03 September, 2009

Curi Tulang

Yay for me, I'm here when I'm not supposed to be here again. But if I dont, I dont think I'd be able to make it here regularly. *sigh*

I would like to express my highest gratitude to sooyin my super kind roommate for lending me her lappy when I need to do my assignments. Like I've said, no one can survive without using one here. Every assignment need it. OTL. And yeah, I'm still using hers now. *gamdong*M

It's so easy to guess, I must be overloaded with assignments again. Wait not again, it never stopped. TT^TT I'm still tired. I know I lost weight, but somehow my tummy is still... The same size. My hair is longer now, although not that long. But at least I can tie up a little hair stump. XDDD *waits for it to grow faster*

Things to do now:
1. Finish moral assignment's reflection.
2. Complete chinese assignment.
3. Start making my short movie clip.
4. Research for english short story slideshow presentation.
5. Continue both math assignments.
6. Work on KBL assignment.
7. Reply on google forum, IT homework.

I'm still a little bit hungry. Today's lunch is so 'healthy'. I had only mushroom soup and a packet of mamee. Had a few cubes of munchies. XD Class finished earlier today. And I was lazy and didnt feel like eating the canteen's food again, so I chose 'room' food. XD

I feel so lazy now. I have basketball practice at 5pm, I have to get ready to leave the room at 4.30pm. The whole campus is at least twice or thrice of penghwa, so walking is like daily exercise here. =) Puasa month, so today's practice will end at 6pm instead of the usual 7pm. After this will be drama practice. It's meant for mooncake festival's celebration night. I'm doing this with my classmates, so you can imagine how much I'm enjoying it even if I'm dead tired. =3

I've only an hour left before I leave for gerko. *sigh*

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