06 December, 2013

Addition to My Collection!

I got them from IKEA! 
Are they pretty? =3

I'm still thinking what to make using these darlings.
I need suggestions. ><

03 December, 2013


Starring Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon

I've been watching some movies I stored up in my externals, and I came across this film which I never thought that I'd like it. You see, I have this habit where I'll google a bit for film plots before watching the film itself. I just don't feel like wasting time on watching something I don't like. 

The film is about an inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa united the country with the help of Francois Pienaar, caption of Springboks, the national rugby team. Being the first black president, Mandela faced challenges where racial division between the white and black South Africans exists. Mandela believed that Springboks' victory in the World Cup can unite the country.

I do not have the ability and confidence to write a good synopsis for the film, so I found a link to share. Click here (Full Synopsis) if you are interested in the full synopsis. By the way it contains spoilers. =P

I would like to share a few parts of the film which I like best. =)

FIRSTLY, the short Victorian poem which inspired Mandela in the prison -- "Invictus".
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
My favourite lines are the last two. We are responsible for our own life. We take the responsibility for everything we have done, resulting in everything we face. We work hard and strive to reach our ultimate target, not giving up to hardships on the way. 

SECONDLY, the scenes where the citizens, both white and black South Africans, cheered for Springboks. Initially, the blacks cheer against the team as the mostly-white Springboks represents apartheid. 

It teared me up when I saw the citizens supporting the team throughout the final match. Springboks was having a hard time but Francois motivated them. The South Africans cheered for them, showing great support. Their cheers and sighs, I felt them. I felt like I was being pulled into that scenario, feeling the tension of the atmosphere. When Springboks won, it was so touching to see the citizens celebrate in unity.

THIRDLY, this film has awesome soundtracks! Below is the playlist I found on YouTube:


I find this film very inspiring, as in not giving up in life. I am also happy to see that there are leaders out there who are really trying their best in uniting the country. I have friends from different races and religions, and we respect each other, enjoying life together though they are not my very very close friends. I appreciate the chances where I get to learn more from them, and we enjoy the learning process together. I know racial discrimination still exists in our country. Sometimes I just wish that I can see exact effort that bears fruit.

Seeing my students getting along with each other happily regardless of their skin colour and beliefs, the same question pops out every now and then:

Why can't we, the adults be like them?

To end this post, these two are my favourites from the playlist. =3

"COLORBLIND" by Overtone

"WORLD IN UNION '95" by Overtone with Yollandi Nortjie

26 November, 2013

Strawberry Craze!

Fresh from Cameron Highlands, at RM5 per box!
It's like heaven! ♥

23 November, 2013

Butterflies in My Tummy

Forgive me for not telling the reason, yet.
Well just in case I jinx anything.

Wish me good luck!

21 November, 2013

The Awesome Internet

I have been home in Penang for a week already. My year end break has already begun! To be frank I think I really did made the past whole week look like a holiday. I didn't even take up a pen, I didn't do anything which I consider meaningful enough. The best things I've done throughout the week are like, taking over all the house chores, giving my younger brother morning revisions, helped out my dad at his stall once, and a belated birthday celebration for the elder younger brother and dad. Hmm.. Yep, that's pretty much the best I can list out.

On the other hand, two major less-meaningful (I think using the word 'meaningless' is too harsh, these were some of my best hobbies!) stuff I've been doing for the past seven days were.. as below.


I used to share a Nintendo GBA with Yu Kee. He played Pokemon FireRed while I played Pokemon LeafGreen. I didn't get to finish my game because the GBA broke down before I could. =( 

I'm now playing the PC version! And there are so many advantages when compared to playing with the GBA. I get to save and play multiple accounts. I get to save at ANY time I want, this is freaking important when you encounter rare pokemons. XD Last but not least the best part, SPACE BAR SPEEDS UP THE GAME. 3 minutes' game accomplished in 1 minute, best of the best!! 

and THIS!!

I've also been reading mandarin novels! I know some friends refer these books as 'low-class cheapskate monotonous love' stories. I respect those opinions, but that doesn't mean I agree about everything. I just enjoy reading them. These books played an important role in my high school life, I started writing my own mandarin short stories and poems after reading these. Of course they're not super good quality best sellers, but one of the poems I wrote was actually chosen and published in a magazine okay. =P (Obviously getting more and more syok sendiri.)

I used to save up almost all of my pocket money to buy novels, which is an act which I still cannot comprehend until now. I mean, what in the world was in my head to make me spend ALMOST ALL of my money on that?! I remember getting so addicted that I can borrow more novels from friends and read up to three books per day, in a sitting. ==

Anyway I'm reading online now. XD I don't have to buy them anymore, I even get to follow every single book my favourite authors wrote online, and I can follow the series now! It's heaven! All books within a few clicks! How I wish I can read the english best-sellers like this too. =(

Think, the Internet is just so awesome. I don't need the GBA to play my favourite childhood game anymore, I can even play several versions other than my favourite one. I don't have to buy these novels to read them anymore, I can just get them online from a variety of websites. 


I didn't have internet access at home until I was 17. The only websites I knew before that were Google and Yahoo. Amazing leh? The only things that occupied my daily life were books, my phone MP3 and the radio. Without the internet, I treasured everything so much coz it took me effort to have access to all the things I like. Until now, I still hate to throw my collections because of that. ><

The internet sure has made my life a lot more easier, but it makes me treasure things I can't get via the internet even more. =)

I shall continue enjoying my internet luxury for a few more days, and then I'll find something more meaningful to do. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! XD

14 September, 2013

Swollen Knee

THIS is the look of my left knee, right now. 

11 weeks ago (less than 3 months), I took my first Taekwondo grading in five years. When I was performing one of the kicks, I lost my balance and I attempted to land my foot without falling onto the ground. I stressed my left knee without realizing it, and I literally heard a 'TAK' sound when my foot landed nicely. The whole leg felt numb almost immediately but the senses came back after a short while. That was also why I didn't take it seriously.

I felt the first pain 6 weeks ago. I couldn't bend my left knee, and finally I couldn't walk nicely. I looked like a duck waddling. == Mum got worried and suggested that I should see the 'shifu' to give it a good massage. I did, and apparently my left knee was swollen. After some good massage and the knee bandaged up with chinese herbal medicine, the pain eased on the second day. I rested for a few days and everything went back to normal.

Last night, for the second time, this swollen left knee brought so much pain that it affected my leg's movement. I think it's my fault for bringing myself so much pain this time. We had this Independence Month Closing Celebration at the school and I was in charge of the 'kolam' activity. The 'kolam' is like forming an illustration on the floor with coloured rice, it's an Indian tradition. 

I was told that I only had to supervise the pupils doing it, so I wore high heels to school that day. I vaguely remember how it happened, but in the end some of the teachers (including me) joined the pupils in the fun. For two whole hours, I stood up and knelt down several times, and this movement put a lot of stress on my knees. 

Mind you, I was wearing HIGH HEELS. Yay, I'm a genius. 

I didn't feel the pain until that night, after I reached Penang. Luckily I came home, parents brought me to the 'shifu' again, and he exclaimed 'WAH SO SWOLLEN AH?'. Like the first time, massage and bandage. Now my knee is all wrapped up again as shown in the photo above.

I felt like slapping myself on the face, really. I regret not taking my old injury seriously, and ended up putting my knee through that pain again. I can't walk nicely, and I have to rest it again. The worst thing is, my knee will not be as strong as before anymore. I'm not encouraged to strain it too much, and I might get rheumatism later. Shit that.

Right now, I just hope that my knee will get better quickly. I still have to take the bus back to Ipoh tomorrow, and teaching means standing all day again. I will try my best to take good care of it and hope this won't happen again. *fingers crossed*

08 September, 2013


I've been busy with my practicum for almost two months, and I never expected things to be THIS hard. I seem to be unlucky enough the get the most packed schedule among the six of us who are allocated in this school. Nevertheless, I think I'm tough enough to strive through all these? XD 

Two weeks left and actually I'm still very busy now, with both the final observations by my lecturers scheduled on the next week. I miss writing a lot, and I think it won't harm much to scribble a few words here before I continue my work. Hee. 

To friends who have been wondering whether I've abandoned this blog or not, my answer is no. But IF I really do plan to stop blogging (which won't be anytime near, at least for a few more years ahead), I'll leave a message, and not just run off without saying anything. 

I still love writing. 

08 July, 2013


林健辉  - 《好流氓》


在爱情面前有人伤   有人慌
和爱的人啊有时热   有时懒


眼看这一切  打扰了你的新欢

我只是  一直爱  一直爱

我只是  一直要  一直要

你忘了那时你多甜   我多壮
然后你变得不一样   心散漫


眼看这一切  打扰了你的新欢

我只是  一直爱  一直爱

我只是  一直要  一直要


我只是  一直爱  一直爱

我只是  一直要  一直要

在爱情面前有人伤   有人慌

我只是  一直爱  一直爱

05 July, 2013









08 June, 2013

A Small Motivation, Perhaps

THIS, is a totally random post in the middle of the night. XD

I was scrolling through my news feed page on FB before going to bed, and I saw this!

Just so if you don't understand Mandarin
The horoscopes which are most likely to lose weight successfully during this summer:
8th - Taurus
9th - Capricorn
10th - Aries
11th - Virgo
12th - Aquarius



Okay I know this is stupid, especially in the middle of the night. Night night. ==


03 June, 2013

Food Temptation

Mum's Roasted Chicken Wings! (¯﹃¯)

How can one simply control his/her diet with this kind of temptation at home? (;________;)

01 June, 2013

Sushi, My Love ♥

Lately I've been working on that same particular piece of cross stitch which I haven't been able to complete during Chinese New Year a few months ago. All that's left is the outline but THAT is exactly the most time-consuming part of all. No great expectations okay, it's just a small piece, even smaller than A4. Not my final target. XD 

I've been a "good" girl today, only switched on lappy around 5pm. XD  Nah I'm not that disciplined, it's just that I was busy with one of my all-time favourite - SUSHI! =D

Mum wanted to try out new stuff, so we got ourselves new ingredients. This year I bought unagi! Yum yum! And a few more ingredients which I've already forgotten how they're called. (Obviously lazy to dig out the packaging to find out too.) So.. I'll let the photo do the talking, as usual. XD

(Kisiao dy. ==) 

A variety of sushi maki! ♥
Dad says they look the same although the ingredients wrapped inside are different. T^T

Unagi  ♥

27 May, 2013

Warming Up

Haven't been updating my blog for a few months, so I'm trying to do a little bit of warm up and get back to writing. It's true that I feel more like blogging when I don't really have someone to talk to. It's like I'm talking to myself, trying to cheer up myself on my own. Dumbass. 

Another semester down, it's our semester break again. After a hectic semester, I just feel like slowing down my pace, rest for a while, and do something I like. Somehow the situation at home doesn't allow me to be 'carefree' in that sense. Never mind.

There are a few targets that I hope to achieve within this three-week break. Erm, I'm not going to reveal anything first. Coz whenever I do so, I end up NOT doing them. Orz

Enough babbling for the moment. Bloggy seems to be a nice space for emo release. -sigh-




15 March, 2013

Stress, I Think

Warning: Rant ahead. Close the window if you hate whiny posts. =)

I never expected this semester to be so tiring. I know we'll have a month of practicum, but I didn't know we have to replace the lectures and tutorials of that month! Everyday we have class from morning till the evening. Sometimes lunch breaks are so short that I skipped lunch. If I'm hardworking enough to wake up and prepare lunch boxes in the morning or prepare them on the night before, then I'll be lucky to have lunch in school. I used to buy Malay kuih and nasi lemak on the way to school but I felt sick eating them everyday. I felt like I was gobbling fats everyday. 

Many micro-teachings and tutorial presentations have passed. Without noticing how fast time flies, it's already mid of March now. I managed to exercise two to three times a week. I resumed taekwondo practice at my institute. Although my schedule is fully packed, I can't seem to enjoy and understand what's the point of making myself work like a horse here. I'm eager to learn, but the pressure is killing me. 

You know what, I think I'm being emo.

I faced some friendship problems too lately. It's just saddening when a friend you think you're very closed to ends up just wanting to hear you speak good words to her. I thought we were friends. GOOD friends. Apparently not that good yet. You need time to prove friendship and relationship. Seriously.

Next, I've made myself clear before: Once you lose my trust, don't expect me to give it back to you. EVER. Another thing, I cannot put up with hypocrites. Especially when you're trying to pull others' legs and be nice to me in front of them, but being a bitch when it's just you and me. Fine, be that way. I don't care how you talk behind my back, or be nice and make me look horrible. Friends who know me KNOW ME. Anyway if you really are talking that much about me, obviously my life is better than yours. I can't think of a better reason that makes my stories so worth discussing. 

I had an enjoyable dinner with housemates last night. I wished I could blog about it but this busy life is driving me crazy. I'm sitting for the KOM paper tomorrow but I don't know wtf I'm reading. Paperwork drowned me for the past few weeks and I feel so blur looking at this book now. 

Buku Peraturan Olahraga KOM 2012-2013 
Wish me good luck tomorrow.

10 March, 2013



10 January, 2013

My First Extreme Girl Shopping

One week done ever since the first day of the semester. I haven't blogged for five days. I didn't realize time passed by that quickly - I felt like I just blogged the previous post two nights ago! The past five days drained almost all of the energy produced by my poor overworked body cells. I'm feeling unwell (still is!) and class ended in the evening for many days continuously. Damn exhausting.

Last Sunday was my first girls' shopping gathering with my friends this year! Housemates asked me out to find Chinese New Year clothes coz some of them were busy working during the semester break and they didn't manage to get themselves new clothes for the year. I rushed to finish my work early that morning, and then left the house excitedly. =D

Before sending Cheryl off to the bus station, we had lunch together at Old Town near Medan Gopeng. It must have been long since I last dined in at Old Town. I didnt know they have new ice blended series! =D

Old Town Mix It!
White Coffee Cookies/Mint Base

Old Town White Coffee
❤ Mint & Chocolate Chips Base Freeze 

My always and favourite choice - Old Town Nasi Lemak 
Shopping starts at Ipoh Parade right after we finished off our lunch and sent Cheryl off. I was still holding my Old Town Freeze when I walked into the mall. It's pretty filling, seriously.

Little girl playing enjoying herself with the balloons in the playground.
After the loo, we started our clothes' hunt! I was the first to find a top that I like! (And could fit in. =P) But I didn't get it. Chia suggested that I KIV first as we've just entered that one store - I might find another blouse that I like and I can come back whenever I want. Suggestion accepted and somehow I became very VERY motivated to try out more clothes. Before this, I always thought that it's a waste of time to try out clothes that I know (or think) won't fit on me. Something changed my mind and I now think that I should just try out ANY type of clothing - I might find something unexpected! Be it a style that I used to dislike but looks good on me, or something that I loved so much but now it doesn't suits me anymore. At least I know what am I looking for now. =)

After nearly seven hours of walking and trying out clothes (I think I tried more than 15), we felt all worn out. Chia exclaimed that she couldn't feel her legs much coz the pain was killing her. We sat down at Shihlin and had a snack. We could still feel the Old Town Freeze in our bellies so we didn't actually have dinner that night.

Shihlin's XXL Crispy Chicken
At the end of the day, I did find some tops that I like but I didn't get all of them. Some are too costly and my budget limits me to buy only one or two that trip. I still managed to get a blood red blouse for myself. Mum will be glad coz it will nice for Chinese New Year. =P

Oh while we were looking at the girls' accessories at the top floor, I found these darlings!
The eyes look good in the photo with mustache guy, but it's sort of scary in a way.
I'll come back for the mustache ringggggg. 
A new habit I adopted after this shopping, camwhoring in fitting rooms. =D 
But I didn't take many photos of the clothes I love for a silly reason - I forgot. *headdesk*

This hand-knitted piece freaked me out with its price tag though I love it so much - RM86
P/S: Wendy loves herself super duper much in this photo hahaha!
Okay la I admit I love it too. XD

Those act cute faces - I can't believe I did it with Chia hahaha!

Learning how to capture photos with the big mirrors.
I omitted many trials. XD 

See the sweet roommates 

Finally a proper group take before we leave the mall.
We annoyed the workers of the store, a lot. =P
For the first time ever, I had girl shopping for nearly seven hours, bought clothes with friends, squeezed into a fitting room with others, and camwhored like no one else's business in the fitting rooms! I even laughed till I have tears in my eyes when Wendy and I first camwhored together.

I think I smiled to sleep that night. 

05 January, 2013

Of Presents and Celebration

Bloggy has been lack of updates ever since last year - It's 2013 already! I never really wrote about year-end  reflections and new year resolutions.

For year-end thoughts, I hardly remember what happened throughout the entire year, and I'm also not motivated enough to dig out all the old photos (and to label every single event). Reason number two, year-ends for me at home is busy family time. We tend to spend more time together as my brothers and I are going to be back in school/institute after new year. 

New year resolutions. I ALWAYS have a lot of them in my mind, in fact too many sometimes. XD Always, I think about what I want to do, and what I plan to achieve in the following year - As you can guess, I never achieved something exactly according to those plans. It takes so much persistence and determination, which I'm still trying to develop in myself. 

However I do have something in mind this year. I dare myself to make it public coz I'm making an effort. This year, I aim to learn to look at things from different perspectives and develop appropriate anger control. I'm really learning. *tries to put on serious face*


A little update on what I wanted to blog about (and didn't) before tonight.

Christmas Presents for housemates!
I made some erm.. Chains? I don't know what we call it. Can be used in class coz we have matric cards that we are supposed to hang with chains over our necks. Made it with shiny beads with wooden beads. We now have one of a colour each. =D I made a yellow one for Soo Yin too. ^^

And, my 2012 review on Facebook.

It was one of the wonderful moments on my New Year's Eve, watching these photos I'm tagged in in 2012. It's a pity that I can't download and keep it as a video. From what you see above, those are photos I'm tagged in on Facebook in 2012, but there's this effect where they fade in and out every few seconds, and I can't show it here. It's kinda touching actually. I see photos of myself with my family, SOBA and with my J16 classmates. I managed to capture two best screenshots that I can and upload it here. - It's easy to get the screenshot, but it's hard to get one with most of your favourite photos in it. XP

Lastly, I hope everyone good luck and health in this brand new year. 2013 will be a great new year! Coz we survived doomsday, remember? =P