01 June, 2013

Sushi, My Love ♥

Lately I've been working on that same particular piece of cross stitch which I haven't been able to complete during Chinese New Year a few months ago. All that's left is the outline but THAT is exactly the most time-consuming part of all. No great expectations okay, it's just a small piece, even smaller than A4. Not my final target. XD 

I've been a "good" girl today, only switched on lappy around 5pm. XD  Nah I'm not that disciplined, it's just that I was busy with one of my all-time favourite - SUSHI! =D

Mum wanted to try out new stuff, so we got ourselves new ingredients. This year I bought unagi! Yum yum! And a few more ingredients which I've already forgotten how they're called. (Obviously lazy to dig out the packaging to find out too.) So.. I'll let the photo do the talking, as usual. XD

(Kisiao dy. ==) 

A variety of sushi maki! ♥
Dad says they look the same although the ingredients wrapped inside are different. T^T

Unagi  ♥

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