31 December, 2009

Bone Stealing

Lalalalalalala~ Just as expected, my hands got itchy and I’m now back to my lappy. XD Oh did I mention I’ve decided to call it Lappie? Or Lappy. I haven’t decided on which spelling yet though. I know it’s kinda…. Lame. Hee. But cant blame me, Dee Dee has terrible naming sense, unlike her wife.
I’ve hung out all the clothes in the washing machine, cleared away the dirty dishes, ate lunch, mopped the floor… Now, my room. CLEANING. D:

Oh about the lunch tomorrow, I might be able to make it after all! And the baby can stay at home. The only condition is, I must get ready my stuff by today. Of course I can leave minors for tomorrow but procrastination is NOT GOOD. *crosses fingers* So I’m gonna try my best getting things into their places by today.

Ahhhhhh, back to cleaning lah yorrrrr. (>_>)

First Spree and Dilemma

I’m not online yet.
I know this sounds wrong but as a matter of fact, I AM not online yet. I’m only typing out this in Word and I plan to put this up on my bloggy when I get back online. And guess how did I type in Word now? YESH, I’VE GOT MAH LAPPY. =D

Okay that’s just lame. XP

Anyway, TADAAAA. I’ve finally got my laptop and due to personal reasons, I cant tell why did I get it earlier by a week. In short, I got cash earlier and so I get my lappy earlier. Although it isn’t what we (we as in my parents and I) planned to get earlier, I’m quite okay with it. Got the latest model for HP Compaq, and it’s pretty cheap! RM 1945, excluding an addition of RM240 which gives me additional 5 years of warranty. Windows 7, Intel Pentium inside… I’m not quite sure about the details. You know, the technologically challenged sotong. (>_<)
I’m in a dilemma now. I wanna meet up with weiyun, liyun and the others but it turns out that this Friday is NEW YEAR’S DAY. So my baby’s gonna be at home. And what does that mean? YESH, I’M GONNA BABYSIT HIM. I know mum doesn’t like me going out when the baby’s at home. Talked about it with dad and he suggested that I bring him along. And now I’m worried that I’m not capable of that, and secondly, mum doesn’t allow. OTL.
The baby’s not the only reason. I’ll be leaving for Ipoh on Saturday, and my room’s not totally clean yet. (I’ve just moved remember?) I can settle the cleaning tomorrow, and packing too. I even have my Friday (half of it if I’m going out that is) too, for packing. Last minute packing is bad, according to mum’s no-last-minute-preps-please rule. So yeah, will try my best tomorrow. AZAZA FIGHTING DEE! =D

Went out with sooyin and chienling today. I haven’t met chienling for years I think. She left penghwa to China when we were in Form 3 – her dad works there. She’s still that happy-go-lucky girl from what I see today and all the happy chats today remind me of those cheery chatty UPDK duty hours too. Hahahaha. I didn’t know the friend sooyin brought along was her till I heard sooyin calling her on the phone.

We planned to get to the movies in the first place. Wanted to watch ‘The Princess and the Frog’ and ‘Avatar’. But but but but, when we saw the queue, sooyin’s mood died down. Hahaha, she doesn’t like to queue. Queuing up for me is nothing as I blank out into space too easily. XDDD But really, cant blame her for that you know. THE QUEUE STRETCHED RIGHT TO THE PURIKURAS MY GOODNESS. D:

Instead we went into shops and raided for clothes. I was searching high and low for my formal wears and a pair of something, slippers or sandals, to wear when I go out casually. As expected, I found nothing for my feet. As for clothes, actually I spotted a baby blue top, 3-quarter sleeves, and according to my comrades (XD), they said I look pretty good in it. But in the end I let go of it, coz I didn’t feel like I like it that much or something.

Results for the day, I finally had a taste of Dave Deli’s (OMG I don’t remember the name. =.=) !!! And I bought two pairs of earings which I mah-mah-dei-ly like it. I don’t know lah. I just felt like having it. Never would I spend like that so I cant explain why did I buy them. And of course, I got myself novels again. What do you expect from wanting me to walk in and out of bookstores? =D

Okay I’m feeling a little bit of tired now. Maybe I should get to the bed now. And read for a couple of minutes before I enter slumberland.

A random fact of DeeDee, I read before I sleep. =)

24 December, 2009

On Hiatus.. Again.

Had to come back to Sungai Ara's cyber cafe. Orz.

Moved to our new place but unfortunately, there goes my online hours. We havent transfered the phone line yet so yeah, no internet. OTL. Called up the telekom people and they said things will be done within 10 days. Which means, after I leave penang, back in ipoh. MY GOODNESS. Hopefully my lappy will really come in January, but even if it comes earlier, nothing much of a difference as I still cant get online at home. Mostly transferring stuff  only. Wait, still better than nothing right? *headdesk*

So yeah... Blog will be on hiatus till I get my online hours back. Till then..

14 December, 2009

Photographing My Storyboard

Just remembered... Tonight, is the last night I'll be sleeping in this house.. I dont feel like leaving this place at all in the beginning. It's working that distracted my attention, so I ended up feeling kinda okay about moving.. This house contains tonnes and tonnes of memories. Memories with my grandma. It felt like only a moment ago, I was still talking to her, listening to her stories, discussing movies with her... Now I'm leaving everything behind in this house...?

No, I dont think so. I'm just leaving behind the things I can see in the house. Like this corner reminds me of what happened there. Then when I walked to another room, I remember what she used to do there. Stuff like this.. I know my memories of her will fade a little bit sooner or later. I cant say I have poor memories, coz I remember lots of random insignificant stuff, but I cant say that I have a good memory either. Anyway, I tend to forget things I treasure sometimes. That is one of the reasons why I love to take photos with my beloved ones. I may take stupid silly ugly photos, and some of my friends might hate me doing that, especially when I take photos of them which they think is ugly. They just dont understand how much it meas to me.. They have no idea, that I can actually remember almost everything that happened at that exact moment when a certain photo was taken. The photos are like storyboards. Storyboards between you and me. I remember my precious memories this way too.. But I know.. Not everyone likes it whenever I bring out my camera. You guys might just see me as an over-noisy girl who likes to do random and silly stuff... I'm beginning to he hesitant in requesting to take photos with them alrdy.. I'll get rejected most of the times anyway.. Glad that SOBA people loves to camwhore together.. I miss our meetings...

I miss my grandma. It's just so sad that I couldnt take enough photos with her. I didnt have my camera yet then...

Sometimes.. I just cant help thinking, that one day, all my friends will not reject me when I request for photos. I just want to remember all the moments we shared.. That's all...


Day Three was even easier than the two days before. =) Today got the chance to talk to Vegetta more too. His brother is interested in applying to get into the teaching college too. Shared with him about the things I knew. He almost shouted when he heard that teachers in Sarawak and Sabah are highly paid. Hahahahaha. And confirmed, he went to Cadenza once. Nothing significant about this anyway. XP

TODAY.......... IS........ MY FIRST DAY........ AS..... SANTA !!!!!

My first day as Santa was AWESOME. I cant believe it !!! I had so much fun dancing and walking around and shaking hands with those little children at Gurney's groundfloor. I WAS SO HAPPY. IT WAS SO FUN. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love it !!! And it wasnt even as hot as I expected! I YEARN FOR MORE.

I'm so excited and I cant wait for my next turn. =D

13 December, 2009

Day Two

The schedule's exactly the same every single day. Only that we have an additional round at 6pm for weekends. Normally we have only 2 rounds for weekdays. Hence there's nothing much to elaborate about..

Today I had the chance to chat with them again. I finally knew the emcee's name is Edwin. Hahahaha. And guess what, he's TWENTY-EIGHT. WALEHHHHH. And we think that he's most prolly in his early twenties nia. My goodness. Another thing, he's rich. Real rich. We know he can really spend now. *shakes head*

I got to talk to Helen for a little while too. Although it was only a short 10min talk, I pretty much enjoyed it. =)

After work, went for 伯伯's birthday dinner at a restaurant. Time flies eh, his another birthday again.. I had a taste of red wine again tonight, and.... I still dont like it. XP 伯母 and 伯伯 got a llittle bit 'high', hahahahaha. And they SANG. =D No karaoke, just normal singing at the table. She sings whenever sh'e's happy. =) You know what, when I saw the both of them singing, I kinda envy them. I dont know how to describe how I felt, but that scene is still in my head for sure. It's just that, it's so nice to still be with someone you love even after so many years.. And the best part is, they're so sweet. Hahahahaha.

Baby woke up and vomitted. Mum and dad woke up, saw me online. Tomorrow will definitely be another day filled with nags... *sigh*

12 December, 2009

My Official First Day at Work


Hahahaha, got to Gurney at 11.30am and had lunch at McD. After that went straight to the backstage to help out. Helen (my Buu), Bryan (Goku) and Piccolo were already there. They're real friendly people. It's just me that is still shy to talk. I wanted to joke around with these people as I know they're really nice..

Putting on Buu's costume isnt that hard anymore. That's what they call practice makes perfect I guess. Hahaha. It took us only 10min! (^-^)b Helen was pretty nervous during the first round. She said she made mistakes but it doesnt really matter as no one will really notice that. Everyone else was jumpy too. When the first round ended, they came in demanding for their costumes to be taken off immediately. Hahaha. (I'm so mean to laugh here. >.<) Nevertheless, second round turned to be a lot more better. Not that tense any more. =)

Today's the first time I've chatted a little bit with a few of them. Lfeel a little bit closer to them. I mean, like closer to be friends? *out of words* Vegetta was actually from Heng Ee eh! And he's only two years older than us. Whatsmore, yukee just told me that he went to Cadenza quite a while ago. Jeryl knows him too, saw him in a trailer or something. Helen's a nice girl with a good sense of humour. She's cute too. I like to see her bounce around in her Buu outfit! Hahahaha, reminds me of how did I enjoy myself being the 包租婆 and pregnant lady. We both enjoyed taking characters that are totally different from the usual us. =) Bryan seems to be Helen's bf. =D Dont really know him.. Oh there's this cute guy as Piccolo and he likes to immitate girls' voices randomly. Hahahaha. He even took a set of the colouring stuff today and coloured happily like a kid you know? I even thought he looked like a lizard in a way. :P I like him, he's funny and cute! Hahahaha.

I FOUND MY ROOM A NEW CARPET TODAY. =D I'm still surprised that I actually chose something different than what I normally like. XP After placing the carpet nicely, I've finally arranged my study table and boxes in. My closet and bed will be there tomorrow.

Overall today was enjoyable. I'm waiting for tomorrow.. =)

11 December, 2009

Final Rehearsals

Just reached home approximately two hours ago. I feel like vomitting now.. (@_@)

Didnt get to tackle my favourite ice lemon tea today at Old Town's. TT^TT Coz I went to try out my costume at DPiazza Mall and ended up following Jo's car to New World Park. Josephine is Jeryl's dad work partner I think. I only had late breakfast of nasi lemak at home, around 10am and that was all till I got home at 4pm. And I only had bread and cheese and vanilla ice cream (XD) before I took my one-hour nap. >_<

Gurney's rehearsal was overall okay.. I was pretty nervous half of the time. This is my first time working as a part-time coordinator and it's not easy at all. I was in charge of dressing up Boo (a villain in Dragonball Z) with my partner. Jeryl, Jonathan and Syameer are in charge of Piccolo, Vengetta and Goku respectively. I'm glad Boo's a girl. Wait, to be exact, I meant, the person inside the Boo costume is a girl. XD

Pretty eventful, the rehearsal I mean. There were quite a number of soundcheck problems. Coordinators made a few mistakes too. >_< Like loose costumes and wrong timing and stuff. I dont think I should call that lecture, but I was kinda frightened actually. Especially when things happened and I was thought to be the one who did it. I was so nervous and I'm really afraid that I'd screw things up you know... *literally shivering*


10 December, 2009

Rehearsal Day 1

Reached New World Park around 11 something and headed for OLd Town instead of Starbucks. I'm trying to save up my $$$. XD But Old Town's not that much of a difference anyway, only a few bucks cheaper. XP

I was reading "If You Could See Me Now', one of wei's books =), and got myself an ice blended white milk tea. Pretty diluted, a little bit of disappointed. *sigh*

Costumes' arrival were delayed or something. We thought it was due to custom's problems but apparently it wasnt. I heard them  mentioning something about warehouses. Not sure. Anway since there werent much we could do, there'll be another rehearsal session at the same time, same place. Mum suggested me to have lunch at Old Town again. I missed the food there, but I dont feel like spending too much.. Dilemma. I'll try to get some food at home first and perhaps get a lemon tea there. =3

Tomorrow might be a pretty busy day as after rehearsal at 1pm, there'll be another final rehearsal at 10pm. This time at gurney. It'll be pretty late since Gurney's almost closed by that time.

I guess I'll finally start tomorrow? Wish me good luck. =)

09 December, 2009




07 December, 2009

Falling Sick

My farm's growing pretty fast, and so is the time I spent on harvesting and planting all those crops and trees. Orz. I do think it's a waste of time sometimes.

Went to sooyin's place today for dinner. Her brother's getitng married. =) When I saw her today, I suddenly realied, that I really missed her a lot... Havent seen her for weeks alrdy. I promised to go 'wet' with her for a day during the holidays, to help cure her 'constipation'. Hahahahaha! Wonder when'll it be? Definitely after we've moved I'm pretty sure.

Ohya, I might not be taking that part-time job after all. Yukee's poxes are fading pretty quick hence we assume he'll recover in time for that job, and also of course, for the pay. XD He wants that job badly to save up for his Hong Kong trip with PESSBAND next year.

I think I'm falling sick again. Dont feel quite well. Been sneezing here and there. Now this runny nose. Driving me crazy. Ugh. I've thought of the dust, coz I'm allergic to dust. And also because I'm not used to air-conditioned rooms anymore.. Or maybe it's because I dont have enough rest..


05 December, 2009




FB and Lappy

Yukee finds it hilarious to see me busy checking and filtering my mails, and also replying stuff on FB at the same time. He bet I was chatting with a guy when he saw me abusing my keyboard. So darn not true. =.= Anyway I was really racing with the speed my friends replied on FB. I kept receiving notifications from FB and the minute I finished loading a page, two mails came in. I almost SCREAMED. IE went hang for at least four times and I've already restarted the computer twice. XP Surprisingly ah chia and sheng chao replied real fast today. I chatted more with ah chia though, hahaha. So many posts on his wall today, he must have forgotten to take his medication I was thinking. :P Anyway, it makes me laugh when I thought of both chia and I talking on blogger, FB comments and messages at the same time. Things wouldnt be that hectic if I could get on MSN. *sigh* Funny though. But but but but, I'm worried whether she'll find it annoying or not.. Not everyone can stand ppl blah'ing so much on FB. I'm not using the word spamming coz I dont think I was.

Went to PC fair with dad today. Research for my future lappy !!! =D My gurranto said she can help me out by helping me get one using her credit card. Interest-free installments. But I'd have to wait till after school reopens in January. I dont mind waiting, so nothing much to worry about. I"m grateful enough. =) So we walked and walked and walked. Cant believe I met wen chien, evon, milline and also gerad! I felt so paiseh when it was ah sir who called me instead, I couldnt recognise him. >.<

Dad and I were spotting for a new HP with 500GB hard drive !!! =D Dell was another option too, bur I have a feeling that I'll be getting this one in January. Windows 7 looks kinda nice. =) That means I'll have to spend hours (or even days) to figure out everything. I'm a technologically challenged sotong remember? TT^TT

Wonder if I can really get my lappy.. I'm alrdy thinking of what should I name it.. Hee.

04 December, 2009


I'm crazy, hahaha. Been facebooking for the past two hours and I should really get off to get the chores done right now. XP

I'm glad I get to talk to Kits. =)

Aud's Revenge

My wall....is literally spammed. Aud's revenge. *faints*


I think I'm insane. Been on spamming mode for the past few hours that I feel like long biak'ing now. OTL. I'm gonna get pekchek soon. This screen is driving me crazy. FB'ing cant last that long ya know.


03 December, 2009

Crazy Enough..?

You know.. I've never thought that I'd stay online without signing into MSN. *counts* It's been at least TWO WEEKS. XD Of course I do sign in sometimes, but compared to the time before my pc screen got so blur, I'm spending so few hours on msn now. XP

I went to play that dev meme again last night, and this time I filled in my classmates names. Hahaha. But it wasnt exactly as fun as the ones I did with SOBA. Coz I'm not sure if my classmates can take the jokes I make sometimes. Before I went to Ipoh, life's been so crazy and hyper for me that I've never realise how crazy was I. I'm pretty talkative in Ipoh but compared to high school, sheesh I'm pretty quiet dy leh. Come to think of it, I get high so easily and with SOBA we do so many crazy funny fun stuff. =) Yeah I'm having fun as well with my classmates, but I hold back a little bit. Somehow I'm still afraid that they cant accept that kind of me or something. I dont remember who was it, but I cant seem to forget a voice telling me, YOU'RE A FUTURE TEACHER. MUST STOP FOOLING AROUND ALRDY. I held back even more eversince then...

Lemme see... For the moment, the craziest things I've ever done in Ipoh were to suddenly pull down a friend's trousers with my roommate, (she's from penang too so she doesnt really count as a new friend from Ipoh, plus she's also one super crazy person), singing like a crazy woman at a karaoke with ah chia, playing the 包租婆 in our class drama... Errrr, sheesh I cant think of anything more now. *sigh*

Aiyo I dont know lah.. Sometimes I do feel like letting myself be so crazy, but you know la.. I dont think I have the guts to do that.. Might frighten off ppl, yes/no?

02 December, 2009

Junk Treasures

It must be because of my aunt's visit that makes me act this way again. XP I dont know but I feel...lost? Or sien maybe..

This holiday isnt much of a holiday for me I guess. Having the whole house messy as we've been busy clearing away unwwanted stuff.. Never did I think that I would find myself a part-time job this break. Coz I dont feel like it. I know it'll help out my parents a bit but I just dont feel like it. But that doesnt mean that I'm reluctant to it. So yeah I'm gonna try my best if I get it. =)

I was clearing my study table when I found so many little things. Little things, that bring back those precious memories.. I found keychains I used to collect with my mum when I was still in my primary years.. I found the birthday cards my primary schoolmates gave me... I found the pens and drawings I kept away a long time ago. Then, I sorted out my secondary life's stuff. I found ning's doodles. And luoyi do you know I still have a piece of your nilam and your math paper with me? XD The bicycle bookmark, the hand-drawn birthday wishes, the olympic stickers, the photos.. And finally, the memorial book. I was reading through every single page, when I noticed that it's alrdy been a year since we graduated...

There are so many things I have to discard. Yet after those throws, I still have so many stuff (mum calls them junk) which I insist to keep. =3 I just cant help keeping it. I'm one person with terrible memories. Who knows one day I'll bang my head somewhere and I'll lose all my memories about everything. XD I'm going to keep it. Both the so-called junk, and the precious pieces of memories...

I dont think I'll be able to study for this holiday. I'll be pretty busy. I dont even have my math books with me. What can I do? :P


Missing the Chats

Havent signed into blogger for days due to the uber blur screen which makes my eyes go haywire..

Suddenly I see so many updates at my friends' blogs. I feel kinda kiampak now.. Although I've finally got home and online, I didnt have a nice good long chat with some friends.. Kits has even transfered to a new blog. And I had to literally plucked up the courage to ask for her new add, like what she mentioned. I miss talking to her so much... I havent seen audrey's blog for like, weeks. I cant stay on msn that much anymore coz I cant see what are my friends saying unless I copy and paste every single word into ms word. I feel sad at the thought of it. I wanted to talk to them so badly. I got the chance to talk to fish a while ago, although I had to copy and paste like mad. And I hate it when I had to say goodbye so soon.. Stupid screen.

I've stopped working at the stall as they've got a new worker. So now I'm a free labour at home. XDDDD Busy packing up stuff too.. Oh on the other hand, I MIGHT have a part-time job from the 10th to 20th of dec. It's something like a dragonball convention I think. Yukee has finally gotten his chicken pox, so if his poxes dont go away in time, I'll be taking his place. XD I'm half looking forward to it, and half nervous about it. I'm one blur person and most of the time I make things worse. I'm not confident about getting this job although dad has been telling me repeatedly to enjoy it.. *sigh*

Going off to hang the clothes now..