not EXACTLY the first time, but yeah, first time not going home and staying back here, without being asked by the campus. Stayed back for drama, and also the tonnes of assignments. There was supposed to be a basketball referee camp, but it's postponed. But going back's not gonna help me much with my assignments anyway. Since I'll be babysitting my baby and clearing up stuff. It wasnt sarcasm I assure you. It's just that... Orz.

Maybe it's my aunt's problem, so I'm thinking pretty much these few days. Assignments are never excluded from the stress list, and I'm beginning to feel the fear again. I'm beginning to worry over things, which add up to it, and these are stuff I cant mention here and now due to certain reasons. I do hope it's just me...

I'm worried about home. Wonder how's my parents doing now. Yes we talk on the phone for a couple of minutes almost every single night. But there's always a possibility that they're not telling me something, just to not make me worry. Anyway, I'm still worried. Like I've mentioned, I do hope it's just me myself that's making up all these disturbing thoughts.

Another week to the raya holidays. Two days to wei's departure. She's leaving so soon. I can still remember the countdown exactly three months ago. And now she's going off. First ning, now her. Next would be liyun I guess. Luoyi's gonna be here for the moment, Jojo too. I dont know what I'm saying. But hey dearies, I do miss you guys a great deal.

Having nice classmates always help, but once in a while you'll still feel troubled over some eeny weeny things, which maybe doesnt even mean a little thing at all. Ish my french-ness is back. I need places to distress, but there's nowhere I can go and there's nothing I can do for the moment.

That's why what I'm gonna do now is, bury myself in assignments. And if I'm not talking to anyone, online or offline, or I'm not myself for the entire week, said anything wrong and offended anyone anywhere, I'm gonna be so...... Sorry.

03 September, 2009

Curi Tulang

Yay for me, I'm here when I'm not supposed to be here again. But if I dont, I dont think I'd be able to make it here regularly. *sigh*

I would like to express my highest gratitude to sooyin my super kind roommate for lending me her lappy when I need to do my assignments. Like I've said, no one can survive without using one here. Every assignment need it. OTL. And yeah, I'm still using hers now. *gamdong*M

It's so easy to guess, I must be overloaded with assignments again. Wait not again, it never stopped. TT^TT I'm still tired. I know I lost weight, but somehow my tummy is still... The same size. My hair is longer now, although not that long. But at least I can tie up a little hair stump. XDDD *waits for it to grow faster*

Things to do now:
1. Finish moral assignment's reflection.
2. Complete chinese assignment.
3. Start making my short movie clip.
4. Research for english short story slideshow presentation.
5. Continue both math assignments.
6. Work on KBL assignment.
7. Reply on google forum, IT homework.

I'm still a little bit hungry. Today's lunch is so 'healthy'. I had only mushroom soup and a packet of mamee. Had a few cubes of munchies. XD Class finished earlier today. And I was lazy and didnt feel like eating the canteen's food again, so I chose 'room' food. XD

I feel so lazy now. I have basketball practice at 5pm, I have to get ready to leave the room at 4.30pm. The whole campus is at least twice or thrice of penghwa, so walking is like daily exercise here. =) Puasa month, so today's practice will end at 6pm instead of the usual 7pm. After this will be drama practice. It's meant for mooncake festival's celebration night. I'm doing this with my classmates, so you can imagine how much I'm enjoying it even if I'm dead tired. =3

I've only an hour left before I leave for gerko. *sigh*