25 January, 2015

Erm.. HI?

This is.. Ridiculous. I gave myself too many excuses, sufficient enough to let me abandon bloggy THIS long. When I logged into my dashboard, it seems like nothing much has changed. I can't believe it was just within the last ten posts where I mentioned that I'd never ever abandon blogging.

And I have decided that I should not, and will not. I will definitely need more determination and motivation to write regularly. It's not about what I have to write about, it's more like whether I WANT to write or not. Obviously I've been procrastinating on blogging for a really long time.. My previous post was written in December 2013, more than a year ago wth.

For the past three minutes, I was merely typing and correcting my grammar mistakes (whenever I find one) without even having a clear idea on what I want to write. I am plainly trying to fill in lines and lines of crap. 

Okay, latest updates.

I have graduated from my education degree course. I am currently waiting for my posting as a primary school teacher in Malaysia. I don't have a single clue where will it be. So I basically can't even pack my luggage or stuff related to work. It will come anytime, and when I get it, I will have to finish packing in a rush to report myself at the Education Ministry of the respective state.

In short, I AM JOBLESS.

Thank you very much. *sigh*

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