28 December, 2012

Massive ANIME Supply! =D

My long awaited moment.. 


Joee came to my house yesterday afternoon with her external hard discs and lappy, to exchange the animes we have on hand. =D I felt kinda bad coz she had to take the trouble to come to my house. I didn't have transport to drop by her place. We cooped in my air-conditioned bedroom around three hours, and finally after so many months of anime requesting, I managed to grab 100GB of anime from her!! I'm still extremely excited whenever I see my external hard discs!

Spent a while to tidy up the movies stored in my HD's. Updated my wanna watch list too. Now the whole list is like - I don't know how much time I will take to finish those. XD

1) Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
2) Amatsuki
3) Angel Tails
4) Ano Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa mada Shiranai
5) Ano Natsu de Matteru
6) Baka to Test to Shokanju ni
7) Bakuman 
8) Bakuman II
9) Brave 10
10) Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
11) Guilty Crown
12) Hakuoki
13) Hetalia Axis Powers
14) His and Her Circumstances
15) Inu X Boku SS
16) Kimikiss
17) Kobato
18) Mirai Nikki
19) Natsume Yuujinchou
20) No. 6
21) Ookami
22) Stein Gate
23) Summer Wars
24) Sword Art Online
25) To aru Majutsu no Index
26) To aru Majutsu no Index II
27) Uta no Prince Sama
28) Working!

*squeals in excitement*

Mini Gathering, with FOOD!

On Wednesday, I enjoyed a few happy hours with SOBA kaki's! Wei Yun, Jo-Hannah, Luo Yi, Joee and I had a small (and short) gathering at Queensbay. 

I arrived the earliest at Qbay coz I had some stuff to tend to at the post office. Then I met Joee at Daiso, looked around for the things we needed, and then waited for the others at Popular. We didn't know what and where to eat. After filtering the food outlets from the food directory, we ended up at Sakae Sushi. 

Christmas Maki at Sakae!
Joee and I took photos of it and put it back onto the belt. =P
Wei Yun and I were eager for more food even after a few plates of salmon. Both Joee and her recommended Hokkaido's ice cream. And hence, our next stop. XD

Maccha Twist Biggu!
It's really good! I highly recommend this. XD

Credits to Joee's cousin, we took a few group photos before we sat down somewhere near the carpark entrance to chat. We shared a packet of Tempura from Shihlin, and then Wei Yun and I went to get ourselves Takoyaki hahaha!

Sweet Joee  
Wei Yun with her phone. XD 

Luo Yi with her banyak patterns that day. =P

This Jo-hannah still likes to cover her face every time she faces the camera. (=3=)

One of my favourite shots of the day!  

Jo-Hannah says it's not about the luoyi, it's about the smiley. XD

Looking for food, again. XD

See these people camwhore while Wei Yun and I were away for Takoyaki!

You both too!

Polaroid - The background looks like we were at a carpark hahaha!
 We chatted for quite a while, and then we decided to find a better place where we can chew something and chat at the same time.

The better place - Blackball!
We met up around 11am, but we had to bid goodbye around 3pm. It was a short gathering, but I really enjoyed the short hours together with'em. I always think that we don't miss our schools - what we miss are the friends we spent time together with in that school. It's SOBA that makes me miss those time in PCGHS the most.


24 December, 2012

Blogging Makes Me Feel Better

Ever since I fell sick, I didn't have the mood to blog. After I recovered, I got busy because Dear came to Penang with his sister. I've went to his house and met his sister a couple of times, but this is the first time she came to stay over at my place. We never had such a packed schedule before. We went out for trips and walks every single day. 

I guess that explains why I haven't been blogging for that whole week.

After they left, I started to get busy with Christmas presents preparations. Went out to shop for the materials I need and it didn't seem to be as easy as I thought. Anyway I got them done. =)

It's Christmas Eve, and I don't know why I'm feeling emo all of a sudden. Maybe it's because everybody in the family is feeling tired, and we don't know what to do suddenly. I loafed on Facebook and I'm losing my interest in Farmville 2. I don't know why but something must be wrong with lappy's efficiency. It'll go hang whenever I play FV2. Sometimes even when I'm downloading songs too. I get so fed up that I resorted to my korean dramas. I wanted to share some photos I took with Dear during our trips but the emo mood from nowhere killed everything. 

Speaking of that, ever since "Protect the Boss", I only managed to finish three Korean drama series. You can see the list of dramas that I haven't watched at "My Wanna Watch List". It's just on the right column of the blog page, scroll rightttt down and you'll see it. 

Lately I have only finished watching these.
I like dramas and movies with some music genre. It just makes me look forward to every plot and song on the way. Heartstring's main characteristics are uni students who play different musical instruments - the guy plays the guitar while the girl plays a traditional instrument. The best part of the series that I like is the performance where they combined both modern and traditional instruments. The OST are very nice and recommended too. =D

Gumiho is the name for the nine-tailed fox in the Korean language. Just like what the title mentioned, the main female character is a nine-tailed fox. I find this series pretty joyful as the fox made many silly mistakes without even knowing what was wrong. Cliched like every happily-every-after stories, they got together despite the fact that the girl is not a human. I didn't really cry throughout watching this series. Well ALMOST la. I thought it would be the first Korean drama that I won't cry while watching. The last episode proved me wrong. (>_____>)

THIS IS ONE OLD DRAMA SERIES. I never watched it till now!! It's so old that the characters in the series are still using Samsung flip-overs! XD The story is cute, sweet, romantic and happy! Of course there are some parts that makes you cry. (Korean dramas are meant to make you go teary.) There is this kids song in the series that became pretty famous back in those years. I even hum it when I'm doing house chores. ==

-- 《浪漫满屋》三只熊 / "Fullhouse" Three Bears --

Just in case you've never heard of it.
There's even a version of Rain singing this song. =D
I laughed so much! Especially at the American version hahaha!

-- Sung Hye Kyo and Rain singing 3 Bears --
This is the best video with subtitles that I can find. ><

Thanks to the cute song I feel so much better. =3 Sorry I'm not very good at writing synopsis so I only scribbled some personal opinions. As you can see I've only watched a few series during this sem break, I doubt I can accomplish my goal within the last week of my sem break now. -headdesk-

So erm.. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone is enjoying your Christmas Eve tonight!

Jack Frost made me clean my desktop hahaha! 
P/S: I watched "Rise of the Guardians" with Dear and his sister. I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. 

10 December, 2012

X'mas Round the Corner

Hmm.. I'm not feeling well today. Might sleep earlier tonight as I'm quite sleepy already. *eyelids closing every now and then*

Just something to cheer up the mood, look what YongYong gave me!

A cute hand-mande snowman!
He made it during a handicraft session at his tuition centre.

Cute right? XD

The Blur-Eyed Farmer

Didn't work at the chicken rice stall today coz I need to babysit YongYong at home. He bums in front of the computer most of the time though. BUT BUT BUT I did house chores and helped mum to pack her business stuff. Still a good girl. =P Don't know what to blog about so I logged onto Blogger and off again several times.

I really did try to blog! I SWEAR!

Anyway, I'm still wide awake so late now coz I'm waiting for someone who is still playing Dragon Nest (an online RPG) with his sister until now. *looks at clock again*

And half an hour before I'm able to blog this, here's the wonderful view from my eyes.

I think dust went into my eyes when I was clearing out the old cabinet in the kitchen. The right eye is feeling uneasy already and then two hours later, my right eye was so swollen that I literally can't open it! Dad helped me to apply some ointment and it eased the pain within a few minutes. So don't worry, that blur view is due to that ointment, I'm not turning blind. XP

Okay la, I really don't know what to talk about already with this eye of mine. Night night peeps!

Btw it's snowing in my farm now. XD

08 December, 2012

Working, and Farming?

You see?! Everytime you said you wanna blog as frequent as possible, but EVERYTIME you run off after a few days. MANA YOU MIA PERSISTENCE? 

I mean myself. *hides in shame*

I need to recall why bloggy went on hiatus. After the pisang tanduk kukus, I went back to an addiction that I shook off exactly a year ago - Facebook games damn you.

Well I was just wondering why I receive more than fifty notifications from FarvVille 2 everyday. So I tried. 

And just like how I got addicted to CityVille.. I started to play FarmVille 2 too. ==

Here's a print screen of my farm. =P

Well I think FV2 has more stuff when compared to the original FV. Yes I played FV a few years back too. Back when you only have to harvest crops and feed animals to earn cash and expand the farming area. Now it has more chores to work to - you farm and you harvest as usual, but you need to make feed and craft recipes from everything you harvest. You only make money when you sell the food you made. There are missions like CityVille that you can finish to earn rewards.

Okay enough of the game. That is one of the reasons I blog less.

I'm recently helping out at my parents' stall too. After I got back from work, I need that afternoon nap. So there goes half of my day. Then it's dinner time. And then a few hours on the internet. Remember my Korean Drama marathon? I can't even finish one series even after a week.

Regardless of all the above stated reasons, that pressure I'm facing everyday is flooding my brain. Although sometimes I really wish I can get back to Ipoh soon, I'm still nervous of the practicum next semester. 


I need to reschedule my plans.. This time I have to include the working hours.
Saturday's a family day, but it didn't out to be one today..