21 January, 2009

Bye-bye 2008

Ya I know it's a bit late... Okay okay, VERY late. Just couldnt help it as my bye-bye-2008 mood has arrived late. 2008 has been one damn important and memorable year in my life, although I've only lived for 17 years and 8 months. Saying goodbye to it means a great deal to me. Went through ups and downs, and learnt to treat things in different ways.

When I first stepped into my secondary years, I was determined to be different than what I used to be. Wasnt a pleasant person at all during primary years, before that too. I know I left a very bad impression for my primary schoolmates. I actually felt relieved when I finally graduated. Was even anxious to begin my high school life. Things didnt go as smooth as I planned. Coz some of my primary schmates happened to be in the same class. Sitting behind me gave me extra pressure. Could actually sense the hatred whenever they looked at me. Call me a paranoid. I may be exaggerating, but two years went by, and I was still suffering. Was kicked around whenever we need to form groups for projects. Was backstabbed in front of the whole class. Wet my poor pillow with bitter tears for nights back then. I sort of gave up when form 3 finally came. I was glad when the tables are not arranged together so we'll be sitting individually. A month passed by, I've only spoke to the girl beside me, and Luo Yi. As we've been teammates for red house's chessteam. Of course I spoke to some of my other classmates too, just not that much.

Life began to change, when Joee attracted my attention with her excited exclamations of 'YUKI~~'. She was sitting right in front of Luo Yi, so of course I hear her 'YUKI~~' all the time. Mind you, she was very crazy for him. I finally asked who's that yuki guy, and Joee introduced me Gravitation. I admit, I think yuki's hot too. But wasnt really fangirling him that year. I started to watch anime as Animax was first aired in Malaysia in 2006. My journey of reading manga began at the same time too. I started to have fun with them, and joined them for recess. That was then I was introduced to Jianing, Wei Yun, Li Yun, Shu Khoon and the others... Wei Yun used to love having char koay teow, and I always bought fries. Jianing kept repeating, "Xienny, if I ever die of kidney failure, I'll blame u for feeding me sodium!" Since then, whenever Joee walked to us with fries, they go "Oh look, Xienny bought sodium again." *I always tumpang joee to buy for me as she buys nuggets all the time* Feeling happier and happier, didnt noticed that I offended Piaky somehow. Actually I dont really hate her, it's just that I dont want to be near to anyone who likes to make my life miserable. She did. At the end of the year after PMR, andrew leong wanted us to form groups of 14 to join a interclass drama competition. My phobia almost overwhelmed me when Piaky tried to stop me from joining her group. And then something something happened, which really touched me. *the somthing somthing is somting a leeelll bitta private* XD

My form 4 year began, and I was happy when I found out that Luo Yi, Jianing and I are in the same class. Well, that year was pretty hilarious. We found out that Luo Yi can disturb Jianing easily with her wriggly thumb. And the easiest way of making me say huh, is to mention a number randomly. My huh-ness never went away. Ish still with me when we turned into form 5's. Then I started to know Li Yun more. Coz we finally get into the same class. Being one of S5C was extremely great !!! I accomplished so many things that I never thought I would. Singing aloud in class, making fun of myself, having illegal potluck in class, sharing food every now and then. Many problems occured too, but everything settled down somehow...

Li Yun, Jianing, Luo Yi, Jo-hannah and I signed up for the Penang Law Olympiad 2008. I can hardly forget how we got ourselves into the competition. Luo Yi was asking whether we wanna join her or not. And we were like, last year alrdy, why not? Signed up. A week later, what did we signed up for anyway?? We were so blur that we laughed at ourselves for quite a while. On that day, we went to MBS. We're actually the only group representing our school. When we were having breakfast at the canteen, Cikgu Rasidah who came along with us looked around and saw the other participants holding books. She turned and asked us, why arent we studying like them? We just told her that we've no idea what to study for this olympiad. So I was wondering, were we the only ones who went there unprepared... Before the olympiad began, one of the organizers shared with us the story of one of the champions from KL. They were the only form 3 group to be there, and when the judges asked whether has anyone has any questions or somthing, all they asked was what for lunch !!! Another thing, we appeared to be the noisiest group. We went WOOHOO~~ whenever we get a question right! Every one of us has somthing we're good at respectively, so when we group together, I think we made a good team. =) Then came the interval, we rushed to the toilet but managed to get in last. By the time we made back to the hall, they've alrdy started the next round. Finally the prize giving ceremony. They announced the best 14 groups but only the champion and the first runner up will be awarded a trophy and 1.5K cash. When the mcee announced the 3rd place winner, we went "oh no oh no... Impossible for us to get champion right?' You see, throughout the whole competition, we treated everything like it was just a normal trivia game. Suddenly we hear our school's name being announced. We screamed at our seats and no one thought of moving our budds to accept the trophy. We couldnt help smiling when we shooked hands with the principal of MBS. Being the champion team of Penang Law Olympiad 2008 is one of the memorable events of my high school life.

Another important event of the year, is Comic Fiesta 2008 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, KL. It was my first CF and I was so excited as Jianing, Wei Yun, Li Yun and Luo Yi are gonna cosplay. I bought my first camera with the prize money, and I was glad that I did that as I never thought I would like taking photographs of the cosplayers so much. Took almost 200 photos throughout the whole trip. And I'm still enjoying myself by looking at the photos sometimes. The wardrobe malfunction of their cosplay costumes was really heart-breaking. I didnt get to cosplay, but I cant help feeling down when I first heard the news. When I saw the other DGM group on stage, I was like so ARGH... They would have been up there too, having fun like the group onstage, presenting their play... Brought tears to my eyes for quite a few times. Nevertheless, that group on stage was good and they deserved to win it. Had lunch with'em on the first day of CF. I didnt really know them back then. If I'm not wrong, Jianing and Wei Yun knew them on the forum. Signed up at the forum after CF, learnt how to spam (XD), and made new friends. I actually had a family online !!!! XD I now have a daddy with mummy attached to him (grin), two sisters, a mischievous younger bro with a barbie dressed in hot pink (cant stop laughing), a grandma and a grampa (HUGGIES).... Many more lah... One big family here. =)

One more meaningful event -- my primary class reunion. The last time I went was back in Form 2, it wasnt that pleasant. That's why I wasnt that keen to go anymore. I actually accepted the invitation this time. I thought, I have nothing more to loss anyway. Didnt dare to go for the past few years was because there are ex-schoolmates in the same high school and tuition classes. *cant stand rumours* Now I've graduated, I dont care what are they gonna say or discuss or bla bla bla, I'll just go and have fun. Another thing is, I really hope that this time I would be able to erase the primary version of shindee, by leaving a better impression this time. I really enjoyed myself very much that evening. We're supposed to prepare our own steamboat. Somehow it turned out that almost half of them are not used to kitchen business. Haha. Although I'm not good at cooking, luckily I was able to help them out a little bit. Hehe. That night, when I was in bed, I couldnt help feeling happy that I chose to attend the reunion. I was really relieved, and I'm not that reluctant to meeting them anymore. I'm even looking forward for the next meeting! =) And that put an end to my 2008 beautifully. =)

5 years of life in high school may be filled with many unhappy experience, but I gained a lot more than what I lost. There are uncountable happy and precious moments that I will hardly forget. Saying goodbye to 2008 isnt plainly a byebye to 2008, but also to all those years of tears and suffering, which brought me to my beloved friends now. 2009 is a brand new year, where the unpredictable lies, waiting to be revealed. I've no idea what's gonna happen, and whether it's turn my life upside down or not. I've learnt a lot these five years. Maybe I'm not that good and tough enough to settle every problem in the way, but I'm sure these experiences will be a great help for me to walk through the ups and downs lying ahead.

Bye bye 2008! 2009, here I come!

19 January, 2009

WANTED -- Xienny's Bloggy Bloggy Mood

MY BLOGGY BLOGGY MOOD HAS DISAPPEARED !!! Nuuuuuuuu !!! I love to blog, and used to blog a great deal. But now I cant even think of something to write !!! What's going on?! I could blap crap, I could do A LOT !!! But now... ARGH !!!
I WANT TO WRITE !!!!!!!!
Gimmeh inspirations !!!!!!!

*this post ish a total waste of space*

08 January, 2009

Bon Voyage

Joee held a bye-bye potluck party at her place on the 3rd of January. Everyone brought food and we ate and ate and ate and ate... It was great fun, and time really flies when you have fun. *sighs*

Started to know Joee in form 3. Same class, and I actually remember she sat two rows behind, two rows to the right of me. In front of Luo Yi too. I wasnt close to anyone of the group back then. Joee's one Yuki Eiri fan (from Gravitation, one yaoi anime which I still love a lot, XD) and she screamed YUKI ~~~~~~ whenever anyone mentioned that super-hot-smexy-lanky nearby. Sharp ears she has for dearest yuki. XD Was brought into the wonderful world of anime and manga (yaoi too) by her. Gravitation was my first anime, if digimon and pokemon arent taken count. Even asked her to burn animes for me since then. Still remember calling her 'the burner'... She brought out her imaginary fire extinguisher when I called her that. XD

Super SK, or Susan. =) Was never in the same class with her. Didnt know her really well. But somehow we had meals together every recess. She's one sweet little flutist. And one BIG SYAORAN FAN. XD We went out quite a number of times together for events like liyun's and weiyun's birthday... I like her anyway. *winks* Haha...

Was in the same class with Jianing for the last two years of my high school life. Learnt tons of stuff from her. I knew I ish a duh, but never thought I was THAT duh. Which means I'm really one duh, until she told me this this and that that. *talking crap* Two years, is really enough to create wonderful memories that can be etched within the heart. I think I did the most things that I never thought I would. We SANG in class. Singing isnt a big deal. But singing when you dont know how to sing ISH. Bicycle race was the first one. The duet was fun. *bicycle~ bicycle~* Then came sakura kiss. Jianing, I help u bunuh the person who cancelled this song from the list !!!! Her chipmunk voice really beats me when we sang witchdoctor. I learnt anato ga koko ni iru ryuu after she introduced me DGM. I really considered joining the karaoke competition at CF if there really is one. XD With jo-hannah, liyun and luoyi, we joined the Penang Law Olympiad and we actually WON. Conclusion: To win, always ask what's for lunch, and go to toilet last. XD Singing's one. It's credits to jianing and the others that I now have so many nicks. Cant believe I can have that many names within a few months. Although they like making me say huh by mentioning a number randomly, it's okay for me (as long as u dont make me say it for every 5 minutes). Now I know I'm born a huh-ish entertainer.

Dear friends, I know you are gonna terbang soon. Luckily I've finally have internet access at home. So we'll be able to keep in touch with emails. I'll try to download skype again... Almost gave up as I've failed for at least 8 times. (--_____--) I'll most probably continue form 6, so whenver you guys come back, you sure boleh cari me working for ms ong. XD It's been great studying with u guys in the same school. And some even same class. =)

Life may be full of obstacles in the future. (and u all may miss shindee whenever yer alone) *SMACK* So, take care... Must meet up when you come back... Hohoho...

All the best to mrs Allen, mrs Hero and mrs Syaoran !!!!
Keep in touch. =)