15 March, 2013

Stress, I Think

Warning: Rant ahead. Close the window if you hate whiny posts. =)

I never expected this semester to be so tiring. I know we'll have a month of practicum, but I didn't know we have to replace the lectures and tutorials of that month! Everyday we have class from morning till the evening. Sometimes lunch breaks are so short that I skipped lunch. If I'm hardworking enough to wake up and prepare lunch boxes in the morning or prepare them on the night before, then I'll be lucky to have lunch in school. I used to buy Malay kuih and nasi lemak on the way to school but I felt sick eating them everyday. I felt like I was gobbling fats everyday. 

Many micro-teachings and tutorial presentations have passed. Without noticing how fast time flies, it's already mid of March now. I managed to exercise two to three times a week. I resumed taekwondo practice at my institute. Although my schedule is fully packed, I can't seem to enjoy and understand what's the point of making myself work like a horse here. I'm eager to learn, but the pressure is killing me. 

You know what, I think I'm being emo.

I faced some friendship problems too lately. It's just saddening when a friend you think you're very closed to ends up just wanting to hear you speak good words to her. I thought we were friends. GOOD friends. Apparently not that good yet. You need time to prove friendship and relationship. Seriously.

Next, I've made myself clear before: Once you lose my trust, don't expect me to give it back to you. EVER. Another thing, I cannot put up with hypocrites. Especially when you're trying to pull others' legs and be nice to me in front of them, but being a bitch when it's just you and me. Fine, be that way. I don't care how you talk behind my back, or be nice and make me look horrible. Friends who know me KNOW ME. Anyway if you really are talking that much about me, obviously my life is better than yours. I can't think of a better reason that makes my stories so worth discussing. 

I had an enjoyable dinner with housemates last night. I wished I could blog about it but this busy life is driving me crazy. I'm sitting for the KOM paper tomorrow but I don't know wtf I'm reading. Paperwork drowned me for the past few weeks and I feel so blur looking at this book now. 

Buku Peraturan Olahraga KOM 2012-2013 
Wish me good luck tomorrow.

10 March, 2013