31 May, 2011


I woke up at 7.30am today. Mum's worker is sick again so I followed her to the stall. I could barely open my eyes this morning. Due to the flu I got yesterday, my nose was blocked with mucus and I had to breathe through my mouth. And imagine me walking to the toilet like a zombie with her mouth open. XD 

I kinda enjoyed working with mum and dad at the stall today. But seeing them in pain hurts me a little bit.. Dad's wrist had turned worse, he tore his tendon accidentally during work. He went to the hospital for a check up and he even went for a physiotherapy session. He said it didn't help much. The doctor said that he must stop straining his wrist but that's impossible coz he's been doing that every single day, when he's selling Yong Tau Hoo. Mum has stopped him from the chopping work at the chicken rice stall, hoping that it'll lighten the burden a little bit..

Meanwhile, something's wrong with mum's legs. Dad said she went to check once and they said that she has rheumatism. Whereas I think the reason is more like the shoes we're wearing. Her shoes' paddings are similar to mine, very thin and uncomfortable, especially when you walk on rocky paths. Standing long on those thin paddings hurt her knees.. However, stubborn her refused to go to the doctor again. And we all know what's the reason.. So there's nothing much I can do..

I do hope things will turn better for them.. My heart aches to see them in pain like this..

Blog Challenge - Day 2

After two weeks' hard work, I have finally earned my first 1.75 million in Cityville hahahaha! Of course I have already earned more than that ever since I played this game, it's just that I need these much to buy a parkside villa. It's not that important, just mentioning it here for fun. XP I'm still in the mood to continue the blog challenge! Hope it stays. XP


1. I love to hug pillows. =D Yes I really really do! I prefer cotton-filled pillows to the cheap ones at Giant hypermarkets. I even have a pillow that has been by my side ever since I'm a baby. XD And it has a name hahaha! I can actually hug my pillow for the whole day literally. I only leave my pillow aside when I go to the toilet, take meals and leave the house. Or else you will most probably see me walking around the house with my pillow. =P

2. Somehow I can go to the toilet for not more than twice a day. Somehow. It's bad for my body I know. I don't know, the go-to-toilet business just doesn't cross my head so I won't unless I really really need to. Don't worry I settle my needs before or after my bathe. 

3. THREE DON'TS WHEN YOU WAKE ME UP -- Do not pinch or hit or shake me or whatever physical acts that annoys me from my beauty sleep, do not shout or nag at me the minute you wake me up, AND do not switch off the fan or air conditioner when you wake me up. I will feel very very very frustrated when I can't breathe properly. Hee.

4. I have a sensitive nose. I think so. I sneeze easily and I tend to smell my food before I put them into my mouth. (Ewwwww, some might say.) Well most of the times I do. 

5. I like to match my earrings with whatever clothes I'm wearing. I can even change my pair of earrings every single day just to match them with the blouse I wear that day. XD Earrings make me feel complete? XD

6. I feel insecure without my watch and handphones. Ever since I started using lappy, I try not to wear watches while typing on the keyboard. I was worried that I might have scratched it accidentally. However if I leave the house without wearing my watch, I will definitely feel uneasy coz I tend to look at the time almost every five to ten minutes. My two handphones are definitely super duper important that I just can't simply leave them too far. XP

7. I think I have good sixth sense. Actually everybody has sixth sense, it's just that many can't identify it. For example, during the exams, answering the objective questions, the answer that FIRST crossed your mind is MOST PROBABLY the correct answer. Your sixth sense is never wrong. It's just that when THAT particular feeling is influenced by your own opinions, sometimes you won't even notice its existence. Sixth sense can be trained. XD My mum is one pro at that. ==

8. I have bad gambling luck. I seldom win during gambling. Unless I don't play with money. No further explanations available hahaha.

9. I find it very hard to put down the past. Happy or unhappy, everything stays in my head for quite a while before it fades away. Events or people that hurt me will stay even longer. I tried to put things down but I still find it hard. ><

10. My hand-leg coordination is pretty poor. It will take me quite a while to learn how to get things right. I don't think I can dance well hahaha. I would like to try though. I remember when I first began to attend Taekwondo training classes, I can really get my legs right. I always land the wrong foot on the floor. XD

11. I'm good at differentiating LEFT and RIGHT, but not 左右 and KIRI KANAN. Especially 左右 !! Whenever anyone asks me to 去左边 or 看右边, I'll freeze immediately and stare into space -- 左边在哪里? XP

12. I like routines, I dislike sudden changes. Unless the changes are superb ones or it doesn't make my life go haywire. XD I guess I can say that I'm someone very slow in thinking, I'm blur. @@ So I can't get used to things easily, and neither can I adapt to a new environment quick enough. I will panic and freak out. ><

13. I can type without looking at the keyboard. =D I'm super duper proud of this. XD The funny thing is I type faster without looking at the keyboard. I'll need some time to get used to the keyboard if I look at the keyboard and type at the same time. XP

14. Last but not least, I can't really see in the dark. >< And when I can't see stuff, I get frightened and sometimes I won't even dare to budge an inch. Hee. People say that short-sightedness can cause poor night vision. I guess that's the reason? Oh erm, I'm afraid of the dark too. XD

Hmmm.. They don't seem very different from Day One's challenge?


30 May, 2011




Blog Challenge - Day 1

WAHHHHHH. It's not even twelve midnight and I'm beginning to yawn already? No no no no this can't be hahaha. I've finally finished watching 《洪武三十二》 and I'm pleased with the Hong Kong drama series. I enjoyed myself throughout the episodes. ;)

I'm now watching a Korean drama called 'Secret Garden'. I heard compliments from friends about this series and whenever I mentioned the name a few of them will go 好看~~. So yea I'm watching it now. XP I'm saving up 'Running Man' to watch later when I'm really bored with nothing to do in Ipoh, and also when I'm out  of dramas to watch. :)

Since I have nothing much to do now.. Actually I do, I can continue reading 《已亮的天空》 or start reading 'Bag of Bones' but I just don't feel like doing so coz I still wanna continue playing Cityville while waiting for dear.. I miss him.. Miss him very much.. He has been busy for a few days with a camp organised by his ex-schoolmates. He will finally be back tomorrowwwww. Can't wait for it. XD

So.. I guess I can finally start off with Day One. *shrugs*


1. I come from a family which consists of dad, mum, and two younger brothers. The elder one, is making me very very worried. He's currently studying in KL, but what I can see is that he's pretty much enjoying himself, more than carrying out his promise.. He promised to work hard for his future but I don't know what is in his big head now, and none of us has a single clue of how is he doing there.. The younger one, is growing more and more fleshy. He's been eating and sleeping, but luckily he's being obedient when I'm not around at home.. Mum and dad are hawkers. They have suffered for years with all the hateful burden. I really hope everything can be over one day.. I really hope so..

2. I am 20 years old (OH SHIT I'M TWENTY?!) and I'm currently studying at a teacher's training college in Ipoh. I have completed my foundation for one and a half years majoring Math and minoring English as well as Chinese. The worst thing is that they switched my beloved English to PE and I now have to study Math in Malay. Yayyyy. Damn. Fine, thinking on the bright side, I will be able to teach Math in English, Chinese and Malay. I'm so gonna bear with it. *sigh*

3. I play Cityville. Oh man this fact sucks so much hahahaha. Well I can't think of anything for the moment so I thought I might just start off with something I've been doing lately. XP Yea I play Cityville on Facebook, every single day. However I don't think I can use the word 'addicted', because I can stop playing whenever I like. It's not like I'm gonna die if I ever stop playing it. But hey, I had fun creating my own city, making my own money.. If only I can turn those into real cash. XD

4. My hobbies are spending time on the Internet, reading, blogging, and listening to songs. I have other interests but they no longer stay in my daily routine anymore. These include Taekwondo, chess, ping pong, basketball, badminton.. I still like them, but I just don't practise them that frequent anymore.. I feel bad when I remind myself about this. ><

5. I can speak in Malay, English and Chinese. I do not include Hokkien and Cantonese because I suck at them. =P Yes I understand the two languages, and Hakka too, but the words just cannot come out from my mouth, and my tongue just gets tied up. Imagine an alien speaking. XD Nevertheless, I plan to improve my Cantonese. The reason.. I'll keep it to myself. =P =P

6. I cannot take very very spicy food. But there are some exceptions. I can take nasi lemak, but I just can't take curry, cili padi and chilli sauce. I mean like, the taste is different?? ><

7. I LOVE ICE CREAM. XD However I can't take too much at a time. I feel happy most of the times after having ice creams. I don't know.. Probably sweet and cold stuff and cheer me up more? XP Haagen Dazs is my favourite, I like it more than I like Baskin Robbins hahaha. Haagen Dazs' is smooth and soft, while Baskin's kinda powdery sometimes. MCDONALD'S VANILLA IS GOOD TOO. *thumbs up*

8. I have a liking to dairy products. For example, milk, mayonnaise, yogurt drinks, cheese, butter, etc. Sheesh all the fattening stuff. Love is blind -- I just don't know why I like them! XD

9. I have long black hair, and I care about it. I finally had the chance to keep long hair after graduating from penghwa but then I never knew taking care of it is THAT hard. I have to trim it every now and then or else I'll look very very very messy. I walk under the sun to class everyday and finally my hair ends began to split. That was when I started to use Ellips, a kind of hair vitamin, to protect my hair. I don't know if it works that much but at least I'm trying I guess.

10. I have two piercings, each on both ear lobes. I had them eversince I was six and I'm glad I did at that age. I saw many friends complaining about the pain they have when they pierced their ears at the age of fifteen. Some with sensitive skin even ended up with bleeding and wounded piercings. *goosebumps* Actually I like to see friends with 2 piercings on an ear, and 1 on the other. I think it's pretty nice. =) But I just don't get them because I feel lazy to take care of the new piercing hahaha. I have sensitive skin, 2 piercings are enough. XP

11. My dress codes are basically blue, black and white. Probably some red and gray. XP I don't know whether it's due to my skin colour or what. I admit I tend to go after black clothings coz I find it easier to match other clothes. And erm, I look kinda plump in colours like, pink, bright blue, white.. Bright colours I guess. ><

12. I kinda favour high heels in a way. I tend to look more at high heels whenever I walk by shoe outlets. I mean like, I'm not that interested in flat ones. Coz I find them weird on my long feet sometimes, just sometimes. One funny fact, I feel a little bit more confident when I'm on high heels. Hee. >< I feel taller, and erm, I feel thinner. >< >< >< Embarrasing arghhh. ><

13. I don't know how to put on make up. >< YESH I DON'T KNOW. >< I can't even put blush on my face properly. Lipstick is even worse. So the best I can manage is lip gloss. I use lip balms though! *smacked*

14. I seldom read newspapers. >< I wonder if anyone ever notices this, but yea I seldom read newspapers. >< I understand that this makes me fall behind and I get outdated easily. I tried to read news online but when I get occupied with other stuff, I'll forget all about it again. So I normally follow news people mention a lot, and I listen to the TV news. Bad, I know. ><

15. Erm erm erm erm.. I am unavailable. XD

WHOA THIS TOOK ME SO LONGGGGGG. It reminds of the one I did on the "25 Random Stuff About Meh" two years back. I killed so many of my brain cells my goodness. @@ Some of the above facts might even be classified as not-so-basic facts but I just wrote down whatever that I could think of. ><

29 May, 2011

Shortbread Fingers

Our neighbour, Mrs Fun gives us a packet of shortbread fingers when her pilot son comes back from work sometimes. They taste like butter breadstick fingers, but not that sweet. Although we keep them in the refrigerator, they're still that crispy. =D

I really really ADORE this! But mum says it can't get bought from anywhere in Malaysia. :(

My First Blog Challenge

I've been hesitating for quite a while, whether to start taking the blog challenges or not. The reason I haven't started for so long is because I know it requires commitment to a certain extend and I know I neglect my blog sometimes. (SORRYYYY!) I spent an hour searching for blog challenges. Actually I was just giving myself excuses. XD I was still considering throughout the search. XD XD Including a few from Vivian's blog, I now have 22 challenges on the list, I think. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to complete them all, so I'll just keep them and pick the preferred ones to try out. XP 

THIS, is my my first challenge. =D

19 May, 2011

Contented ♥

I felt love from my family, and him.. 
I feel contented. 

17 May, 2011

Rambling Rant

Another boring boring day.. And pathetically I have to save it up for my revision as I'm sitting for my first paper for the semester on Thursday. I don't know what to say anymore.. I came here just to find someone to talk to.. More like a way to let out.. Blogging is something very contradicting, for me. I write as though I have a friend who listens who reads, though I'm not sure who are they.. Sometimes I imagine myself having a reader I totally don't know in real life.. Sheesh why does this sound like an imaginary friend. == However, blogging is public, it's like I'm letting the whole world read my blog, my secrets. So this is where the main point comes in, I have to filter my secrets. I only write 90% of them here.. Because there are things I'm not even allowed to think about, nor tell about..

I miss SOBA gatherings.. I miss chats with people who are really willing to accompany me sincerely.. I don't like to be ignored.. Fish I sound like an attention seeker now.. I don't know what I'm saying.. Obviously this post is another rambling rant. ==

16 May, 2011


Finally I finished watching the korean drama series, 成均馆绯闻. I like the storyline very much. =) Too bad I'm not in a good mood to blog about this series.. I'm currently following a Hong Kong drama series, 女拳.. Not bad, and I'm currently at the fourth episode. =)

These two days seem very long.. My progress is still slow.. I've washed my clothes. They're "up-to-date". == I've also finished doing whatever I can do for my portfolios. I kinda bored of the quiet hours.. I was so bored, so bored till I think about food all day. Stupid. == 

My phone has broken down.. I wanna know what happened to it.. Although the phone I'm using now is a lot more faster than the broken one.. I can neither watch the videos or see the photos in there coz the sizes of the memory cards are different.. 

Imagine if I stayed at home.. Things will be even worse than now.. I won't even touch my books.. 


14 May, 2011

AHHHHHH -sigh-

I intended to let myself relax. And hence I put the whole drama to full screen. I thought I'd be able to enjoy it, or at least get my mind off the bore. Suddenly I realize, that I haven't been alone for quite a long while. Erm, more like I have nobody to talk to for hours.. For the past few hours I kept pushing myself to find something to do.. And yea I did. But now what I have to do left is to wash my clothes and study. Washing my clothes is a no-no now as I totally don't feel like sweating in the middle of the night.. I tried to study but I just can't get the words into my head.. I decided to let myself loaf for a night.. And start working harder tomorrow.. I just hope that I can get over tonight quickly.. I'm getting sick of this kind of quietness.. I miss life with sooyin at the hostel.. How I wish peizhen is here..


Ah.. At least I've finished printing my portfolio stuff and I have only a few left to arrange.. I didn't have a good nap.. I slept with a very uneasy heartbeat rate.. I was awoken by the super duper great thunder RIGHT OUTSIDE my room window.. And then I just couldn't get back to sleep with that goddamn renovation knocks right beside my house.. 

I don't feel like playing games because something has gone wrong with my mouse.. My CityVille progress is slow and this is good in a way to push to towards my books.. I'm now merely loafing online while watching 成均馆绯闻.. I'm still bored.. Very very bored.. ><

11 May, 2011


虽然是不小心的.. 但现在被你说了还真的觉得很.. ><

06 May, 2011

Breaking Down

I finally broke down in the washroom.. And the worst thing is, it's no way near enough..