14 September, 2013

Swollen Knee

THIS is the look of my left knee, right now. 

11 weeks ago (less than 3 months), I took my first Taekwondo grading in five years. When I was performing one of the kicks, I lost my balance and I attempted to land my foot without falling onto the ground. I stressed my left knee without realizing it, and I literally heard a 'TAK' sound when my foot landed nicely. The whole leg felt numb almost immediately but the senses came back after a short while. That was also why I didn't take it seriously.

I felt the first pain 6 weeks ago. I couldn't bend my left knee, and finally I couldn't walk nicely. I looked like a duck waddling. == Mum got worried and suggested that I should see the 'shifu' to give it a good massage. I did, and apparently my left knee was swollen. After some good massage and the knee bandaged up with chinese herbal medicine, the pain eased on the second day. I rested for a few days and everything went back to normal.

Last night, for the second time, this swollen left knee brought so much pain that it affected my leg's movement. I think it's my fault for bringing myself so much pain this time. We had this Independence Month Closing Celebration at the school and I was in charge of the 'kolam' activity. The 'kolam' is like forming an illustration on the floor with coloured rice, it's an Indian tradition. 

I was told that I only had to supervise the pupils doing it, so I wore high heels to school that day. I vaguely remember how it happened, but in the end some of the teachers (including me) joined the pupils in the fun. For two whole hours, I stood up and knelt down several times, and this movement put a lot of stress on my knees. 

Mind you, I was wearing HIGH HEELS. Yay, I'm a genius. 

I didn't feel the pain until that night, after I reached Penang. Luckily I came home, parents brought me to the 'shifu' again, and he exclaimed 'WAH SO SWOLLEN AH?'. Like the first time, massage and bandage. Now my knee is all wrapped up again as shown in the photo above.

I felt like slapping myself on the face, really. I regret not taking my old injury seriously, and ended up putting my knee through that pain again. I can't walk nicely, and I have to rest it again. The worst thing is, my knee will not be as strong as before anymore. I'm not encouraged to strain it too much, and I might get rheumatism later. Shit that.

Right now, I just hope that my knee will get better quickly. I still have to take the bus back to Ipoh tomorrow, and teaching means standing all day again. I will try my best to take good care of it and hope this won't happen again. *fingers crossed*

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