26 November, 2009

Sigh Night

You have no idea how happy was I too see that almost every egg I fried this morning looked so fake! Hahahaha. Okay, not funny. Guess what, dad bumped into me when I was using the knife at the stall today. My goodness, luckily the cut wasnt deep, and Luckily I wasnt using a cleaver or anything similar. Phew..

Second accident, I fell right on my back in the bathroom thie evening. Seriuosly after that great BANG, I went blank for quite a few seconds before I realised that I almost twisted my foot and sprained my back. I've hurt my back before when I was learning how to ride the bike. The pain comes back once in a while. The second blow was when my classmate aimed a basketball at my back. It wasnt hard, but it hit right at the spot. Since then it got a little bit worse.. Now this fall... I dunno.

After facing everything that's going on at home, obviously the best way for me to let out is for me to get online. It's been quite a while since I last got this active on FB. I couldnt MSN neither can I skype. The computer screen's getting blurrer and blurrer and now I cant read my friends' pm's and skype messages. OTL. FB arent that effective as the line goes on and off. I can leave messages and comments as I magnified the whole window. Why cant I just magnify MSN and skype eh? Orz.

Surprisingly quite a number of friends left comments at the post where I mentioned my fall. Thanks really. =) Tonight, I sent a mass message to my classmates on FB. Only two replied though. Wonder how the others are doing now.. I think I'm so used to seeing them every day back then, so now I'm missing them.

I can finally meet up with liyun and jojo this friday evening. Mum says I can sleepover at liyun's place. Hope nothing comes in the way this time..

It seems like its been ages since I last met ning and wei. Skype wasnt enough to be honest. In ipoh I couldnt get online so I couldnt say anything much. But now.. I CAN get online, yet I'm not satisfied. Especially with this bloody blurry screen. Damnit.

Dad just got home.. I know he comes home late on wednesday nights, but this is the very first time I see him coming home this late, with the kind of expression on his face, which makes me want to cry... How long will this last... I dunno.

25 November, 2009


薛凯琪&方大同 - 复刻回忆

你还好吗 好久不见
又来这里 这个老店
后来的你 喜欢了谁
我们 聊聊天
现在的你 一样美丽
至於爱情 是个回忆
她不爱我 他离开你
爱会来 就会去

这样的我 那样的你


窗外的树 爱哭的风
烦恼的我 聪明的你
爱是什麽 什麽人懂
所以 别难过
心还痛吗 请忘了吧
所谓幸福 是个童话
后来的我 一切随意
所以 没关系

这样的我 那样的你


那年的梦 他乡的你

I like the way their voices combine. =)

24 November, 2009

Fake Eggs? XD

Just got home from work. One question, is it normal for our eyes to feel itchy after getting smoked by oil fumes? *sorry bout the grammar mistakes* XP

Head's a little bit heavy... Not quite sure whether it's drowsy or not. Dont feel well, need lots of plain water I think. Eggs frying was pretty good today. ;) They look so nice that they look so fake, like those toy eggs you see at the supermarkets' kids' department. XD

So random.

At Least..

Finally the messages are getting through. I talked to Jojo for a while.. I still prefer to meet up with her and talk. Trying to identify all these damn blurry alphabets on this blurry screen is gonna make me go blind soon enough man.

I receive many surprises tonight. Okay maybe not that many, but it's definitely more than one, and normally two surprises in a row are enough of suprises. Oh great me and my blah again. XP

A classmate surprised me. I felt kinda...touched actually. Hee. She actually asked what happened to me when she saw my pm. You might think that I'm exaggerating but really, I felt a little warm and teary when I saw her msg. She's not that super duper close to me, although we are good friends. So her concern surprised me. My msn's always quiet so yeah... Thanks. =3

.....Finally I'm yawning. I'm heading off to bed early tonight. Will have to get up earlier for work tomorrow.. Night.

23 November, 2009

I wanna Skype

Although we just talked on skype yesterday, I miss you all so much more than ever now... I feel so sien now, with so many things in my clogged head. I tried so hard to think of positive stuff that might make myself feel better but no, I phailed.

Wanted to talk to jojo properly but stupid skype or rather my idiotic poor connection's in the way. I couldnt attend today's lunch. Fine. Liyun proposed a sleepover at her place this friday night. And again, I cant confirm. So many things are going on at home now and I'm not even sure whether I can get out to meet up with anyone... I'm tired at the thought of this...


Went to the stall today. Though I wasnt much of help. Like before, I'm in charge of frying the eggs. ....Cant think of anything more to talk about it...

I feel kind of...sien. I mean now, not this morning. I dont know why but I feel kinda lost again. I dont know what to do other than uploading photos on FB now. Totally dont feel like studying, and I still want my break. So no books for the moment. XD

I think I'm talking crap again.. Somebody tell me what to do..?


TADAIMA !!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Oh how I missed blogging so much. Held back so much when I was in Ipoh. I promised myself to not touch my blog until now, when I get back to Penang. Reached home on friday night and was bloody exhausted. Had a newsletters-reading marathon for two nights. XD And I'm glad I finally replied SOBA. =3

A month without updates. I've even started writing a chinese diary since I couldnt blog here. Wonder if I'm gonna continue writing it. XP A month without blogging. I find it a little different, I mean, the way I use english. Must be due to the lack of using the languate in Ipoh. Eversince I got there, I havent really spoke in english. I think I need proper english convos.. *sigh*

....My mind is blank now. Exhausted I guess. I've been going to bed at 5am for the past two nights and I'm still sick, the usual flu, nothing much.

Just to say, I'm back. =)