23 November, 2011

Bead Bracelet

I was so happy with last night's pendant that I thought I'd try another kind of bead craft. This time I tried with a bracelet that mum likes very much. I like the colour coz it's casual and I dress casually most of the time. XD The only dissatisfaction is the hook. I'm going to change the hook of the bracelet when I find the suitable one. 

This took a longer time than the star pendant. Phew.

22 November, 2011

Star Pendant

We haven't transferred Streamyx to our new house. So dad uses my lappy every night to get online. Usually I get bored because I'm too used to facing lappy almost all the time. But today, I dug out my beads accessories, and I started to make a star pendant! 

I still have my basics! Not bad at all. XD

17 November, 2011

The Last Paper!

Although I'm sitting for my last paper today, I just loafed around online last night. Even "Bakemonogatari" (an anime on ghost stories, more like oddities) is left with one episode. I woke up some time around 8am and I've been calculating how much time I have left.


Okok, I know I shouldn't. XD Anyway, I'm cooking my lunch later before going to school. It'll take me at least an hour including the time to eat and wash up.. I have around two to three hours left. @@


16 November, 2011

First Defrost

I didn't mean to disappear after I came back to Ipoh. I can still recall everything I did pretty clearly. Coz there wasn't much other than preparing a big surprise for him. XP

Yep I was literally busy with the preparation, and after that I carried on with my revision for my semester exams. I'll start things chronologically. I start preparing for this ''surprise'' (shows the XD face) ever since the Deepavali break. I only got busy in Ipoh for his birthday card. I upgraded it to a booklet so it took me a few days, almost a week. Remember I said that I don't have artistic genes as my brothers inherited everything from my mother and left me none? It kinda surprised me that I actually produced something which can relate to the word 'creative'. Well erm, it's colourful! *slapped* I inserted some new ideas like photos and decos. I wanted to take photos of it but I didn't get to. I might upload it if I get to. =D Dear's surprise was literally a surprise that made him jump! I had a plan with his friend with his hometown buddy and he brought along his girlfriend to surprise dear with a birthday cake.  I... think I'll save the rest. XDDDD

Early 11.00am this morning, tired and hungry, I FINALLY FINISHED MY MAJOR PAPERS. I have four subjects in all, and there is only one left, which is my PE paper. The worsts are over and now I'm left with this shrimp. Or maybe I shouldn't underestimate it, just in case. XP Everything was quite okay, and with okay I mean it's as hard or challenging or easy or satisfying as expected. For example, I couldn't even finish my paper in time today and I still think it's okay. Coz it's within expectations. So yea I'm talking crap again. 

I'd better go off and take my bath now. XP